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Gas to jet platform © 2011 LanzaTech Inc. All rights reserved. Dr. Jennifer Holmgren CEO, LanzaTech Inc. Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit Defense Energy.

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1 gas to jet platform © 2011 LanzaTech Inc. All rights reserved. Dr. Jennifer Holmgren CEO, LanzaTech Inc. Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit Defense Energy Technology Challenge Hawaii Convention Center Honolulu, Hawaii September 13, 2011

2 Company Profile  Founded in January 2005  Funding –New Zealand Government – $US 10M –Series A: Khosla Ventures - $US 12M in 2007 –Series B: Qiming Ventures - $US 18M in 2010  Team CSO/Founder: Dr. Sean Simpson –80 staff –Synthetic Biology –Analytical –Engineering –Auckland (New Zealand), Chicago (USA) and Shanghai (China)  IP Portfolio –>60 patents filed –2 proprietary microbe families 2

3 The LanzaTech Process Gas feed stream Gas reception CompressionFermentation Recovery Product tank Gases are sole source of energy and carbon Production of fuels and chemicals Potential to make material impact on the future energy pool (>10s of billions of gallons per year) Completely outside of the food value chain Biofuel, carbon capture and energy efficiency technology solution Novel gas fermentation technology captures CO-rich gases and converts the carbon to fuels and chemicals 3

4 190 billion gal/yr 1.3 billion tons/yr potential in US 30 billion gal/yr Potential for Significant Impact Steel Industry Ethanol Potential From LanzaTech Process 1.4 billion tons steel/yr Globally Biomass Access to opportunity and on purpose derived gas streams Potential to make significant impact on the fuel pool No impact on food production 4

5 –15,000 gallons ethanol per year –BlueScope steel mill, NZ –Operating since 2008 –100,000 gallons ethanol per year –Baosteel –March 27: Ground breaking –> 50 million gallons per year –Baosteel 2008 4Q2011 1Q2013 PilotDemonstration Commercial Commercial Production by 2013 A Fast Path to Commercialization 5

6 Energy Efficient Carbon Capture  LanzaTech process produces valuable products with a higher energy efficiency than a power plant  LanzaTech captures 30% of the carbon from BOF (Basic Oxygen Furnace) gas as valuable hydrocarbons *Reference: DOE/NETL-2007/1281 “Cost and Performance Baseline for Fossil Energy Plants” 30% of Carbon in BOF gas is Captured as Ethanol Redefining Carbon Capture 6

7 C 4 BDO n-Butanol i-Butanol Succinic acid LanzaTech Gas to Liquid Platform H2H2 H2H2 CO H2H2 H2H2 CO 2 Industrial Syngas: Biomass, Coal, Methane COG, Chemical Power Native Synthetic Engineering Control Chemistry Customized Catalysts C 2 Ethanol Acetic acid C 3 i-propanol acetone C 5 Isoprene Other PHB ……. Resources Product Suite Thermochemical Approaches Olefins Chemicals Chemical Intermediates Hydrocarbon Fuels (diesel, jet, gasoline) 7

8 Integrated Hydrocarbon Fuels Process 8 Alcohol Mixture Gas ReceptionFermentation Recovery Chemical Synthesis RectificationDiesel Jet Gasoline * Gas Feed Stream Gas Feed Stream CO from Industrial Waste Gases Syngas from Biomass, MSW, Reformed Natural Gas or Other Sources Novel Route to Drop in Hydrocarbon Fuels Key Enabler: Price and Availability of Alcohol 15% 35% 50%

9 LT–SB SPK Sample Properties 9 Key Properties Confirmed Property ASTM Test Method ASTM D7566 LT-SB Sample Total Aromatics, volume %D1319< 250.6 Freeze point, °CD5972< -40< -77 Flash point, °CD93> 3854 Density at 15°C, kg/LD40520.751 - 0.7700.762 Heat of combustion, MJ/kgD4809> 42.843.5 Hydrocarbon Type Analysis Aromatics, volume %D6379< 0.5< 0.2 Aromatics, mass %D2425< 0.5< 0.3 Cycloparaffins, mass %D2425< 158 ParaffinsD2425report91 API Gravity at 60 o FD129852 - 5754.2 Olefins, % volumeD1319report1.0

