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United Electronic Recycling United Electronic Recycling.

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1 United Electronic Recycling United Electronic Recycling

2 Agenda United Electronic Recycling Introduction Customer Benefits Why are we Recycling? What are we Recycling? Recycling Process Customer Engagement

3 United Electronic Recycling Introduction Eco Friendly – Good Earth Properly Recycle Electronic Equipment –Data Destruction –Audit and Report –Compliant Manner Zero Landfill Tolerance Initiative! Save Customers Time and Space Maximize Value of Reverse Logistics United with Companies of the same opinion

4 Customer Benefits Properly Recycle Electronic Equipment based EPA Standards Inventory Report of Equipment recycled Asset Disposal - Certificate of Data Destruction Relieves liability of improper disposal –Fines –ID Theft Reverse Logistics - Processing and Reporting Excellent Customer Service No Cost Solution Most of the time!

5 Why are we recycling? 23 States have passed legislation mandating statewide e-waste recycling 12 States currently have a landfill or incineration ban on electronic devices We are helping and preparing companies to comply

6 Major Eco Problem Over 20 lbs. Of E-Waste is Generated Per Person Annually The EPA Estimates Only 12.5% of E-Waste is Recycled and 87.5% Goes to a Landfill or Incinerator E-Waste is Highly Toxic CRT Monitors on Average Contain Nearly 8 lbs. of Lead Circuit Boards Contain Carcinogens and Heavy Metals United Electronic Recycling – Solving Problems Today

7 Types of Equipment we recycle Computers Laptops Plasmas LCD's Printers White Goods Light Bulbs Batteries Fax Machines Key Boards Mice Stereo Equipment All Business / Office Electronics Network Equipment Servers Telecom Equipment Cell Phones DVD Players Copy Machines Basically anything with a power cord or battery

8 Recycling Process Receive equipment, Weigh equipment, Inventory / Barcode equipment Separate into categories –Plastic, Glass and Metal Identify equipment that can be refurbished / reused (Highest form of recycling) –testing, repair, cleaning, make ready Market Products Resale Products –Reuse –Remanufacturing Zero Landfill Tolerance

9 Engagement Customer creates an Inventory list Sends list to ISR UER Logistics Manager –Coordinates shipping –Keeps customer informed and involved –Send all reporting and documentation to Customer Determine ongoing recycling volume –Repetitive Engagement Customer Service is our number one priority

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