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XML/EDI Overview West Chester Electronic Commerce Resource Center (ECRC) 888-745-3748.

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1 XML/EDI Overview West Chester Electronic Commerce Resource Center (ECRC) 888-745-3748

2 Topics u XML Background u XML/EDI u XML/EDI Initiatives u XML/EDI Tools u XML/EDI Vision u Next Steps

3 BackgroundBackground u Proprietary Markup Languages ä Word Processors u Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) ä ISO 8879 - defines a generic document definition and data markup language ä Separate structure & content u Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) ä Application of SGML (HTML DTD) ä Predefined set of tags ä Defines the format of a document

4 Background Background (cont’d) u Extensible Markup Language (XML) ä Describes a class of data objects called XML documents which are stored on computers & partially describes the behavior of programs which process these objects ä Restricted Form of SGML – 80% of functionality – 20% of complexity ä XML provides a mechanism to impose constraints on the storage layout & logical structure of documents

5 Why Use XML? u Create your own tags to describe content u Easy to create structured documents u To describe, deliver, & exchange structured data between applications u Hardware/software independent u More powerful than HTML u Less complicated than SGML Background

6 XML Benefits u More meaningful searches u Separation of content and format u Development of flexible web applications u Open standards u Flexible format for different use ä Wire format for web delivery ä Transfer format for sharing data ä Persistent data format for disk storage Background

7 XML Components u XML family of standards ä XML ä XML Link Language (XLL) ä XML Stylesheet Language (XSL) ä Document Object Model (DOM) ä XML Query Language (XML-QL/XQL) ä Namespaces ä Document Content Description (DCD) ä XML Repositories

8 Background XML Usage u Presentation-Oriented Publishing (POP) ä POP documents are chiefly written by humans for other humans to read ä Browser - Browser u Message-Oriented Middleware ä MOM documents are documents mainly generated from computer systems for use by other computer systems ä Application to Application ä Application to Human/Human to Application

9 Background XML Documents u Consist of character data and markup u Allowed markup ä Elements ä Entity references ä Comments ä Processing instructions ä Marked sections ä Document type declarations

10 Prolog Document Type Declaration Root Element Element Epilog Background XML Document Structure

11 Two Classes of XML Documents Well Formed XML Documents Valid XML Documents Background

12 123456</PONumber) 12/3/1998 ……….. ………… Example XML Document Background

13 What’s on the Horizon for XML u Intelligent agents u Structured records u Objects with methods and data u Metacontent for Web sites u Query results u Graphical user interface u Persistent storage formats u Online procedures documentation u Interactive parts catalogs u Electronic service manuals u Electronic Data Interchange

14 XML/EDI XML/EDI Goals u To deliver unambiguous and durable business transactions via electronic means u Utilize existing systems and processes u Protect investment in traditional EC/EDI u Provide a migration path to next generation XML/EDI systems u Use existing business processes as implemented u Facilitate direct interoperation in an open environment

15 XML/EDI The Five Technologies 0f XML/EDI

16 XML/EDI Layers of an XML/EDI System

17 XML/EDI Future Based on XML/EDI

18 XML/EDI Typical EDI Scenario Request for Quote (840) Response to RFQ (843) Purchase Order (850) P.O. Acknowledgment (855) Purchase Order Change (860) P.O. Change Acknowledgment (865) Invoice (810)/Advance Ship Notice (856) FRT Bill (210) Receiving Advice (861) Payment Order/Remittance Advice (820) Electronic Funds Transfer Your Customer Purchasing Receiving Financial You Sales Order Entry Shipping Financial Technical Specifications (841)

19 XML/EDI EDI Processes u Data Entry/Data Collection u Application Extract u Outbound EDI Processing u Communications Processing u Inbound EDI Processing u Application Import u Error Handling

20 XML/EDI XML/EDI Scenario u Company A extracts PO data from purchasing system ä UDF ä XML Document(s)/XML Objects u Map extracted PO data to XML/EDI or EDI format ä Validate XML/EDI against repository DTD/DCD IC u Transmit XML/EDI to Company B ä Via VAN ä Via Internet – http, ftp, smtp

21 XML/EDI XML/EDI Scenario (cont’d) u Company B receives/retrieves XML/EDI PO u Access repository ä Appropriate XSL stylesheet(s) for processing ä DTD ä DCD u Process XML/EDI PO ä Import into order entry system ä Print order

22 XML/EDI Why Use XML for EDI? u XML bridges the gap between traditional EDI & Web-based applications u Most of software industry has embraced XML ä Microsoft, IBM, Netscape, Oracle, SAP, etc. u XML could make EC/EDI more available to SMEs & other non-traditional EDI users

