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“Creating e-Freight solutions for efficient and sustainable multimodal transport” Takis Katsoulakos INLECOM eFreight12 Delft -19th April 2012.

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1 “Creating e-Freight solutions for efficient and sustainable multimodal transport”
Takis Katsoulakos INLECOM eFreight12 Delft -19th April 2012

2 National Single Windows e-Freight Infrastructure
e-Freight denotes the electronic flow of information, associating the physical flow of goods to regulatory or commercial decision support systems. It includes the ability to track and trace freight along its journey across transport modes and to automate the exchange of cargo-related data between stakeholders. Compliance Safety Security Environment Planning Monitoring Optimisation National Single Windows e-Freight Infrastructure Carrier System Terminal system HHD Hinterland carrier ERP

3 A method for developing e-Freight Solutions
e-Freight Framework and related Standards used by e-Freight Development Platform Supports different implementation options Provides a repository of Facilitates the development of Stakeholder’s operational environments .NET, Java, Oracle, SQL, etc Support the execution of e-Freight Solutions Applications

4 The Blueprint for e-Freight Solutions is the e-Freight Framework
A Reference Model de-composing the transport and logistics domain into manageable subdomains Functions performed by roles pertinent to each sub-domain Processes of the key functions in the transport and logistics domain Information models structuring the information being exchanged into standardised messages Transportation Network Management Logistics Demand Logistics Supply Regulation LSC LSP TNM TR TSD Transport Servise Description TEP Transport Execution Plan GII Goods Item Itinerary TS Transport Status CRS Common Reporting Schema MWB Multimodal eWaybill TPS Transport Progress Status

5 e-Freight Framework


7 Value Proposition ... e-Freight Framework and related domain standards
Transport optimisation ... Business Networking – Process Integration Planning Monitoring Terminal operations Carrier Operations Regulations Compliance Management Connectivity Infrastructure Access Points Data integration Transit port system Terminal System Carrier system Factory system carrier Hinterland carrier Vessel Receiver system Consolidation / distribution System Loading port Freight Forwarding system National Single Windows e-Freight Framework and related domain standards

8 Unique Value Propositions
Connectivity Infrastructure offering for the first time ever the possibility to transport stakeholder to connect together without use of centralised platforms Process integration based on e-Freight reference processes Automated compliance for shippers, freight forwarders, port and terminal operators and carriers Solution Building Blocks so that end users can choose what they need from simple connectivity to full optimisation of their operations

9 Connectivity Infrastructure e-Freight Assess Points (EAPs)
Analogous to between actors using standard messages defined in the e-Freight Framework or other standard and enhanced security EAP Existing IT infrastructure and data Connect once! Build your global network

10 Connectivity through the main standards

11 Solutions Development
e-Freight Development Portal Select eFreight classes and messages External Domain Frameworks (e.g. GS1, IATA, EDIFACT) (UML, BPMN in XMI format) Transformation Define own Business Processes / Profiles Generate Solution Access Points Stores and Apps

12 Solutions Development: e-Freight Applications Architecture
Cross-cutting services Exception Management Logging Security Data Sources External Services Data Repositories Persistence (ORM, NHibernate) Mappings (mapping files) Unit of Work Service Agents Domain Model Domain Entities Domain Services Business Logic Repository Contracts Application Layer Application Services Workflows Adapters Service Layer Web Services Communications Layer Access Points

13 e-Freight Development Portal

14 Importing Domain Frameworks (e.g. GS1)

15 ‘Next Generation Single Window’
Unified solution for regulatory information management at both National and EU levels Allowing: Business to report using the same form to all authorities, independent of mode and transportation route, and authorities to share information policy implementation co-operation in security, safety and environmental risk management.

16 ‘Next Generation Single Window’
Central EU National Single Window Support Services Central Registry of CRGs Manage Regulatory Information Changes EU Information Exchange Information Services and Databases National Authorities Next Generation National Single Window Mode-Specific Authorities CRG CRG Border Control Common Reporting Gateway Information Exchange Transport Logistics Business Customs Food and Veterinary Safety and Security

17 ‘Next Generation Single Window’

18 Where we are today We have a robust mature methodology for developing e-Freight solutions with: Enhanced interoperability features Flexibility to extend and change Security We have core solutions and object inheritance enabling fast and efficient implementation of customised solutions NSW Multimodal eWaybill Transport planning

19 The near Future Det Norske Veritas As NCA MAL

20 Thank you

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