10 RSB Criterion 3c - Lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of a biofuel blend, calculated by using the RSB lifecycle methodology, shall be on average 50% lower than the applicable fossil fuel baseline. LanzaTech Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF ) Gas Process ~ 60% reduction –Based on LCA analyses performed by Michigan Technological University and Tsinghua University relative to petroleum gasoline 10 Greenhouse Gas Emissions  LanzaTech Case 1: Steam Generated for Ethanol Recovery  LanzaTech Case 2: Waste Heat from Steel Mill used for Ethanol Recovery GHG footprint is <50% of the footprint of producing petroleum fuels Corn Conventional Gasoline LanzaTech (Case 2) Cassava LanzaTech (Case 1) Sweet Sorghum 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 gCO 2, e/MJ LanzaTech Waste Biomass Syngas Process - In progress –Based on a custom pathway in the GREET model, initial results have shown >80% GHG reduction relative to petroleum gasoline Life Cycle GHG Emission 131 104 69 145 62 41

11 11 FRLDescriptionToll GateSB 9 Production Capacity Established Full Scale Plant Operational TBD 8 Commercialization Validated Business model validated and GHG assessment accepted In Progress 7 Fuel Approval Fuel Class/Type listed in manuals In Progress 6 Full-Scale Technical Evaluation Fuel properties, Rig and engine testing In Progres 5 Process Validation Scaling from Laboratory to Pilot Plant 4 Preliminary Technical Evaluation Specification Properties Evaluated 3 Proof of Concept Basic Fuel Properties validated 2 Technology Concept Formulated Complete feedstock process identified 1 Basic Principles Observed and Reported Process feedstock principles identified FRL 6 Fuel Readiness Level: Swedish Biofuels Alcohols and Process

12 A Hybrid Catalytic Route to Fuels from Biomass Syngas Project Objective: develop a cost-effective hybrid conversion technology for catalytic upgrading of biomass-derived syngas to jet fuel and chemicals to meet the price, quality and environmental requirements of the aviation industry System Integration, Optimization and Analysis Integration Gasification & Syngas Conditioning Fermentation & Alcohol Recovery Catalysis Gasoline Jet Fuel Diesel Butadiene MEK EtOH 2,3BD Wood Stover Switchgrass Improve Economics and Process Sustainability

13 Rapid Deployment Refining Steel Chemicals Coal Biomass Minimal competition for industrial waste gases - only alternatives are cogen or heating Multiple plants per partner Potential >350 M gal/yr from existing agreements/MoUs

14 Global Recognition 14 Triple Win for LanzaTech Ranked 38 in Top 100 people in Bioenergy Ranked 31 in Top 50 Companies in Bioenergy Technology of the Year Award Ranked among the top 100 private companies in Asia. Ranked among the top 100 private companies globally. The Global Cleantech 100 highlights the most promising private clean technology companies around the world. The global Red Herring Top 100, which recognises LanzaTech as one of the 100 most innovative new technology companies. Double Win for LanzaTech 2011 NZBIO Company of the Year Cofounder and chief scientist Dr. Sean Simpson won the NZBIO 2011 Young Biotechnologist of the Year Award TiE50 for energy and cleantech The top 50 represent the best in entrepreneurship – “risk-taking yet pragmatic, visionary but market aware”… Dr. Sean Simpson was named NZ Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Technology and Emerging Business Category Finalist ICIS Innovations Award, Best Innovation by a SME 2011 Frost & Sullivan Global Green Excellence Award for Technology Innovation in Green Chemistry Ranked 27 in Hot 30 Renewable Chemicals Companies

15 A Sensible Path… Waste for Energy Industrial Growth Energy Security Energy Efficiency Aligns: Land To Produce Food For People Allows: 15

16 Summary To meet growing energy demand & stabilize atmospheric CO 2 levels - need to diversify fuel pool and introduce >30% drop in zero carbon fuels The LanzaTech process can capture non-food, waste carbon to produce low cost alcohols Alcohols produced via the LanzaTech process are an excellent substrate for conversion to drop-in hydrocarbon fuels Commercial alcohol production rates on raw industrial waste gases has been demonstrated at scale Compelling volumes of waste gases world wide have potential to make significant impact on the fuel pool Collaborating with leading conversion partners, industry agencies, and certification bodies to develop sustainable, low cost, integrated hydrocarbon fuels processes from non-food sources 16

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