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MPSEDC. Introduction of MPSWAN Structure of MPSWAN POP locations details Network Diagram POP Equipment Details IP Address Allocation Topics MPSEDC.

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2 Introduction of MPSWAN Structure of MPSWAN POP locations details Network Diagram POP Equipment Details IP Address Allocation Topics MPSEDC

3 Introduction to MPSWAN MPSWAN is Madhya Pradesh state wide area Network. MP SWAN will create a vertical connect(backbone):- A)-SHQ = 1 B)-CHQ=10 C)-DHQ=39 D)-BHQ=292 Horizontal- all department will connect. MPSWAN will carry data, voice and video traffic. MPSEDC

4 Structure of MPSWAN MPSEDC

5 Summery of POP Locations Name of the MPSWAN POP No. of the vertical POPs No. of the vertical POPs Operational No. of the Horizontal connects operational SHQ1 1152 CHQ10 378 DHQ39 594 BHQ310282286 TOTAL3603321410 MPSEDC

6 As per the proposed Network Architecture of SWAN, POPs are divided into four groups: A).Tier-1 POP--NMC at Bhopal.: 01 B).Tier-2 POP -- all Divisional HQ: 10 (Excluding State HQ) C).Tier-3 POP -- all District HQ: 39 D).Tier-4 POP -- at Block/Tehsil HQ: 310. Apart from this the proposed SWAN network will be divided into two parts namely:- A). SWAN Backbone B).User Departments Connectivity SWAN Backbone will be through conventional lease lines and all MPSWAN backbone lease. MPSWAN Network MPSEDC

7 MPSWAN Network diagram MPSEDC

8  DG  UPS  Router  Switch  Modems  IP Phone  PDU  SNMP POP Equipments Details MPSEDC

9 1-Disel Generator A). 8KVA capacity B). Fuel consumption check (by dip level or by flow meter ). C).Check fuel tank, battery status

10  2-UPS A). Types of UPS :- 1-CHQ/DHQ = 6KVA UPS with 2hours backup. 2- BHQ= 3KVA UPS with 4-5 hours backup. B).As above diagram please ensure all are connected. C).Ensure that all batteries are connected. D).for any UPS complaint :- log to Emerson toll free no :- email id.

11 3-Router: Router is a device that connects two networks. A).Router used in MPSWAN network: SHQ=Cisco 7609 series. DHQ\CHQ=Cisco 7206 series BHQ=Cisco 2821 series horizontal offices=Cisco 2801 & Cisco 1841 series MPSWAN Equipments Details MPSEDC

12 Cisco 7206 Router MPSEDC



15 In Cisco 7206 Six slots are available in Router Front Side. A)- STM Card install in Slot No. 1 and 3 B)- E1 Card install at Slot No. 4 C)- Slot No. 2,5,6 are Vacant for future use. In Cisco 7206 Back Side 4 Slots are available:- A)- In slot 0(zero) three Gigabit interface B)- one fastethernet interface are available. Interface physical position MPSEDC

16 Cisco 2821 Router MPSEDC

17 In Cisco 2821 two Slots are available A)- In slot zero, two gigabit interface / B)- Two serial interface is install. Serial interface is used for WAN connectivity. c)- BRI interface D )- In slot one, two G.703 port are available. One G.703 port is used connectivity between DHQ to BHQ pop and one is vacant for future use. Interface physical position MPSEDC

18 Switches are used to connect multiple devices on the same network within a building or campus. T he data link layer (layer 2) of the OSI model. Two types of Switch- A)-Manageable Switch- The switch can be monitored and adjusted locally or remotely to give you control over network traffic. For security we create the VLANs this type of switch. B)-Unmanageable Switch- does not allow you to make changes and Home-networking equipment typically offers unmanaged switches. We are use the following Cisco switches- A)-NMC-CISCO-6509 B)-POP Room(All)-CISCO 2960. 4-Switch:- MPSEDC

19 Cisco 2960 switch have 48 ports of Fast Ethernet connectivity Cisco 2960 switch MPSEDC

20 A modem is a communication device that converts binary (digital) signal into analog and analog to binary signals. We use One/Two Pairs modem for connectivity- A -Master modem-Install at BSNL or POP end. B -Slave Modem- Install at Customer end. How to Connect Modem in Network- A)-Both end v.35 B)-Both end Ethernet C)-Customer end V.35 and Exchange end G.703 5-Modems MPSEDC


22 IP phone is internet protocol phone. full-feature telephone that provides voice communication over the same data network. When IP phone is registered, phone displaying the Unique no like 1009 or 1008. 6-IP Phone MPSEDC

23 Cisco 7970 IP phone MPSEDC

24 7-PDU(Power Distribution Unit PDU reboot abilities for network access to remote sites and data center equipment the Switched POPS Cabinet. PDU provides per outlet measurements of current, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, crest factor, and power factor.

25 SNMP is the most widely used network management solution for our networks. It is an open standard-based framework that is simple but yet flexible enough to manage many different types of devices. 8-Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

26 o With the help of this Tool we can Monitor our POP network equipment and Horizontal Client. o Fill the IP address of horizontal and also description.


28  Ping  Traceroute  Show run  Show ip int brief  Show ip protocol  Show ?

29 Ping is a first command to check Network connectivity. If we phase a problem in our Network then we use ping command to check connectivity.  First we ping Gateway means ip configure at router gigabit port those are connect to switch.  If we get proper response of our gateway means problem is not local end, after that we ping our next hop ip(If we check network from BHQ then next hop ip is DHQ wan ip, if we check network from DHQ then next hop ip is CHQ wan ip and If we check network from CHQ then next hop ip is SHQ wan ip.









38 MPSEDC IP Address Allocation

39  An IP address is a 32-bit number that uniquely identifies a host (computer or other device, such as a printer or router) on a TCP/IP network.  IP addresses are normally expressed in dotted-decimal format, with four numbers separated by periods, such as IP address MPSEDC

40 ClassLeftmost bitsStart addressFinish address A0xxx0.0.0.0127.255.255.255 B10xx128.0.0.0191.255.255.255 C110x192.0.0.0223.255.255.255 D1110224.0.0.0239.255.255.255 E1111240.0.0.0255.255.255.255 IP Address Classification MPSEDC

41  We are using two IP pools 10.124.x.x/16 and 10.125.x.x/16 in our network.  From these pools ip has been created for all horizontal and verticals location.  For ex. Gwalior district block IPs and department IPs has been allotted as follows:- MPSEDC

42 Gwailor DHQ - IP Schema Sr. No. Tehsil/Sub Division/ Block name WAN IP Subnet connecting to SHQ/DHQ (E1 Link) /30 WAN IP Subnet connecting to CHQ/BHQ (E1 Link) /30 PTP Connectivity for Horizontal/30 Total PTP Network for Horizontal Gigaethernet port Port IP of Router Switch IP address BHQ Off RF/LAN IP address Range allocated /25 1 Gwalior10.124.86.1 & 12710. 2 Ghatigaon 3 Dabra 4 Bhitrarwar 5 Chinar

43 MPSEDC Prepared By- Ashish Dhote (MPSWAN) State IT Center Bhopal

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