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Land O’Lakes International Development School Feeding Partnerships Presented by: Zaheer Baber, Regional Director Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Eastern.

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1 Land O’Lakes International Development School Feeding Partnerships Presented by: Zaheer Baber, Regional Director Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe

2 Land O’Lakes, Inc. Fortune 300, 3rd largest U.S. Cooperative 2008 Revenue: $12.4 Billion Growing and diverse business #1 Butter Brand #1 Deli Cheese Brand #2 Eggs Brand #1 Feed #3 Crop Protection #3 Seeds

3 Land O’Lakes International Development Operating since 1981 in 76 countries In 2007: Reached 835,000 people in 28 countries  Smallholder Farmers  Agribusinesses  School Children (350,000 school children, 2814 schools)  Poor Households  People Living with HIV (PLHIV)

4 Land O’Lakes International Development Our vision is to be a leader in applying innovative and effective food and agriculture solutions that contribute to enriched quality of life and increased global prosperity. We do this by:  Leveraging the values, skills, and capabilities of Land O'Lakes, a leading agribusiness cooperative  Delivering measurable and quantifiable results  Being accountable to and collaborating with our beneficiaries, funding entities, and partners

5 School Nutrition Programs Land O'Lakes operates School Nutrition Programs (SNPs) that:  Provide an incentive for children to attend school,  Address children’s short-term hunger so that they can perform well while attending. SNPs can only operate effectively through strong partnerships with local and international entities.

6 Partnership 1: USDA, Land O'Lakes Since 1993, USDA has provided commodities to Land O'Lakes to support SNPs Commodities are shipped to target countries by USDA in partnership with Land O’Lakes

7 7 Past Programs CountryYearCommodityTonnageProgram Russia1993-1996Butter8,000 MTMonetization 416(b) Russia1994-1995Corn16,000 MTFFP Soybean Meal25,000 MT Ukraine1995-1998Soybean Meal20,000 MTMonetization, FFP Indonesia2000Skim Milk Powder8,500 MTSNP 416 (b) Wheat10,000 MT Vietnam2001Wheat27,000 MTSNP 416 (b) Skim Milk Powder1,300 MT Soybean Meal15,000 MT Montenegro2001Corn,12,000 MT416 (b) Soybean Meal4,000 MT Philippines2005-2008NFDM3,200 MTSNP 416 (b)

8 8 Past Programs, continued CountryYearCommodityTonnageProgram Vietnam2002NFDM550 MTSNP 416 (b) Soybean Meal6,250 MT Wheat10,000 MT Indonesia2002NFDM4,450 MTSNP 416 (b) Bangladesh2002NFDM1,450 MTSNP 416(b) Wheat Soybean Oil 53,900 MT 4,000 MT Philippines2002NFDM4,000 MTSNP 416(b) Pakistan2003NFDM4,000 MTSNP 416 (b) Uzbekistan2003NFDM500 MTSNP 416 (b) pilot Indonesia2004NFDM4,000 MTSNP 416 (b) Vietnam2004NFDM3,500 MTSNP 416 (b)

9 9 Land O’Lakes Current USDA Projects/Years CountryYearCommodityTonnageProgram Pakistan *2004 – 2009NFDM7,300 MTSNP 416 (b) Uganda *2005 – 2009Wheat11,100 MTFFP Bangladesh *2005 – 2009NFDM3,000 MTSNP 416 (b) Kenya2006 – 2010Wheat25,000 MTFFP Philippines *2006 – 2009Soybean Meal11,910 MTFFP Madagascar2008 – 2011Feed Peas6,000 MTFFP Wheat12,450 MT Mozambique2009 – 2012Wheat15,600 MTFFP Philippines2009 – 2012Soybean Meal9,730 MTFFP * Projects ending in 2009

10 10 Mr. Mike Yost, FAS Administrator, and Ms. Patricia Sheikh, Deputy Administrator for Capacity Building and Development Visiting Kenya, Spring 2007

11 11 Mr. Howard Anderson, Agricultural Attaché visiting Pakistan SNP, Fall 2006 Pictured with LOL Country Manager Yawar Naeem and Zaheer Baber

12 12 Mr. Norval Francis, Assistant Deputy Administrator, FAS, USDA, visiting Pakistan Pictured with Rashid Iqbal, LOL Country Manager, Shafiq ur Rehman, Ag Specialist US Embassy, Pervez Saeed LOL Pakistan Foundation, October 2007

13 13 Ms. Holly Higgins, US Ag Attaché, New Delhi, visits with representatives of the Bangladesh SNP, Spring 2007

14 Partnership 2: Local Food Processor, Land O'Lakes, Tetra Pak Land O'Lakes contracts with a local food processing company to develop high quality nutritious food products Tetra Pak supports development of quality single-serving packages Both Land O'Lakes and Tetra Pak provide technical assistance to processors to ensure quality performance Local food processors gain the capacity to develop high quality nutritious food products to distribute to schools

