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June 2006 OIC Background 1144 10 th Avenue, Suite 200 Honolulu, HI 96816-2442 (808) 539-3706 Software Services Systems Oceanic Imaging.

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1 June 2006 OIC Background 1144 10 th Avenue, Suite 200 Honolulu, HI 96816-2442 (808) 539-3706 Software Services Systems Oceanic Imaging Consultants, Inc. Professional seafloor mapping software, created by surveyors, for surveyors

2 June 2006 OIC Background Company Overview 1993: OIC founded; spin-off of UHM research Contracts funded by the Office of Naval Research Releases OICToolkit for use in mosaicking sonar data 1994: OIC releases GeoDAS – Geophysical Data Acquisition System (JW 3 = Just What We Want) 1995: OIC Awarded contract with JHU to support USN real-time Ocean Data Acquisition Program 1997: OIC releases GeoDAS-PC, wins contract for NAVOCEANO fleet modernization, 30 systems 2001: OIC releases ROVer’s Eye, begins work on optics 2002: OIC releases GeoDAS-LT, GeoDAS-GA and OICpipetrack 2004: OIC releases OICclass, OICCleanSweep (PC-post processing) 2005: OIC releases GeoDAS-PC 5.5 with SmartSonar TM and Survey Management tools

3 June 2006 OIC Background USN (via JHU, with Ultra) JHU Ocean Data Acquisition Program (ODAP) 6 systems to be deployed by 2007, SAS on the way NAVOCEANO TAGS-60 Fleet modernization plus HSL’s 30 systems, Klein, EdgeTech, Benthos, MSTL Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore, Philly, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Mobile… Largely interfaced to Odom, Reson & Klein sonar Commercial Survey Groups Aero Asahi Survey, Sanyo, SAIC, C&C, Fugro, OSI, etc. Govt. Groups JAMSTEC, KORDI, Port of London, Aberdeen Harbor, Singapore Navy, COMRA, WHOI, etc. OIC Client List (Abbreviated)

4 June 2006 OIC Background Sidescan Systems AMS-120 (DSL) Datasonics/Benthos EDO EG&G / EdgeTech GLORIA / TOBI Imagenex Klein (595, 2000, 3K, 5K) RDI S-150 SeaMARC (I, II, MR-1) SSI, TAMU, Etc Tritech Ultra Electronics Deepscan Data Formats MBIO MSTL OIC QMIPS SEG-Y XTF Multi-Beam Systems Hydrosweep Odom Echoscan RESON SeaBeam SIMRAD Systems & Formats Supported by OIC Software

5 June 2006 OIC Background Software and Systems for Seafloor Mapping. For Data Acquisition GeoDAS: Geophysical Data Acquisition System For Post-Acquisition Processing GeoDAS-Desktop - PC-based, playback, edit, mosaic OICCleanSweep: Full-featured post-processing for Windows PC OIC Toolkit: Post-processing for Unix For Data Visualization/Analysis ROVer’s Eye – Real-time 3-D underwater VR for AUV/ROVs OICclass: seafloor classification For Databasing and Charting GridServer and ER Mapper What Does OIC Make?

6 June 2006 OIC Background DATA INPUTOIC SOFTWAREOUTPUT Navigation Sidescan Sub-Bottom Bathymetry Magnetometry Media Printers Final Maps “Data goes in, pictures come out.” Hydrographic Data Acquisition

7 June 2006 OIC Background Supported Sensors (Partial list) Sidescans: AMS / SeaMARC, Benthos, Datasonics, EdgeTech, Edo, EG&G, Imagenex, Klein, RDI, SeaBeam, SeaScan, Ultra Electronics Multibeam: Atlas, Elac, Odom, Reson, SeaBeam, Simrad Optical: Laser Linescan, Electronic Still Cameras, LIDAR Geo physical D ata A cquisition S ystem. Good data made easy, right out of the box. Acquisition: GeoDAS-PC GeoDAS GUI showing real-time mosaicking over NOAA BSB chart. Selected New Features Survey Management Package supports design, editing and execution of survey run lines. Survey planning module includes free charts of the world, and bathymetric and world- vector shoreline databases. Chart Support feature allows loading of raster and vector nautical charts in GeoDAS. SmartSonar TM : Automated tuning of sensor and display. Real-time Mosaics: Create real-time, co-registered, user- adjustable mosaics of up to four layers of sidescan, backscatter, bathymetry, magnetometry or seabed type. Client-Server Mode allows GeoDAS to broadcast records over a network or serial connection in real-time to a remotely located GeoDAS Client terminal.

