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for Computing Research Projects

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1 for Computing Research Projects
Project Management for Computing Research Projects

2 Consider the following:
Surely Project Management is a matter of common sense and a bit of organisation? “A project is like a well behaved child who misbehaves as soon as your back is turned”

3 Aim of a project The aim of the business is met
The aim of the Specification is understood And more importantly that the Project is planned, thought out and properly controlled to give it every chance of success. Many projects that fail are due to lack of either no methodology or poor Project Management skills.

4 Software Development Life Cycle
Initiation Feasibility Analysis/Research Design Implementation (Code/test) Maintenance Review/Evaluation Within this you have Planning and Tools and Techniques

5 Project Management Cycle:
Initiation Planning Executing Monitoring and Controlling Closing The five basic process groups

6 SDLC and PMLC go hand in hand:
To ensure that the project has been properly: Planned (timeline, resources, contingencies) Monitored/Controlled (Resources, Cost, Time and Quality; including that the product is correct and it is the right product). This phase avoids slippage and ensures that contingencies are followed if needed

7 Balancing Act: The right product is delivered on time and on budget to meet the requirements. Quality If you have no cost, then it is the resources available to you. People, hardware, software etc Time Cost/Resources

8 Tools and Techniques Scheduling tools such as Gantt Chart

9 What do I need for COMP2100/3100? Clear and concise discussion of project management approaches appropriate to the task. An initial schedule of sorts  End of project schedule What approach you took and why How did you use it (Phases and problems/solutions)

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