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Alternative energy sources Look at the world in a different way 1.

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1 Alternative energy sources Look at the world in a different way 1

2 55% of it is obtained in the thermo-power stations 32% - in the nuclear power station 50% of the energy is used in industry and transport 30% - in everyday necessities 13% - in various public services 7% - others The total installed production power of electricity in Bulgaria is about 11,650 megawatts. 2

3 The largest amounts of carbon dioxide in Bulgaria – 95% - are emitted by the thermo-power stations. Carbon dioxide is the basic greenhouse gas. At present the greenhouse gas level is 50% below its level in the year under survey. 3

4 co2 Calculator Carbon Dioxide, emitted as a result of most human activities,causes the Global warming and climate changes which we’ve already witnessed.The good news is that it is possible to neutralize the emissions... Electricity consumption in kWh ( the electricity bill )* Natural gas consumption in m3 (the gas bill )* Naphta consumption in litres ( the naphta bill )* Thermoenergy consumption in MWh ( the heating bill )* Afforestation is a widely spread way of purifying the atmosphere out of harmful gases.It is due to the property of the trees to absorb Carbon Dioxide 4

5 CO2 Calculator of Bulgaria An average household Electricity consumption in kWh (the electricity bill): 400 CO2 emitted from electricity production: 220 kg Natural gas consumption in m3 (the gas bill) : 100 CO2 emitted from gas production: 227 kg Naphta consumption in litres (the naphta bill): CO2 emitted from naphta production: 0 kg Thermoenergy consumption in MWh (the heating bill): 50 CO2 emitted for the heating production: 17814 kg Total CO2 emitted: 18 261.00 кg Number of trees needed to be planted in order to neutralize CO2 of the used energy: 15 trees 5

6 CO2 calculator of our school Electricity consumption in kWh (the electricity bill) : 59441.18 CO2 emissions for electricity : 32692.649 kg Natural gas consumption in m3 (the gas bill) : 70431,25 CO2 emissions for natural gas : 159878.37 kg Naphta consumption in litres (the naphta bill) : CO2 emissions for naphta : 0 kg Thermo-energy consumption in MWh (the heating bill) : 0 kg CO2 emissions in total : 192 571.02 кg Number of trees needed to be planted to neutralize CO2 emitted from the consumed energy : 160 trees 6

7 CO2 calculator of plane flights Departure city : Bucharest, Romania Arrival city : Frankfurt, Germany Kind of flight : to and back  Distance between the two cities:1 452.40 km  Length of flight (without taking-off and landing) : 1 050.06 km  Fuel per flight : 10 605.63 kg  Fuel per passenger : 62.32 kg  CO2 emissions per passenger : 1 162.33 kg  Number of trees needed to be planted to neutralize the CO2 emissions of the flight : 1 tree 7

8 Types of energy Solar Energy Geothermal Hydro Energy of hydrogen Wind Biomass 8

9 Solar Energy Using the sun for energy purposes is known from ancient times. It is the largest fully renewable resource production electric power not only on Earth, but all planets and satellites in the solar system. Alien space ships and stations sent from Earth, using a primary energy source solar energy. 9

10 Large red square encloses the area needed for solar - thermal technology to meet energy needs worldwide, the average square of Europe, is the - the small German 10

11 Conversion of light into electricity 11

12 Solar battery, which produces electricity and night time 12

13 Whortleberry solar panels - replace silicon pigments from blueberry 13

14 Inflatable solar panels - 25 - effective 14

15 15

16 16

17 Solar Island 17

18 Solar batteries as normal windows 18

19 Solar panels as part of the building 19

20 20

21 Laptop with portable solar charging 21

22 Solar sail PC 22

23 Solar panels to charge computer 23

24 Fotovoltichen bonsay 24

25 Solar charger for the road 25

26 Beach umbrella with solar panel 26

27 Portable collector 27

28 Solar bike 28

29 Vertical turbine with solar panels 29

30 30

31 Photo solar cells 31

32 32

33 Geothermal Geothermal energy is heat from the Earth. It is clean and permanent. Geothermal resources stretch of shallow water and up the hot rocks, located a few miles below the earth's surface. Some geothermal power plants use steam from the tank to supply turbine / generator, while others use the hot water for heating the liquid, which operate it evaporates and drives the turbine. 33

34 34

35 35

36 Hydro power Running water creates energy that can be caught and turned into electricity. This is called hydropower the most common uses hydropower station dam built on the river to store water in the tank. Water released from the reservoir flows through the turbine which is rotated, which in turn activates a generator that produces electricity. But hydropower does not always need reservoir. Some large hydropower stations using just a small canal to channel water from rivers in the turbines. 36

37 40 ton buoy produces energy 37

38 Energy from the tides - underwater power 38

39 39

40 Paint generating solar energy 40

41 Solar chimney for energy and food 41

42 42

43 Mini nuclear reactor for home 43

44 Car driven by water 44

45 Hydrogen Hydrogen is the simplest chemical element, atomic it consists only of one proton and one electron. Also in the universe it is the element abundance. Despite its simplicity and widespread, hydrogen does not occur naturally as a gas on Earth - it is always associated with other elements. In water and many organic compounds, particularly hydrocarbons, which are a major component of our fuel. Such as gasoline, natural gas, methanol, propane. Hydrogen is rich in energy and in addition, an engine that burns pure hydrogen hardly pollutes the environment. NASA from 70th years using liquid hydrogen for the removal of the shuttles and other rockets into orbit. The cameras of hydrogen fuel powered electrical systems of the shuttle, which is given pure organic product - clean water to drink from the crew. 45

46 Car powered by hydrogen 46

47 47

48 Wind energy Wind energy is contained in the power of wind. It can be converted into mechanical energy to perform work such as pumping water, grinding grain and processing of wood material. Through connect rotating rotor with electric generator, modern wind turbines convert wind energy into electricity. 48

49 Water sled steered by kite 49

50 Energy from highway 50

51 Wind turbines 51

52 Electricity by rotating door 52

53 Flying wind turbines 53

54 54

55 Mini charger Wind 55

56 Micro wind turbines 56

57 Electricity from the gym 57

58 Electricity from the disco 58

59 Wind turbines at sea 59

60 60

61 61

62 Material converted into radiation energy 62

63 Electricity from soil 63

64 Bio diesel from algae 64

65 Washing machine without water - negative ions, compressed air deodorizer 65

66 Laundry stool 66

67 67

68 68

69 In the Netherlands, motor fuel from straw 69

70 Energy from asphalt 70

71 Bricks from waste 71

72 72

73 73

74 74

75 75

76 76

77 77

78 78

79 79

80 80

81 81

82 82

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