23 XML/EDI Problems using XML for EDI u Data Typing ä Currently XML has no facility to show data types u Exposed Semantics ä Currently XML has no method to show relationships between data elements & other structures u Repeat Counts ä Currently XML has no method to designate segment or loop counts u Minimum/Maximum Lengths ä Currently XML has no method to specify minimum and maximum lengths

24 XML/EDI XML/EDI Example 1 N1*SH*ABC Systems*1*1234567*07*SH SH ABC Systems 1 1234567 07 SH

25 XML/EDI XML/EDI Example 2 N1*SH*ABC Systems*1*1234567*07*SH SH ABC Systems 1 1234567 07 SH

26 XML/EDI XML/EDI Example 3 N1*SH*ABC Systems*1*1234567*07*SH SH ABC Systems 1 1234567 07 SH

27 XML/EDI XML/EDI Example 4 N1*SH*ABC Systems*1*1234567*07*SH SH ABC Systems 1 1234567 07 SH

28 XML/EDI XML/EDI Example 5 N1*SH*ABC Systems*1*1234567*07*SH ABC Systems 1234567 SH

29 XML/EDI Initiatives XML/EDI Players u ANSI ASC X12 u UN/EDIFACT u XML/EDI Group u CommerceNet u W3C u Graphics Communications Association (GCA) u Software Vendors

30 XML/EDI Initiatives ANSI ASC X12 u “ASC X12 on the Brink of Completing X12 Technical Report” - 3/11/99 ä Final stages of X12-XML methodology ä X12C Approval June 99/Publication in October 99 u Goals ä Define a method to expose the semantic content of X12 standards as well-formed XML documents ä Ensure X12/XML is interoperable with native X12 syntax u Future Efforts ä Validation, Acknowledgments, & Error Handling

31 XML/EDI Initiatives ANSI ASC X12 (cont’d) u 2/98 Meeting - Los Angeles ä Informational Session on XML/EDI u 6/98 Meeting - Columbus ä Ad Hoc XML/EDI Committee u 8/98 ä Preliminary Findings & Recommendations on the Representation of X12 Data Elements and Structures in XML u 10/98 Meeting - Miami ä Near & Long Term Goals ä X12C TG3

32 XML/EDI Initiatives ANSI ASC X12 (cont’d) u 2/99 Meeting - Dallas ä Development of X12/XML Matrix ä Objectives for Technical Report ä Proposals u Approach Proposals ä Freeform Attribute Identified ä Discrete Field Group by Semantic Relationship ä Promotional Multi-Part ä Freeform Attribute Identified REFID Tags ä A Methodology for Semantic Tags

33 XML/EDI InitiativesUN/EDIFACT u European XML/EDI Pilot Project ä Will test XML for EDI between business & other organizations ä SIMPL-EDI DTDs – Orders – Invoices – Despatch Advices – Value Chain Planning & Performance Reports – International Payment Orders – Order Responses ä xml.html

34 XML/EDI Initiatives UN/EDIFACT (cont’d) u XML/EDI Repository Proposal ä Global repository for XML tags ä Functionality of Repository – Creating/Requesting Tags – Browsing/Searching for Tags – Downloading a subset of repository – Automatic Update by Subscription

35 XML/EDI InitiativesCommerceNet u eCo Framework Project ä Goal is to develop a common framework for interoperability among XML-based application standards and key EC environments ä Focus Areas – Architectural Framework – Interoperable Transaction Framework – Content Names and Definitions – Common Software Framework – eRegistry Submission Process

36 XML/EDI Initiatives Other Initiatives u The Center for the Study of EC in the Daniel's College of Business at the University of Denver ä Formed a research team to prototype an XML/EDI operating environment in order to explore it’s feasibility u RosettaNet ä Investigating the use of XML as an alternative to EDI ä Catalog Information Specification u EDIFECS Commerce ä Guideline XML (gXML)

37 XML Tools u XML Editors - XML/EDI Editors u XML Parsers - XML/EDI Parsers u Browsers - XML/EDI Aware Browsers u DTD Editors/Tools - XML/EDI DTD Editors/Tools u APIs - XML/EDI specific APIs u XLink/XPointer Tools - TBD u XSL Editors - XML/EDI XSL Forms u Transaction/Publishing Systems/Databases u Conversion Tools u Specialized XML Software XML/EDI Tools

38 u EDI Software Vendors ä TSI ä GEIS ä Sterling ä St. Paul Software ä Harbinger ä IBM ä IPNet ä PaperFree

39 XML/EDI Vision Internet NGI NII GII Extranet POTS XML Repository Trading Partner Service Providers VANs Trading Partner Trading Partner Trading Partner Trading Partner Trading Partner XML/EDI Vision

40 Next Steps u Formalized Business Case u Standardization ä Approach ä Naming Conventions u Infrastructure ä Repository Development ä Usage Guidelines u XML Version 1.0 Extensions u XML/EDI Software Tools u Industry Adoption

41 Questions ?? ? ?

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