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Defining1 XML in Multi-channel Publishing. Defining 2 Usage of XML 0001V1 060A2B340101010501010D43130000006DE8A 27B794905D1008045822CE2045F 230 1/25 MXF.

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Presentation on theme: "Defining1 XML in Multi-channel Publishing. Defining 2 Usage of XML 0001V1 060A2B340101010501010D43130000006DE8A 27B794905D1008045822CE2045F 230 1/25 MXF."— Presentation transcript:

1 Defining1 XML in Multi-channel Publishing

2 Defining 2 Usage of XML 0001V1 060A2B340101010501010D43130000006DE8A 27B794905D1008045822CE2045F 230 1/25 MXF DV25_420 50i 09:10:28:22 DB0F502F 16:9 Metadata HelTechXML Configuration SCOR 1245 eCommerce Publishing and content management Etc… Workflow

3 Defining 3 How Do I Recognize XML File starts with XML declaration (XML) 1.0 (Fifth Edition) W3C Recommendation 26 November 2008 (XML) 1.1 (Second Edition) 2006-08-16 Extensible Markup Language

4 Defining 4 Four Main Areas 1. Data exchange between organization ”e-commerce”  SOAP and Web Services (RosettaNet...)  XML + SCHEMA (+ XSL) 2. Open and self describing file format interface ”knowledge management” - Parsing (Flash, PHP, Java programming, JDF …) - XML and DOM 3. Multi-channel Publishing ”e-publishing” - XML + XSL + SCHEMA 4. Metadata - XML

5 Defining 5 Impact of XML Impact of XML in three areas: e-commerce, e- publishing and knowledge management for conducting business on the Web. Ability of XML to separate presentation from content is just what is needed, because the content changes more rapidly than the layout.

6 Defining 6 Cross-media Publishing Cross-media publishing tools With no simple all-in-one solution for cross-media workflows. Cross media publishing is a fact of life for graphic arts professionals these days as more and more content is turning up on the Web and on electronic media.

7 Defining 7 Key benefits of XML One of the key benefits of XML is that it enables content updates, which otherwise would have to be done manually, to be automated. Regardless of whether you are talking about updating a Web site or a product catalog, the requirements are similar: rapid updates accuracy scalability Because XML provides a consistent, expressive, and standard format, it enables the automated processing, delivery and updating of information.

8 Defining 8 XSLPresentation XMLContent XSDSructure DifferentPresentation DifferentContent DifferentContentandPresentation XML in Publishing

9 Defining 9 XML and Publishing Media Publish to Web via HTML+CSS Publish to Print Media via XSL-FO and PDF Publish to various applications e.g. Excel Publish to EDI for Partners XSL Transformation is transforming XML documents into other XML documents

10 Defining 10 Channels Devices Users Person carried by different presented by different used by different tailored for XML in Multi-channel Publishing Media publishing

11 Defining 11 XSLPresentation Channel Device Users Person WWW Multimedia content Amount of information Connection type Price Speed Interactive content Different versions Mobile Print Media eMailDigiTV Browsers PC-PDA-Mob Print mach. Audio SuperText Individuals User groups Community User location Id Context History Neighbours Device limitations Presentation capabilities Legality Non disclosive Confidence Interest Service On/off demand On/offline XMLContent XSDSructure Demands of XML in Multi-channel Publishing Media

12 Defining 12 XML Publishing in Practice: Varying Contents and Presentations content A program.xml content B program.xml Stylesheetprogram.xsl Stylesheet A program.xsl Stylesheet B program.xsl content A program.xml content C program.xml

13 Defining 13 XML Publishing in Practice: Different Output Formats contentmetropolia.xml format pdf toPDF.xsl format xhtml toPDF.xsl

14 Defining 14 XML Publishing in Practice: Different Users Content:phonebook.xml Stylesheet A phoneEveryone.xsl Stylesheet B phoneConfidential.xsl

15 Defining 15 XML Publishing in Practice: Personalizing contentcd.xml stylesheetcd.xsl

16 Defining 16 W3C World Wide Web Consortium “W3C:n jäsenet kehittävät yhdessä universaaleja Web- teknologioita, mahdollistaen maailmanlaajuisen viestinnän ja liiketoiminnan kenelle tahansa, missä tahansa, milloin tahansa ja millä laitteella tahansa. “ We ensure that that both technological protocols and social conventions respect basic values. That Web remains a universal platform: independent of any specific hardware device, software platform, language, culture, or disability. Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web W3c Suomen toimisto

17 Defining 17 XML in Publishing Process 3. Publish Presentation.xsl 2. Create Document.xml 1. Define Sructure Sructure.dtd or.xsd Document-centric Output e.g. Finnish Law Book Document-centric Output e.g. Finnish Law Book Data-centric output e.g. registry Data-centric output e.g. registry Validation with dtd / xsd Testing of ”Well Formed” Parser Transformer Parser 0. Structure Diagram Validation is needed only when the xml – file is created

18 Defining 18 Step 0: Structure analyzes document greeting #PCDATA language #PCDATA

19 Defining 19 Step 1: Document Type Definition HelloWorld.dtd

20 Defining 20 Step 2: Content with XML HelloWorld.xml Hello World English

21 Defining 21 Step 3: Markup with XSL stylesheet HelloWorld.xsl Hello World

22 Defining 22 Step 4: Publishing HelloWorld.html Hello World English PHP transformer leaves meta tag unclosed

23 Defining 23 XHTML supports three DOCTYPEs in xsl

24 Defining 24 Xhtml is xml Version of html 4.1 Value of the encoding attribute in the output

25 Defining 25 Main XML Components Contentprogram.xml eXtensible Markup Language Defining the structure origram.dtd (or.xsd) Document Type Definition (or XML Schema) jäsennin Parser XSL muunnos XSL Transformation Presentationprogram.xsl extensible Style sheet language program.html ohjelma.xml program.pdf.. XSL-FO formating

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