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Cory Peters – Solutions Architect Eastridge Technology

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1 Cory Peters – Solutions Architect Eastridge Technology

2 Why do we need search? Cost of gathering the information can outweigh it’s value Employees need access to internal information in order to make good, timely decisions Fill in the knowledge gaps

3 How do we search?

4 What do we expect? Requires confidence in the search engine SharePoint 2007 100% better on all queries 500% better on common queries New ways to visualize search results Compared to SharePoint 2003

5 Visual is better

6 With SharePoint we have control Document Libraries with known metadata schemes Picture Libraries Wikis Blogs Calendar Events Tasks, etc.

7 What does SharePoint give us?

8 ContentClass TypeContentClass SiteSTS_Web ListSTS_List List ItemSTS_ListItem EventsSTS_List_Events TasksSTS_List_Tasks AnnouncementsSTS_List_Announcements DiscussionsSTS_List_DiscussionBoard ContactsSTS_List_Contacts LinksSTS_List_Links Document LibrarySTS_List_DocumentLibrary Document Library ItemsSTS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary Picture LibrarySTS_List_PictureLibrary Picture Library ItemsSTS_ListItem_PictureLibrary

9 Managed Properties Incremental Crawl Site / List Column Crawled Property Create Managed Property Full Crawl Managed Property No Data With Data

10 Search Core Results Web Part Selected Columns Raw Output Data View XSL

11 Selected Columns

12 Raw Output

13 Data View XSL

14 Demo

15 Best Practices Use “Include values from a single crawled property based on the order specified” when creating your Managed Properties Break your main logic up into an xsl:choose statement and use an xsl:when test for each ContentClass Store any supporting files in either the 12 hive or the Style Library to avoid permission issues Use the ows_ version of the crawled property Keep any CSS / Javascript in global files using master pages

16 Questions

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