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Online Math Assessment Using WAMAP

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1 Online Math Assessment Using WAMAP
David Lippman, Pierce College WAMAP webmaster IMathAS lead developer Transition Math Project Summer Institute August 23, 2006

2 What is WAMAP / IMathAS IMathAS: Internet Math Assessment System
Web-based math assessment engine Algorithmically generated questions Computer grading of numerical and math expression questions 1500+ existing questions from arithmetic through calculus Accurate math and graph display Light course management system features WAMAP: Washington Math Assessment & Placement Free IMathAS web hosting for Washington schools Funded by TMP

3 Uses For Courses: Other: Homework Quizzes Tests Take-home tests
Practice tests Beginning/end of quarter diagnostics Other: Diagnostic assessments Placement testing

4 Benefits Instant feedback
Students can self-identify areas of weakness and do immediate additional practice or review Encourages students working together while discouraging cheating

5 Student Demo Username: demo Password: demo Registration
Enrollment Forums Take Test Question Types

6 Diagnostic & Placement Customizations
Pierce Diagnostic login Pierce Placement login

7 Feedback “As we move to mandatory skills-based assessments for our below college-level courses, we will be able to easily administer, monitor, and assess how students are doing across the discipline and, if other schools participate, across multiple schools” -David Whittaker Cascadia CC

8 Instructor Demo Create new course Add text item w/ math & graphs
Add assessment Categorization Grade book List Students Copy course items Shift course dates

9 Comparisons Blackboard
Blackboard contains more advanced course management features, but lacks user-friendly math and graph display, has limited ability to ask randomized questions, and cannot automatically grade math expression answers. iLrn, MyMathLab, etc. WAMAP’s assessment system is very similar to many of these systems, but does not include tutorials or links to textbook materials. Webassign WAMAP is very similar to Webassign, but is free, and (in my opinion) is a bit easier to write custom questions in. Webassign does include a much larger existing question set, but many of the questions are not randomized.

10 Primary Advantages Cost It’s free! Updates and improvements
WAMAP is continually updated and improved based on user input, and is not locked to a vendor’s update cycle. The smaller user base also allows quicker response to problems and requests. Customization Because WAMAP is open-source, it can be easily customized to meet your needs at a much lower cost than commercial solutions.

11 Want to use it? Log in to
Click on the “Information for Instructors” link Click on the “New Instructor Account Request” and send in your info. Your account will be set up in a few days or less. Read the Getting Started in IMathAS guide to get familiar with the system.

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