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Ronald L. Baker Robert Peters Edul Chikhliwala EcoChem Analytics

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1 Ronald L. Baker Robert Peters Edul Chikhliwala EcoChem Analytics
Continuous Emission Monitors (CEMS) Advancements From Measuring HCl and Ammonia (NH3) to using Sensitive Moisture Measurements for Identifying Boiler Tube Leaks Ronald L. Baker Robert Peters Edul Chikhliwala EcoChem Analytics

2 Introduction & Overview
Stack Monitoring Systems are already at plants to measure “acid gases” (NOx & SO2) and often CO, O2 & CO2 Note: Stack moisture content, %H2O, typically measured as well New or pending regulations in certain industries can require additional measurements: HCl Hydrogen Chloride : another acid gas NH3 Ammonia : related to ammonia/urea injection

3 Hot-Wet Sampling System

4 Gas Filter Correlation

5 Gas Filter Correlation

6 Single Beam Dual Wavelength

7 Single Beam Dual Wavelength

8 MC3 Analyzer Optical Path

9 System Components

10 MC3 Measurement Capability
Gas Range Interval** CO 0-5 PPM to 0-10,000 PPM Single MC3 analyzer can measure 8 gases plus Oxygen SO2 0-10 PPM to 0-1,000 PPM NO 0-5 PPM to PPM NO2 0-5 PPM to PPM CO2 0-1,000PPM to 0-40% NH3 0-5 PPM to PPM Dual ranges can be selected for same gas HCl 0-10 PPM to PPM H2O 0-2% to 0-50% * All components at 185C or above; standard sample cell path 12 meters ** User can select appropriate range within the range interval * Use of a short path cell can permit higher concentration ranges O2 0-25% N2O 0-10 PPM to 0-1,500 PPM CH4 0-10 PPM to 0-1,000 PPM

11 Moisture Measurements to Identify Boiler Tube Leaks
Since 2004, there have been 8 of these hot-wet analyzers installed at seven different waste coal fired facilities. In addition to pollutant measurements of NOx, SO2, CO and diluents measurements of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), these analyzers continuously monitor the concentration of moisture (H2O) in the flue gas stream. This moisture measurement, similar to the other measurements, is updated every 7-10 seconds and has been shown to be effective in identifying and or verifying a boiler tube leak. In the event of a tube leak, the increase in moisture can be fairly significant from the unit’s baseline moisture levels, ranging from a 1-3%+ increase. Therefore in a unit with a typical moisture level of 6.5%, a rather sudden increase to 8.5% moisture has confirmed boiler tube leaks. Correlations improve after each event

12 EcoChem MC3 Systems – Waste Coal

13 HCl, Ammonia and Water Calibration
“Wet” Calibrations with the Hovacal unit Hot-Wet Vapor Mixture Supply Unit Evaporator Mass Flow Meter Mass Flow Controller Temperature Control Pump Liquid Carrier Gas Solution (pure water, NH3 or HCl) Balance (Optional)

14 MC3 Installations - HCl Wasatch Integrated Waste Mgmt
2 waste to energy units Wheelabrator Falls – PA Chemical & Waste Treatment Industry worldwide - 15+ analyzers including Eli Lily & Company

15 MC3 Installations – NH3 TransCanada – Ocean State Power – RI
4 units on gas turbines with SCR Wheelabrator Falls – PA 2 waste to energy units-evaluating de-NOx system Fertilizer and Chemical Industry in USA - 20 analyzers including Rentech Nitrogen, PCS, & CF Industries

16 HCl Dedicated CEMS Major Utility in Texas Installation near Dallas

17 Question and Answers EcoChem Analytics

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