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2 General Acoustics GmbH - overview
Located in Kiel, Germany GA is more than 10 years in the market with representatives in countries world-wide GA is specialist in acoustics, hydro-acoustics and geophysics GA has developed and sells measurement systems for the hydrographic and geophysical market, as well as detection-related and profiling systems based on highly innovative proprietary know how (e.g. DSLP® technology) Manufacturer of a range of products: Water level and wave measuring systems Special Echosounder and Sub-Bottom Profiling systems ADCP/ADP hydro-dynamic software package for flow chart generation Tailor made solutions

3 Lab Measurement Engineering
Remote Sensing of Water Levels, Waves and Distances for Lab Applikations Hydraulic Laboratories Ship Model Basins Simulation Facilities of Physical Models

4 Lab Measurement Engineering
Laboratories, Science- and Development Centres: Hydraulic Laboratories, Ship Model Basins, Towing Tanks, Simulation Facilities of Channels and Waterways, Universities, Navy-Institutes User HSVA (D), SVA Potsdam (D), MARIN (NL), French Navy (F), etc. References accuracy of distance measuring resolution measuring of wave contours up to breaking waves fast measurement free of calibration Innovation/ Unique selling proposition a) remote sensing of waves and water levels on the basis of ultrasound via air (products ULS, ULS Advanced) b) distance measurement on the basis of ultrasound via water (product UWS) Technology Lab Measurement Engineering

5 UltraLab® ULS Highly accurate remote sensing of water level and waves for..... hydraulic labs ship model basins flumes towing tanks

6 UltraLab® ULS Advanced
Highly accurate remote sensing of steep and very fast moving waves with a relative velocity up to 15 m/s hydraulic labs ship model basins flumes towing tanks

7 UltraLab® UWS Mini echo sounder to measure underwater distances and levels for: Underwater bottom contour Underwater object distances Level sensing through container walls Hydraulic models Sediment transport

8 Water Level Gauge and Wave Measurement
Autonomous remote sensing of water levels and waves based on revolutionary ultrasound technology. Harbours Rivers Coasts Reservoirs

9 Water Level Gauge and Wave Measurement
level measurement of rivers, oceans, coastlines, reservoirs and containers wave measurement (high sampling) up to breaking waves, measurement of dynamic surfaces Applications Winner of comparison tests: Hamburg Port Authority, Germany; 2004 Rijkswaterstaat/Delft Hydraulics, NL; 2005 - Test against 15 competitors and technologies (best accuracy and robustness, maintenance-free, best cost-performance ratio etc.) -Publicised in Hydro International Magazine References and Tests guaranteed accuracy, free of calibration, mobility, compactness, robustness, weathering resistance, maintenance-free Innovation/ Unique selling proposition Remote sensing of water levels and waves via innovative ultrasound technology Bi-directional communication (data transfer and remote control) Integration of additional hydrological and metrological sensors Technology Water Level Gauge and Wave Measurement

10 Detection of Sediment Layers and Properties:
DSLP® Technology Detection of Sediment Layers and Properties: Approved technology for highly accurate detection of sediment layers, embedded objects and monitoring of sediment transport processes

11 DSLP-Technology: Sediment and Soil Detection
hydrographic surveying and subsoil exploration at rivers, lakes, harbours, reservoirs, offshore (products, services) exploration of resources (e. g. sand) (products, services) offshore subsoil exploration, pipeline/cable tracking, object finding (services) tailor made solutions Applications Expert reports confirm lastingly the technical superiority 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 won comparison test against 5 competitors (2004) References: E.ON Energy Group, Hamburg Port Authority, Ruhrverband-River Basin Management (GER), MOD, etc. References precise bathymetry due to proof of fluid/solid interface high sensitive detection of layers and targets via detection of inner structure changes without the need of impedance/density strong gradients acoustical classification and tracking of layers high detection probability of embedded objects Innovation/ Unique selling proposition highly accurate detection of water depths, sediment layers, subsoils and objects on the basis of sound/ultrasound DSLP-Services, tailor made solutions Products: LOG_aDSLP, SUBPRO 1210 Subbottom-Profiler Technology DSLP-Technology: Sediment and Soil Detection

12 LOG_aDSLP® Product Real-Time results, free of calibration and
Approved technology for highly accurate detection of the fluid/solid interface, sediment layers and of sediment transport processes Real-Time results, free of calibration and result interpretation 1,2 g/cm3

13 SUBPRO 1210 Sub-Bottom Profiler
Highly precise sub-bottom profiling with real-time results • Frequency: 12 kHz Outstanding technical resolution of 1 mm Typical Penetration 10 meters in sand • Shallow water surveying starting at 1.5 meters

14 DSLP® Services and tailor made solutions

15 The easy way to get high quality flow charts from ADCP/ADP surveys
LOG_aFlow® also for tidal effected areas

16 Flow Measurement Technology Innovation/ Unique selling proposition
harbour authorities, waterway authorities, reservoir managements, institutes, universities, etc. User flow charts for chosen times over the complete measuring area hydrographical investigations High accurate discharge calculations of defined cross sections Applications standard for the evaluation of flow charts and discharge calculations in: Hamburg Port Authority (D), Port Authority Rotterdam (NL), Ruhrwasserverband (D), etc. References highly accurate evaluation of flow charts via hydrodynamic interpolation in space and time on the basis of few ADCP data visualisation of dynamic flow situations very less effort for flow chart generation – enables also new applications Innovation/ Unique selling proposition spatial and temporal evaluation of currents on the basis of ADCP data Technology Flow Measurement

17 Selected References E.ON Engeneering (GER)
Rijkswaterstaat: Ministry of Transport + Watermanagement (NL) French Navy (FRA), German Navy (GER) US Army Corps of Engineers (USA) DASCO Equipment Inc. (CND) NTNU: Marine Technology (NOR) German Federal Agency for Hydraulic Engineering (GER) Flinders Ports (AUS), Port Authorities of Le Havre (F), Chennai (IND), Hamburg (GER), Rotterdam (NL), Wilhelmshaven (GER), Emden (GER), Seoul (KOR) Federal Authority of Waterway Maintenance in Hamburg (GER), Stralsund (GER), Emden (GER) and Berlin (GER) University of Kiel (GER), Hannover (GER), Aachen (GER), Stuttgart (GER), Munich (GER), Trento (ITA), Bari (ITA) University of Applied Sciences Eckernförde and Suderburg (GER) Germanischer Lloyd, Offshore and Industrial Services, Hamburg (GER) Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management, Hamburg (GER) Federal Waterway Engineering and Research Institute, Koblenz (GER) The Ruhrverband - River Basin Management, Essen (GER) Ship Model Basins: MARIN (NL), Vienna, (A), Hamburg (GER), Potsdam (GER), Duisburg (GER) Environment Protection Agency Hamburg (GER) Dubna International Centre of Research and Technology Development (Technopole) (RUS)


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