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Review meeting 05th December

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1 Review meeting 05th December
Status WP2 – iCargo Components

2 Deliverable D2.1 – Final completed
Status WP2 Deliverable D2.1 – Final completed Technical workshops (Madrid, Amsterdam) Dissemination: White papers for eFreight 2012 InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin ITS Vienna 2012 Several workshops for clients

3 D1.1 D1.2 D1.5 D2.2 iCargo Components design D2.3 D2.1 D2.1 D2.1 D2.1
WP1 D1.1 Policy, Market and Technology survey D1.2 Consolidated high-level requirements D1.5 iCargo detailed requirements WP2 D2.2 Cloud resources, Semantic services & semantic tools iCargo Components design Preliminary version D2.3 Knowledge base infrastructure & tools D2.1 D2.1 D2.1 D2.1 Final D2.4 Mobile infrastructure & semantic gateways WP3, 4 D3.1 Specification of orchestrated iCargo application objects D4.1 iCargo Infrastructure architecture and design

4 Interpretation of data
Business (driven) vision Technical vision 1 2 Organisation of data Accessibility of data Interpretation of data Entity-centric approach Reduction of complexity Seamless connectivity Controlled & secure access Semantic interoperability Common Framework

5 iCargo Applications and services
Logistic chain composition Logistic network awareness Emission monitoring External services External devices iCargo Applications and services Access point Access point Access point Semantic gateway Semantic Tooling iCargo Generic components Entity repository Entity discovery Semantic models Service registry Distributed storage Service repository Semantic repository e.g. Common Framework Hybrid service network Lifecycle management Service provisioning Service orchestration Service authorisation Resource management iCargo IT infrastructure

6 iCargo IT infrastructure iCargo Generic components
Semantic gateway Logistic chain composition Entity discovery Semantic repository Entity repository Service repository Semantic Tooling External services Access point iCargo Generic components iCargo Applications and services Hybrid service network Lifecycle management Service orchestration Service provisioning Service authorisation Resource management Logistic network awareness Emission monitoring External devices

7 Semantic gateway, Entity centric services
Onboard Unit Local Access Point, Semantic gateway, Entity centric services

8 Semantic models Entity discovery Entity repository Semantic repository
Service registry Entity repository Distributed storage Logistic chain composition Logistic chain awareness Emission monitoring Onboard Unit

9 Questions ?

10 + + System Requirements Business (driven) vision [D1.1] 1
Technical vision [D2.1] Technical capabilities [D2.1] Business requirements [D1.2] User requirements [D5.x] 2 + + 3 System Requirements

11 Logistic chain composition
X Y Coop X+Y Services BSD Sx BSD DY Logistic service Logistic demand Organisation Logistic chain composition Transaction Order X-YYY Truck 25-KGJ-8 Cargo Box-12345 Execution C A Place B Trip A->B Emission monitoring B

12 Logistic chain composition
Emission monitoring External services iCargo Applications and services Semantic gateway Access point Access point Access point iCargo Generic components Org X Org Y BSD Sx Coop X+Y BSD DY Cargo Box-12345 Order X-YYY Vessel Place Trip A->B Train 25-KGJ-8 Place D Trip C->D Truck Coop Z+Y Org Z BSD Sx Order X-YYY Z-9999

13 Next steps The detailed technical specification of the interfaces
Dependencies on other work-packages results Continue to organise technical workshops Tomorrow: Scenario’s + Semantic Architecture More intense participation is welcome Strong dependency on Semantic architecture and tooling in particular.

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