8 June 2006 OIC Background Selected New Features Real-time processing includes full heave, pitch, roll & refraction corrections Simultaneous support of beam- amplitude, backscatter & snippets Simultaneous multi-beam and sidescan logging, display and processing. Serial, ethernet and analog inputs. Configurable navigation, attitude and environmental inputs (Tide and SVEL) Full motion and attitude compensation, with real-time latency correction. Real-time robust filtering, outlier rejection. Supports profiles, contours, 3-D and digital terrain models. Built-in "Patch-Test" calibration. Interfaces to the OICCleanSweep for advanced post-processing. Logs raw data to disc and tape drives in OIC and other formats. GeoDAS-MB is tailor-made for multibeam acquisition. Acquisition: GeoDAS-MB

9 June 2006 OIC Background New low-cost data acquisition and display. Ideal for single-beam, mag, EM & serial sidescan systems. Also supports seabed class. All the features, half the cost. Acquisition: GeoDAS-LT Selected New Features Real-time processing includes full heave, pitch, roll & refraction corrections Survey Management and Nav Tracks Real-time mosaicking of depth, Mag, seabed type Target marking, analysis, mensuration Mission products (contour maps, target maps, etc.) New! Seabed Classification tool! Can also serve as a remote GeoDAS client.

10 June 2006 OIC Background Post-processing: GeoDAS-Desktop Desktop playback/processing for OIC and other data types (SDF, XTF, MSTL, JSF, S81, etc.) Data Replay/Editing Replay/Re-processing OIC and other sidescan and multibeam data, with optional format conversion, navigation editing, and image enhancement Includes: GeoDAS for data replay OIC_NAP for Navigation & Attitude Processing Mission Products for Chart productions

11 June 2006 OIC Background UNIX-based post-acquisition processing for sidescan data and swath bathymetry. Post-processing: OICswath Batch-interactive processing for large-area sidescan & multibeam sonar data processing jobs (cable-route / pipeline surveys, etc.)

12 June 2006 OIC Background Reads OIC, XTF, QMIPS, MSTL, SDF, CMAX, S81, Hypack & other files Supports interactive processing of both sidescan and bathymetry Handles both interferometric and multibeam bathymetry data Produces geo-coded output ready for charting/GIS Next-generation sidescan/bathymetry post-processing. Point & Click Data selection Post-processing: OICCleanSweep Interactive Bottom- Tracking

13 June 2006 OIC Background Real-time 3-D visualization tool. Displays your vehicle over your data in real-time. Analysis: ROVer’s Eye Pre-flight 3-D path planning allows you to follow an onscreen visual flight track with known survey coverage. Sidescan overlays of the seabed can be added to provide an enhanced image of the ocean floor structure. User-definable, steerable views include: Virtual (vehicle independent), Egocentric (relative to vehicle), or Wingman (offset the vehicle). Sidescan and forward-looking imagery and bathymetry are processed and displayed on-screen providing real-time 3-D virtual illumination of the seabed beneath and forward of the vehicle/sonar.

14 June 2006 OIC Background Automatic pipeline tracking and free-span detection software. Analysis/Visualization: OICpipetrack Automatic span detection, classification and reporting Saves “snippets” plus.xls reports for each span

15 June 2006 OIC Background Image Analysis/Classification tool. Analysis/Visualization: OICclass Reads OIC, XTF, QMIPS, MSTL, SDF, CMAX, S81, Hypack & other files Point and click Projects interface allows easy loading and selection of just the data you want to process, from high-res coverage maps. Navigation and Attitude Wizards guide nav cleaning, offsets application, and recalculation of sensor position using true fix data, with automatic latency corrections. Sidescan processing utilities include ground- range correction, beam-pattern and artifact filters, and advanced contrast enhancements. Bathymetry processing provides full attitude, tide and refraction corrections without any “ad-hoc” downsampling. All data retained to the final grid. Interactive mosaicking - swaths can be merged or removed from the final mosaic. Supports full-resolution target marking from raw data, with marks saved as GeoTIFFs.

16 June 2006 OIC Background OIC’s new GeoClass interface. N-dimensional trainable pattern-recognition software Raw data co-plots (E1/E2) Data after eigenvector rotation, now orthogonal… Analysis/Visualization: GeoCLASS

17 June 2006 OIC Background New Product: GeoDAS-SDV Custom-built platform with waterproof computer running GeoDAS & ROVer’s EYE, with SS, FLS, DVL & GPS Simultaneous sensor and navigation views GeoDAS-SDV is a configurable hardware and software system specifically designed for Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDV)

18 June 2006 OIC Background OIC software products are created by surveyors, for surveyors. OIC has 20 years of experience in hydrographic surveying and hydrographic survey software production. OIC has all software necessary to reduce soundings for tide, draft and survey offsets, to any chart datum. OIC can produce final products as paper charts, ASCII files or any one of several CAD/GIS formats. OIC has the necessary survey equipment and staff to provide hydrographic survey support and production, today! Reson 8101 Multibeam Sidescan DGPS TSS motion sensor FOG Gyro Survey vessel OIC offers user training at the OIC office, client office or at sea. OIC provides these products and services competitively, in less time, and for less money; contact us for more information! Summary

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