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Child Support for Financial Workers Finding what you need to know.

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1 Child Support for Financial Workers Finding what you need to know

2 DISCLAIMER The views expressed in this presentation are that of the presenter and do not represent state policy or procedure. If you have questions about how your county is doing something, please talk to your supervisor.

3 Fun Facts about PRISM: Each person is assigned a 10 digit number known as an MCI number Case numbers are made up of custodial parents MCI number plus a 2 digit trailer The F1 key shows helpful information on any screen and is used to help look up case information Depending on where you look up a case will determine if the case information pulls into the globals Prism screens go up and down (F7/F8) as well as left and right (F10/F11) Remember to check the bottom of the screen for different function keys

4 Logging into PRISM

5 Option #1 At State of Minnesota Screen –Type CICSPT4 –Hit enter –Type in your login ID (X#) (Example X173303) and your password –Hit enter At next screen type QQPI or QQPR for Prism inquiry

6 Option #2 At State of Minnesota Screen –Type MDHS & hit enter –Type your Logonid (X#) (example X173303) and your password, hit enter –Type in 12 or QQPR Both methods will then bring up the security warning. After reading press enter and you will be at the main menu.

7 Prism Main Menu

8 Person search and finding a case

9 Places you can pull up a case: (Puts case information in globals and you can go from screen to screen) –PESE (person search) –CAPS (case participant summary) –CAST (case status screen) –CAAD (case notes) –“case based” screens

10 Places you can pull up person information: (Will not pull case information into the globals) NCPL/CPPL (CP and NCP insurance info screens) DDPL/CHPL (direct deposit and checks issued screens) NCCB/CPCB (case browse screens) Person based screens


12 F1 to bring up person search F1 to bring up child support officer information

13 Show me the money!!

14 CAFS Screen (Case Financial Summary) Shows the total monthly obligation owed on a case Shows who the monthly obligation is owed to Shows the total arrears balance owed on the base SPECIAL REQUEST: any questions from customers regarding arrears balance should be referred to the child support officer. If a CP is on MFIP, NPA (non-public assistance) arrears are temporarily assigned to the state.

15 F1 will give CSO name and # Shows program CP open on Total amount of current support each month Shows type of obligation charging CCC = child care CCH = basic support CMS/CMI = medical support Shows who money is paid to. AFC = state NPA = client/custodial parent CCC = child care assistance Arrears balance *WARNING* if this is a MFIP case, non public assistance arrears are temporarily assigned to the State of Minnesota

16 Direct Deposit by Payee List (DDPL) Custodial parents are required to use direct deposit or a stored value card to receive child support unless they meet an exception If the CP meets an exception, he/she would receive checks which would be displayed on CHPL Information is displayed oldest to newest Person based screen which means payments for all cases is displayed “S”electing record will show breakdown of which case payment is for.

17 Shift F9 will flip direction of records

18 Shows date transaction processed Shows type of obligation money applied to. Shows case number money applied to Shows # of cases MCI associated with

19 What’s Happening? ?

20 CAse Activities by Date (CAAD) Shows all contact information with parties Shows information about actions taken to establish or enforce court orders

21 CAse Activities by Type (CAAT) Same information as CAAD sorted by type of entry Quick search for phone contact, letters, interviews to locate specific type of activity put letter in type field and enter Common codes: –“T” = telephone calls –“M212” = letters –“M39” = interview & hearing information



24 GCSC shows if there are safety concerns on the case or if CP is in non-cooperation with child support. CPCB/NCCB show all cases associated with MCI number on PRISM, if case is open/closed, child support officer assigned to case and what role person has on case. NCDL/CPDL shows address history for MCI number. Arrow up and enter for more detailed information. NCPL/CPPL show any medical/dental/insurance information on PRISM. Arrow up and hit enter to see policy information. NCKD/CPKD shows people covered by insurance policy on NCPL/CPPL SUOL show all court orders for child support case. (NOTE: if you have question about order, contact the child support officer)


26 New Changes to Child Support: Effective 10/1/2009 Payments will now credit on day they are received NO longer have temporary assigned arrears! Once owed to family, it stays owed to family. Families could now start receiving arrears payments.


28 Presenter: Jannell Boeckermann

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