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By Asaad Mohammad Automation and Mechatronics Lead Teacher

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1 By Asaad Mohammad Automation and Mechatronics Lead Teacher
Marking out tools The common tools used for marking out Marking blue Scriber Punch Engineer’s square Surface plate Surface gauge The learner will understand the different types of symbiotic relationships, namely parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism, as well as examples of each. Furthermore, the learner will be expected to express their understanding by creating similar examples as per my model. Positive feedback for correct responses is given visually from a big ‘thumbs up’ and ‘that is correct’, and audibly through applauding sounds. Only correct responses allow the learner to move on to the next question. Incorrect answers lead the learner to humorous visual and audio feedback. There are two choices: 1) try the question again and 2) review by returning to the introductory information. Students will be assessed on the slides that they create based on examples from their research. Lastly, upon completion of the activity, the students will be required to complete an online quiz. The strategies employed include 1) deductive/ruleg reasoning and 2) scaffolding/mathetics. In the first strategy, information is provided which eventually leads to an interactive quiz. During the quiz there is opportunity for review. Immediate feedback is provided for all answers. With correct answers, the student can move to the next question. With incorrect responses, the student can go back and review or try the question again. In the second strategy, the student can click on links to the web to get extra information. This strategy employs the concept of using computers in promoting flexible, personal, and connected learning. Another teaching method employed is using mnemonics, where the learner can better retain the information using symbols. By Asaad Mohammad Automation and Mechatronics Lead Teacher

2 1. Marking DYE (blue) Marking blue is a dye used in metal working to aid in marking out. It is used to paint a metal object with a very thin layer of dye that can be scratched off using a scriber to show the bright metal

3 Here are some pictures of marking blue

4 2. Scriber Scribers are used in metal working to mark lines on work pieces prior to manufacturing. They are used instead of pencils as the marks from pencils can rub off easily. They consist of a rod of steel that has been sharpened to a point at one or both ends. Scribers are used to draw shallow scratches on the surfaces of the work pieces.

5 Types of scribers: One-end scriber as shown below
Double-end scriber as shown below

6 Are you ready for the first quiz Q (1): Marking blue is a dye used in wood working
1- False 2- True

7 Good job

8 Are you ready for the first quiz Q (2): Scribers are used in metal working to mark lines on work piece 1- False 2- True

9 Excellent Let us continue

10 3. Punch A punch is a hard metal rod with a shaped tip at one end and a rounded butt at the other end that is usually struck by a hammer Forward

11 Types of Punches

12 A-Center punch It is used as an aid to drilling operations. A center punch forms an indent in which the tip of the drill will fit. A center punch has a point angle of 90°

13 B-Prick punch It is used for layout. A prick punch produces a smaller indentation than a center punch, which acts as a useful datum point in layout operations. A prick punch has a point angle of 60°

14 C-Letter Stamps - Number Stamps
These are used to print (stamp) a letter or number into a work piece

15 4.Engineer’s square The engineer’s square is used for checking the straightness of a work piece. It can also be used for marking perpendicular (90°) lines onto a work piece.

16 5.Surface plate The surface plate has a high degree of flatness. The flat surface is being used as a datum surface for marking out and for measuring purposes. it is also called surface table If it can stand on the floor

17 Care to the surface plate
YOU MUST Keep the surface in a good condition. Keep the surface lightly oiled to prevent corrosion. Take care when placing marking out tools on the surface. YOU DO NOT Place anything on the surface that would damage it. Drop tools on the surface. Hammer on the surface.

18 6. Surface gauge The surface gauge is used on surface plates for scribing lines on work pieces and checking parallel surfaces and heights

19 7. Angle plate The angle plate is used to assist in holding the work piece perpendicular to the table. The angle plate is provided with holes and slots to enable the secure attachment or clamping of work pieces.

20 Last Exam for today Click HERE

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