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Electronics Stewardship Tim Hilton 240-696-2572

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1 Electronics Stewardship Tim Hilton 240-696-2572

2 Electronics Stewardship Electronics disposal is becoming a more and more important topic world wide but specifically in property. Today we will discuss R2 certification E-Stewards certification How do they help the environment How do they help you How can we help you

3 WHAT IS THE R2 CERTIFICATION?  According to the housing entity for the R2 Practices standard, R2 Solutions, the R2 Certification “promotes environmental protection, human health and safety, and an economically-sustainable global electronics recycling industry by promoting the responsible management of end- of-life electronic equipment.”  GSA, the US EPA and the White House Council on EQ co-chaired an interagency task force that prepared a national strategy for Electronic Stewardship  2013- New, more stringent, Certification released.  Supported by the EPA and ISRI

4 The Provisions Provision 1 – EHSMS Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems allow customers peace of mind and a standard of conduct to be expected from an R2 recycler Provision 2- Hierarchy for responsible Management Strategies Gives a breakdown for what is recyclable, re-usable etc. Provision 3- Legal requirements Ensures that Recyclers are following the law Provision 4- on-site E,H, and S Provides good working conditions and environmental practices for recyclers Provision 5- Focus Materials CRTs, Batteries, and circuit boards for example have additional restrictions placed on their handling due to toxicity Provision 6- Re-usable equipment Ensures that re-usable assets are re-used to give them a second life Provision 7- Tracking throughput Complete tracking of inventory through the entire process to ensure that all assets are properly disposed of Provision 8- Data Destruction Stringent Data security measures to protect customer data

5 The Provisions pt. 2 Provision 9- Storage Restrictions on how FM and re-usable assets can be stored Provision 10- Facility security Ensures that customer assets have proper security in place Provision 11- Insurance, closure plan, and financial If the company goes out of business there isnt a potential environmental crisis Provision 12- Transport Ensures that any electronics shipped by a recycler (even 3 rd party) are transported in a safe manner Provision 13- recordkeeping Sets a standard for recordkeeping

6 WHAT IS THE E-STEWARDS CERTIFICATION Started in 2009 by the Basel Action Network Annual Auditing of facilities and Downstream vendors “advances best management practices and offers a way to assess the environmental, worker health, and security practices of entities managing used electronics.” Was made a mandatory requirement for those wishing to perform Disposal of Federally Owned Electronics (along with R2) No exportation of hazardous electronic waste (HEWs) to developing nations where environmental guidelines are often lax Metals from your assets are reclaimed, reducing the need for toxic mining No burning of e-waste All recycling facilities must identify and mitigate any significant environmental impacts, based on specific operations, e.g., storm water run-off, trucking/logistics pollution, dust/vapor/fumes release, energy consumption, contamination of the recycling facility, etc. No prison labor Follows the BAN ruling No child labor

7 How do they help you? Brand Support Nobody wants toxic waste taken care of incorrectly. Your organization can proudly say that they use a certified recycler Additionally E-stewards lists their E- Stewards enterprises on their website De-Labeling requirements ensure that your equipment is in no way associated with you, the previous owner.  Reduce Cost/ increase reporting ◦ The certifications require very detailed reporting which can easily be provided to you to save you time and resources. ◦ Several layers of reporting based on functionality of equipment

8 Our Services Outright Purchase of Surplus Assets – for all brands of computing, networking, and other forms of IT equipment. Financed with our own capital, no brokering. Electronic Recycling – with complete asset management auditing capabilities. Including asset remarketing and purchasing solutions. Nationwide pickups. Data Destruction services – both on-site and off-site destruction of all media, including classified media. We perform purging, shredding, crushing, and degaussing of all electronic and/or paper media. De-Installations – of data centers, telecom centers, all types of electronics and electrical equipment – central offices.

9 Contact Information Tim Hilton 240-696-2572 Lanham, MD Office 4721 Boston Way Lanham, MD 20706

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