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Kentucky ’s Electronic Proposal Book And other adventures in PES/LAS Natcher Bridge US 231 near Owensboro.

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1 Kentucky ’s Electronic Proposal Book And other adventures in PES/LAS Natcher Bridge US 231 near Owensboro

2 KYTC had to get a new vocabulary ContID, Contract ID (aka Proposal Code Number) Call Number Order, ContID: to be called in letting, NEW! Item Code Number: now at least 5 digits, was just 4. Proposal can have one or more projects (ie Group Proposal). ContID not sequential, they are created by designers and proposal compilation. Proposal Item Number standardized on increments of 10.

3 New Look for reports TRNS*PORT PES/LAS Software to administer the Proposal and Letting will be used. Notice to Contractor will have slightly different format. It will be sorted by call number. Contracts have Call Number for Letting and Contract ID (ContID). Bid Items Code at least 5 digits. Listed in New Specification book and on web page. Proposals have page numbers and will be in PDF format with most pages searchable, and final file size now much smaller. KYTC HwyBid new Version 2.0 will be used for May letting. Reports from HwyBid look slightly different.

4 Notice to Contractor Call #

5 Bid Item Codes

6 KYTC Plug-in Ver 1.0 Developed by in conjunction with Mark Douglas of ITI the KYTC PES/LAS lead with Chris Brown from; ITI programmer, Chris Lambert, Bob Lewis & Fred Upchurch from KYTC Running under PLC 5.5-a1. DB Server :Win 2000 Oracle 8i Development Server : 082h2 cpu/500mhz memory/2g Production Server : ea52lqk32r cpu/2.8ghz memory/4g Began Production PES/LAS May 2004. Proposal created with plug- in and posted to web. Still printing copies for sale but long range goal is to have contractors get from web. District Office can get copies from web. Client has Windows 2000, Office 2000 & Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Standard KYTC client has NT or XP with Office 97. Some clients with Acrobat 6.0 are needed to apply headers and page numbers.

7 KYTC Plug-in Ver 1.0 cont. When developed Adobe Acrobat 5.0 was standard and it does not allow page numbering or headers Attachments either PDF or Word documents Next version will NOT be OS specific. Also, KYTC just now getting Test Server operational to be able to insure plug- in will work with releases higher than PLC 5.5a-1 After Proposal generated, re-opened in Abode 6.0 to put headers and page numbers. New Rest Area I-65 Hart Co.

8 Create list of Special Note and Provisions

9 Plug-in at Proposal Level under Attachment Tab Edit Base Provs for Note administrator to edit base generic notes or add same. Gen Prop Book to create a rolled up PDF file. Edit Prop Prov let user edit an attached note for contract specific provision. Note that Base note not affected but change added to attachments. Attachments either Word or Abode PDF files. Edit INI to create password for plug-in, separate from GUI or batch passwords.

10 Edit Prop Provisions

11 Edit Prop Provisions continued attach files that are either Word or PDF (Word for Contract specific information)

12 Edit Prop Provisions continued

13 Generate Proposal (Need client with Acrobat 5.0)



16 Old Proposal New Proposal Created with Plug- in in PES Attachments

17 Contract Project (s) Description Page a RTF report added as an attachment.

18 Proposal with Page Numbers added with Adobe 6

19 Proposal Item Number Page generated with KYTC WinBid and attached to proposal

20 Construction Inspections from the air! Henderson, Ky Glasgow, Bypass >

21 Proposal posted to KYTC website



24 Vulcan Quarry Gilbertsville, KY near LBTL

25 More Construction Pics

26 Questions? Robert C. Lewis, P.E. Assistant Director Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Construction Transportation Cabinet Office Building 3rd Floor West Wing Room W3-06-02 Frankfort, KY 40622 502-564-4780 extension 3784 fax 502-564-8388

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