15 15 HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINT (HACCP) HACCP Audit and Training Every year HACCP audit is conducted to ensure the quality of the snack LOL representatives periodically visit the factories of snack processors to check the HACCP complacence So far about 300 technicians from different countries have been trained on HACCP

16 Partnership 3: Transport Contractors, Schools/Teachers Food processors deliver snacks to warehouses Food products are delivered to the schools by transport contractors Schools receive and store commodities Warehousing disciplines, product testing, inventory controls

17 17 Warehouse and School Store (Bangladesh) Land O’ Lakes Maintains 4 Warehouses in 4 Upazilla to store snack Each school maintains a store to accommodate 7 days snack

18 Partnership 4: Schools/Teachers, Community Groups, Students, Land O'Lakes Schools distribute food products to students on a daily basis Parents and community members support the distribution and ensure that all students receive snacks Land O'Lakes helps organize community groups and support their initiatives to improve education Land O'Lakes and Tetra-Pak help community groups and students recycle packages and may use them for fundraising activities!

19 Partnership 5: Schools/Teachers, NGOs, Land O'Lakes Schools keep track of enrolment, attendance, (for girls and boys) and food product distribution Land O'Lakes trains local NGOs to monitor school performance NGOs monitor school performance, and help Land O'Lakes address any problems

20 Partnership 6: Land O'Lakes, Governmental bodies Land O'Lakes engages Government and Education Ministry official and keeps them informed Land O'Lakes builds awareness among officials of the positive impacts of the programs Land O'Lakes requests and supports active involvement by Government officials Land O'Lakes works with Government officials to build their capacity to implement these programs Land O'Lakes advocates for Government financing of programs, and in some cases hands programs over to the government, or supports the government in replicating programs

21 21 Mohammed Mian Soomro, Prime Minister of Pakistan, meeting with Land O’Lakes Fall 2006

22 22 USDA Visit to Philippines School Nutrition Program, March 2007 The US Ambassador in Philippines Ms. Kristie Kenney, pictured with LOL Country Manager Yawar Naeem and Sri Lanka Country Manager, Matthew Krause.

23 Special Partnerships in Malawi: Land O'Lakes, General Mills, Local food manufacturers, Schools General Mills funds Land O'Lakes to distribute food to school children Land O'Lakes purchases locally manufactured “Lakuni Fala” (100% local ingredients) Students have an incentive to attend school, and receive a nutritious meal Local food producers have a market, and the local food industry gains the capacity to supply food to schools.

24 24 Trade Capacity Building  Introduced single-serving size packaging for biscuits; adopted by other businesses for similar products in Bangladesh  Assisted two dairy processors in Pakistan to expand their markets internationally  In-country Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Nestle and others requesting fresh milk from project farmers Program Impacts

25 25 Local Industry Development  Introduced Low Heat NFDM and developed process for using it to create condensed milk; widespread adoption of this process in non-dairy sectors in Bangladesh  Five new dairy processors produce UHT milk; overall local UHT supply increase by 4 million liters in Bangladesh  In Pakistan, developed two new commercial distribution outlets and re-opened two closed biscuit processors  Trained dairy/biscuit processors on HACCP, GMP and FBI  Created recycling programs for used milk containers  Created new jobs Program Impacts, continued

26 26 Educational Attainment  Significant increase in school attendance in all programs – special focus on girls  Curriculum development and teacher training  Better concentration and improvement of grades  Created new and re-opened closed schools  Increased overall health of participating children  Infrastructure improvement for schools  Increased community involvement in schools Program Impacts, continued

27 27 Educational Equipment & Bench Distribution Schools without benches were supplied with 600 benches All schools – globes, maps, charts & sports items

28 28 Restroom Construction Many female students avoid school because of restroom issues Construction of 8 restrooms are in progress

29 29 Bangladesh  Government of Bangladesh has plans to start six pilot projects one in each Administrative Division. Pakistan  Government of Pakistan has replicated this program in six districts, feeding 115,000 girls Philippines  Monetary support from Local Government Units have been over $91,000  Matching funds have purchased of $74,000 of pasteurized milk. Sustainability

30 30 Land O’Lakes Impact Arrange fair and skillful monetization and barter arrangements Create industry contacts that foster partnerships Develop proper use of commodities with USDA and local buyers. Well-trained staff Teach world class manufacturing techniques Computerize warehousing and inventory management techniques. Improve Monitoring & Evaluation techniques Refurbish schools Educate on proper hygiene Make connections at the highest level of the government, industry Sustainability

31 Why Partnerships? Help local stake-holders gain the capacity to be responsible for the education and nutrition of children Support food security, agriculture, economic development, and strong governance Build sustainable and successful schools and communities, and healthy, educated, and well- nourished children School Nutrition partnerships put education and nutrition on government agendas

32 32 This is NOT just a program for us – it is a passion, it is a commitment and it supports our values of eliminating hunger across the globe.

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