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SiteSell Education 1 Building A Successful Business Using The Internet Session 10 – Welcome Back!

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1 SiteSell Education 1 Building A Successful Business Using The Internet Session 10 – Welcome Back!

2 Goals of Session 10 ●Submit your XML sitemap to the Search Engines. ●Review “readiness” criteria for monetisation. ●Revisit Day 4 – planning monetisation. ●Be forward-looking and keep on moving. ●Meet Day 10 Learning Objectives:  What to understand  What to accomplish SiteSell Education 2

3 The XML Sitemap Is… ●A file (like WjlQ5fpv.xml) unique to your site. ●Created automatically by the SBI! system. ●Lists all your site pages with certain information. ●Done in a Search-Engine-friendly format. ●Submitted manually by you to SEs the first time. ●Resubmitted automatically afterwards. ●Done ASAP after home and blog pages. ●Implemented following the step-by-step help in Search Engine HQ. SiteSell Education 3

4 Submitting Your XML Sitemap SiteSell Education 4

5 Importance Of XML Sitemap ●Search Engines use it to learn about your site. ●Helps engines to index your site faster. ●Tells engines each time you add/change a page. ●Engine spiders visit more often. ●Your site is likely to get more traffic faster, ●It’s totally automated after that one-time manual submission. SiteSell Education 5

6 Class Exercise ●Submit your own XML sitemap to:  Google  Yahoo!  MSN Live  Ask ●Continue to build T2 and T3 KFCPs. SiteSell Education 6

7 7 9 Minute Break Enjoy for one last time the wonderful treats of the MBTC

8 SiteSell Education 8 Look How Far You Have Come $ Session 9 Build other Traffic for Income Session 8 How to Build Solid Relationships Session 7 Building Traffic for Profitability Session 6 Your look and feel Strategies Session 5 How to Build a Site that Gets the Click Session 4 Strategies to Investigating the best Monetization Options Session 3 Using Brainstorm It for Profitable Topics Session 2 How to Develop the Best Site Concept Session 1 Mastering the Business Basics

9 Celebrate Your Achievements Your Business name SiteSell Education 9

10 10 #1 Mistake – Starting At The M

11 SiteSell Education 11 Do M Last And Diversify

12 SiteSell Education 12 When To Monetise? ●Have at least 30 pages. ●Have at least 20 visitors/day. ●Have two major in-pointing (inbound) links. ●Have two minor in-pointing (inbound) links.

13 SiteSell Education 13 How To Monetise ●Monetise your entire site. ●Monetise individual pages. ●Monetise with a customer-first focus. ●Monetise one income stream at a time.

14 SiteSell Education 14 monetise Your Entire Site ●Use your expertise to build sites for others. ●Get paid for leads to non-competing sites. ●Joint venture with partners to market/sell their products/services for a percentage.

15 SiteSell Education 15 Monetise Individual Pages ●Use the Google Traffic (and CPC) Estimator to verify the AdSense potential of certain keywords and to find new highly monetizable keywords. ●Research Site Info on your MKL (keep notes). ●Use Search It! on MKL to find page ideas. ●Record ideas in Content and monetise notepads. ●Review relevant articles in monetisation HQ.Review relevant articles in monetisation HQ ●

16 SiteSell Education 16 Successful monetisation Tips ●Investigate and implement monetisation options carefully. ●Tailor choice to your site’s theme, your personal time and your business priorities. ●Think about your Site Concept growth. ●Aim for diversification, a key factor for stability. ●Use your PREsold traffic. ●Try to monetise every visitor.

17 SiteSell Education 17 The 30-Page Milestone ●Before 30 pages you neither need (nor will you be able to use) Monetize It!. ●After 30 pages, Monetize It! is available to you. ●Monetize It! points out missed content-building opportunities and shows you how to sell advertising and/or how to build Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

18 Where To Find Monetize It! SiteSell Education 18

19 SiteSell Education 19 Brainstorm It! Vs Monetize It! ●Brainstorm It! builds and helps you manage your MKL. You use Brainstormer to add new words in the MKL that you can then analyze. ●Monetize It! uses information already in the MKL. It does not alter what is there. It pulls data from your MKL and other sources to give you monetisation-relevant suggestions.

20 SiteSell Education 20 Two New Brainstormers ●The Ultimate Inside Lateralizer - It looks "inside" your site and traffic stats and brings back all keywords that have "found" your site. ●The Ultimate Verticalizer - It uses the "collective wisdom" of the Web and SBI!. Every keyword in the world containing your Site Concept Keyword is discovered and returned.

21 SiteSell Education 21 What Does Monetize It! Do? ●Helps you build more content and uncover valuable (”High-Keyworth") keywords to create more content, as well as how/where to get more out of your existing content. ●Helps you sell advertising by showing you where to place ads. It even shows whether a Google or Yahoo! ad is better for each high-profit Keyword-Focused Content Page.

22 SiteSell Education 22 Monetize It! And PPC Buying ●Monetize It!'s Pay-Per-Click-Buying module finds cheap, targeted keywords for PPC campaigns at Google AdWords and/or Yahoo! Search Marketing. ●PPC ads drive more targeted traffic to your high-ROI (Return on Investment) goods and services.

23 SiteSell Education 23 What’s The Secret To Success? ●There is no secret or shortcut. A real business, one with enduring, growing value, requires hard work and dedication. ●By following the Action Guide (video or written), you can put 100% of your time into building your business.

24 SiteSell Education 24 Hard Work Pays Off Big Time ●Even if you have time for only one hour per week, you will succeed. It will just take longer. That's all. "Hard work" is about consistency and just doing it. ●Determination works. Commit now to succeed. Decide now to accept nothing less. Keep moving forward even if it's just a small step per week. ●Bring your BAM and you will succeed!

25 SiteSell Education 25 The #1 E-Commerce Reality ●Nothing happens by accident in the world of computers, the Net, and customer response. ●There is always a reason for what happens, good or bad, and that reason is… YOU

26 Class Exercise ●Complete undone things. ●Build more T2 and T3 pages. SiteSell Education 26

27 SiteSell Education 27 Questions??? ●Master Keyword List ●Site Content Blueprint ●VPP - Valuable PREselling Proposition ●Selecting/Changing Look & Feel ●Building/Editing Home Page ●Building Tier 2/3 Pages ●Libraries - Link, Graphic, Form Build It! ●Blog Page, Autoresponder, E-zine

28 SiteSell Education 28 Congratulations Alumni!!! ●Keep in touch with us for great resources. ●Be sure to check your e-mail for important announcements. ●Watch for follow-up courses.

29 Your Business-Building Homework Follow the Guide. Nourish your BAM. Make CTPM your mantra. Continue building KFCPs. Participate in the SBI! Forums. Enjoy much success and let us know! Any Questions? E-mail Me. SiteSell Education 29

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