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1 Placement Test Demo Peter Liu AITS, Yale University

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1 1 Placement Test Demo Peter Liu AITS, Yale University Email:

2 Placement Test Project Some Backgrounds for Placement Test Project Every year, there are about 1000 new students, who will need to take the Math Placement Test from July to mid of August time-frame. After taken the test, students will print out the Placement Test results (automatically graded at Tests & Quizzes tool) to meet with their advisors at 3rd week of August and discuss which Math course level is suitable to them. Last Fall, Yale Math department has approached us and want to see whether we could make it a more automatic way to alleviate the burden of advisor and students. Goal: Hope that 70% of the students will know immediately what course level to register without seeing an advisor. 2

3 Placement Test Project The Requirements and Rubric Algorithm Students take placement exam. One of the questions will be a multiple-choice request for scores on calculus Advanced Placement exams (levels AB and BC, each score in the range 0 - 5). Analyze exam output. Each student's (tentative) placement will be computed by an algorithm, based solely on that student's answers on the placement exam Students and department are notified of the (tentative) placement Students should be notified immediately after completing the exam, either at a website or by email. The placements should also be available to the department, for example as a downloadable spreadsheet. Placement exam results available for export to other Yale systems 3

4 Placement Test Project The requirements and Rubric algorithm Sample placement algorithm (to illustrate form of algorithm; details aren't realistic) ab = score on AP Calculus AB (ab 5) bc = score on AP Calculus BC (bc 5) s1 = total score on problems 1 - 10 (s1 10) s2 = total score on problems 10 - 15 (s2 5) s3 = total score on problems 15 - 20 (s2 5) if bc == 5 and s1 > 7 and s2 > 4 and s3 > 4 place in Math 120 printout “You might want to consider taking Math 230 - 231" else if s1 > 7 and s2 > 4 and s3 > 3 place in Math 120 else if s1 > 7 and s2 > 3 place in Math 115 else if s1 > 5 place in Math 112 else place in Math 112 4

5 Placement Test Project Design of Placement Test Design a Rule Engine which will fit to generic Placement Test. Generic rubric rules for one placement level as shown below: Where S k is the score of a part or one question W k is the weight factor P i is the user defined minimum score for i condition Easy for user to define the Rubric conditions via UI. Allow user easy to debug their Rubric Algorithm on Fly Integrated with current ‘Tests & Quizzes’ tool and use the existing API/Listener to retrieve testing scores for further rubric analysis. 5

6 Placement Test Project 6 Sample for Placement Rubric Level Set Up

7 Placement Test Project 7 Sample for Result for student:

8 Placement Test Project Current Status The Math Department has successfully completed the Math Placement Test with around 1000 students, ended at August 20, 2013. The Rubric Engine has hold up very well without any issue so far. Future development??? More friendly UI Allow to export data via Entity-broker API 8

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