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Food Safety and Quality Land O’Lakes School Nutrition Programs.

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1 Food Safety and Quality Land O’Lakes School Nutrition Programs

2 Commodities Monetized -Albania (soybean) -Angola (NFDM) -Bangladesh (wheat, NFDM, soybean oil) -Democratic Republic of Congo (wheat) -Guatemala (soybean meal) -Indonesia (NFDM) -Kenya (wheat) -Madagascar (wheat) -Montenegro (corn, soybean meal)

3 -Mozambique (wheat) -Pakistan (NFDM) -Philippines (NFDM, soybean meal, peas) -Sri Lanka (red lentils, vegetable oil) -Tanzania (wheat) -Uganda (wheat) -Uzbekistan (NFDM) -Vietnam (soybean meal, NFDM, wheat) -Zambia (wheat) Commodities Monetized

4 SNP Portfolio CountryDatesValue (USD)Children Fed Bangladesh2002 – 2009$23.7 M262,800 Colombia2004300 Honduras2004 - 20064,500 Indonesia2002 - 2005$23.3 M583,000 Malawi2008 - 2009$0.56 M2,800 Pakistan2002 - 2009$8.7 M204,100 Philippines2002 - 2005 2006 - 2009 $31.1 M168,300 40,000 Uzbekistan2003$0.55 M11,000 Vietnam2002 - 2005$18.8 M330,000 Total1,608,800

5 -Product Development and Packaging -Selection of Processors -Quality Control/Building Local Capacities -Application to Other Commodities Land O’Lakes Story of NFDM

6 Product Development and Packaging -NFDM: shelf life of 1 year (+/-) in highly controlled environment -Converted to liquid milk: shelf life of few hours -UHT milk – shelf life of six months  Specialized process and unique packaging


8 Selection of Processors -Fact-finding mission: Land O’Lakes, Tetra Pak, local industry leaders -Audit of the facilities: building, collection systems, lab, testing procedures, general layout, equipment, packaging, process lines, utilities, engine room, refrigeration, warehouses -Sanitation procedures and effluent discharge -Environmental considerations -Recall procedures

9 Quality Control/Building Local Capacities -GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) -HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) -Food Borne Illness -Certification by Land O’Lakes -Six-month audit of each facility -Handling of finished product in warehouses and schools -Testing at every level – product safety

10 Application to Other food products /Commodities -R&D: Processes, chemical treatment and packaging  Canning and ultralow blanching  Sealing trays with modified applications (MAP)  Gas flush (nitrogen, CO2) to remove oxygen  Aseptic Packaging  Fruit and Fresh vegetables – Ozone wash vs. Chlorine  Calcium treatment that extends the shelf life of melons  Way to control hormone levels in Tomatoes  Use of antimicrobial systems, fungal amylases, Nisin and reduced PH, …  Various types of Coating and Films

11 “The world has the technology, either available or well-advanced in the research pipeline, to feed a population of 10 billion people. The more pertinent question is whether farmers and ranchers will be permitted to use this new technology.” Feeding A Hungry World Dr. Norman Borlaug

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