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GENERAL ACOUSTICS © GENERAL ACOUSTICS GmbH, Germany Phone: 0049 431 5 80 81 80 DSLP ® - Service Approved.

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1 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © GENERAL ACOUSTICS GmbH, Germany Phone: 0049 431 5 80 81 80 DSLP ® - Service Approved Innovation for Highly Precise Detection of Sediment Layers, Embedded Objects and Sediment Transport Processes

2 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © DSLP ® Services and tailor made solutions

3 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © DSLP ® - Service with 12 x 3,7 KHz transducer Subsoil Exloration Baltic Sea, penetration 90 meters

4 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © DSLP-Services: tailor made solutions Technology highly accurate detection of water depths, sediment layers, subsoils and objects on the basis of sound Innovation/ Unique selling proposition high sensitive detection of layers and targets via detection of inner structure changes without the need of impedance/density strong gradients acoustical classification and tracking of layers high detection probability of embedded objects Applications hydrographic surveying and subsoil exploration at rivers, lakes, harbours, reservoirs, offshore exploration of resources (e. g. sand) offshore subsoil exploration, pipeline/cable tracking, object finding tailor made solutions References Expert reports confirm lastingly the technical superiority 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 won comparison test against 5 competitors (2004) References: E.ON Energy Group, Hamburg Port Authority, Ruhrverband-River Basin Management (GER), MODs

5 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © DSLP ® Services – Applications Subsoil Investigation : Sediment Transport : Object Detection: Hydrographic Surveying : - Survey of sediment layers and soils (geological units) - Allocation of subsoil parameters - Generation of a geological model - Determination of erosion/sedimentation areas - Near bottom survey of erosion and sedimentation processes - Highly precise bathymety - Detection of surface sediments - Detection of scour (local change of depth) - Detection of even embedded objects (foundlings, rockfields, pipelines, cables, bombs, etc.) - cable and pipeline tracking and thickness of overlying sediment

6 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © DSLP ® Services by its Specifications: Penetration in Sediment: Up to 100 m (depending on water depth and material) Frequencies: 3,5 kHz – 200 kHz (typical 3°; side lope dumping 40 dB) Resolution: < 1 mm Ping rate: up to 10 Hz Accuracy: < 3 cm (independent from environment‘s conditions) Gain: TGV / AutoGain Inputs: DGPS (RTK), PPS, HRP, Soundvelocity probes Outputs: digital multi purpose data as input for all common GIS, coordinate trafo for local systems Water Depth: 1,5 m – 500 m (deeper on request) Power: up to 5 KW

7 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © 3D-Section of an Sub-Soil-Exploration

8 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © Depth m MSN Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 5 Layer 6 Object Detection, Baltic Sea X X X X X X X X X X X Objects X< 0.5m X < 1m X > 1m X > 2m Core B2 (12/04)

9 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © DSLP ® Services: Geological Survey Example: River Havel, Germany

10 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © Cross Section, Basin Heimbach Checked by Technical University Aachen (RWTH), Germany Survey example displays the very high accuracy and the reproducibility of DSLP ® layer profiling 20 cm Fluid-Solid Interface 5 m Susp 1: Suspension 1: dry density = 0,00 kg/l Susp 2: Suspension 2: dry density = 0,15 – 0,25 kg/l Solid 1: Sediment 1: dry density = 0,25 – 0,5 kg/l Solid 2: Sediment 2: dry density = 0,5 – 1,1 kg/l Solid 3: Sediment 3: dry density >1,1 kg/l Solid 4: Basement Allocation of dry densityCore sample

11 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © Profil line Bathymetry Profile line DSLP Services:

12 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © Layer Model at the Waltershofer Hafen

13 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © Overview of the 4th Sediment Layer Scrap loading Former Dock Area Centre profile The Port of Hamburg Example shows the thickness distribution of a special sediment type 1 - 6 m below recent bottom

14 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © Transect of Roßhafen: Port of Hamburg Dumped sediment in former dock area

15 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © Former Dock Area, Hachmannkai: Hamburg Former dock area 4 - 6 m below recent bottom

16 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © Object Detection, Port of Hamburg Detection of embedded objects (position, depth, dimension)

17 GENERAL ACOUSTICS © Chosen References LOG_aDSLP® Port Authority of Hamburg (GER), Rotterdam (NL), Wilhelmshaven (GER) and Emden (GER) Federal Authority of Waterway Maintenance in Hamburg (GER), Brunsbüttel (GER), Stralsund (GER), Emden (GER) and Berlin (GER) University of Kiel (GER), Hannover (GER), Aachen (GER), Stuttgart (GER) Germanic Lloyd, Offshore and Industrial Services, Hamburg (GER) Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management, Hamburg (GER) Federal Waterway Engineering and Research Institute, Koblenz (GER) The Ruhrverband - River Basin Management, Essen (GER) Environment Protection Agency Hamburg (GER) E.ON Energy Group Düsseldorf/Munich, (GER) Rijkswaterstaat: Ministry of Transport + Watermanagement, (NL)

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