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Setting Up The Designated National Authority (DNA) in the Philippines.

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1 Setting Up The Designated National Authority (DNA) in the Philippines

2 CD4CDM-Philippines Contents Scope and Objectives Proposal for Setting up the Philippine DNA Addressing Capacity Building Needs of the Philippine DNA Activities to Strengthen the Philippine DNA.

3 CD4CDM-Philippines The Project shall cover 2 specific areas, namely: A1.Establishment of the CDM National Authority the National Authority shall endorse to the CDM Executive Board the proposed CDM projects that support national sustainable development goals A2.Development of the Operational Framework of the National Authority includes definition of the legal and administrative requirements and prescribed systems and procedures for securing the NA approval of CDM projects, among others. Scope of the Project

4 CD4CDM-Philippines  To secure the official designation of a national government entity as the National Authority for CDM  To formulate the CDM Operational Framework Objectives.

5 CD4CDM-Philippines Project Implementation A1 Establishment of the National Authority Objective: To secure the official designation of an appropriate governmental entity as the National Authority for CDM in the Philippines Output: A legal Issuance Designating the National Authority for the CDM process in the Philippines

6 CD4CDM-Philippines Proposed Institution for DNA The INTER-AGENCY COMMITTEE ON CLIMATE CHANGE (IACCC) is the proposed institution that will take on the functions of the DNA of the Philippines..

7 CD4CDM-Philippines Member (DPWH) Member (DFA) Member (DOE) Member (NEDA) Member (PAGASA) Member (NAMRIA) Member (DOTC) Member (FMB) Member (Phil. Senate) Member (PNCC) Chairman (DENR) Secretariat (EMB-DENR) Co-Chair (DOST) IACCC Organizational Structure

8 CD4CDM-Philippines IACCC Composition DENR (Chair) - Department of Environment and Natural Resources DOST (Co-Chair) – Department of Science and Technology EMB-DENR (Secretariat) - Environmental Management Bureau (of the DENR)

9 CD4CDM-Philippines IACCC Composition DFA (Member) – Department of Foreign Affairs DOE (Member) – Department of Energy NEDA (Member) – National Economic and Development Authority PAGASA (Member) – Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration FMB (Member) – Forest Management Bureau (of the DENR) FOREST MANAGEMENT BUREAU (FMB )

10 CD4CDM-Philippines IACCC Composition Phil Senate (Member) – Senate of the Republic of the Philippines PNCC (Member) – Official NGO Representative – Philippine Network on Climate Change NAMRIA (Member) - National Mapping and Resource Information Authority DOTC (Member) – Department of Transportation and Communications DPWH (Member) – Department of Public Works and Highways

11 CD4CDM-Philippines IACCC Expansion Proposal IACCC expansion to include representatives from the Private Sector.


13 CD4CDM-Philippines Activity A1.1 Consultations with stakeholders, the IACCC, and legal experts in the designation of the CDM NA 3 options: -a legal opinion from the Office of the President on the extent of coverage of the existing mandate of the contemplated entity - revision of the Administrative Order on the existing legal issuance to cover the additional functions as NA -issuance of the President of a Memorandum Order for this additional task Activities

14 CD4CDM-Philippines Activity A1.2 Work through formal mechanisms and concerned institutions to issue the legal document during the initial phase of the project Activity A1.3 Draw the appropriate and necessary organizational structure and its institutionalization Activities

15 CD4CDM-Philippines Project Implementation A2 Development of the National CDM Operational Framework Objective: To enable the optimum and efficient functioning of the NA through the provision of a clear National CDM Operational Framework Output: National Authority’s Management System

16 CD4CDM-Philippines Activity A2.1 Review past and available literature on the existing policies and identify gaps and constraints, and provide recommendations to address these gaps to facilitate entry and implementation of CDM projects Activity A2.2 Craft new/supplementary policies and legal issuances to address the identified gaps and constraints Project Implementation

17 CD4CDM-Philippines Activity A2.3 Adopt national sustainable development criteria and indicators for use in the CDM assessment process. Activity A2.4 Develop Systems and Procedures, with clear accountabilities and timeframes within the NA system –A business “process map” Activity A2.5 Develop protocols and supplementary tools to implement the systems and procedures Project Implementation

18 CD4CDM-Philippines Activity A2.6 Develop the documentary requirements of the NA to enable it to assess the CDM proposal and to issue the necessary endorsement and approval to the CDM Executive Board Activity A2.7 Pilot test the designated management system Activity A2.8 Prepare and issue the necessary legal and administrative issuances to operationalize the management system Project Implementation

19 CD4CDM-Philippines Proposed National Approval Process (Phase 1) 2 weeks 3 weeks

20 CD4CDM-Philippines Proposed National Approval Process (Phase 2)

21 CD4CDM-Philippines Risks Delay in the creation of the National Authority due to the forthcoming 2004 national elections. -however, all other activities related to the development of the Operational Framework can proceed even while the NA designation is being worked out. -an Administrative Order has already been drafted and is presently under review by the DENR Legal Affairs Office.

22 CD4CDM-Philippines Need to build consensus among government, NGOs, private sector on CDM priorities for the Philippines Capacity Building Needs. Need to develop technical skills which are required and appropriate to: –Mid-level government staff who will constitute the technical evaluation committees –IACCC members who will make their recommendations regarding the proposed CDM projects –Senior policy makers of the DENR who will approve the projects

23 CD4CDM-Philippines Through Training Workshops on : GHG Emissions Reductions CalculationsGHG Emissions Reductions Calculations Small Scale CDM ProjectsSmall Scale CDM Projects Project Design DocumentProject Design Document Baselines and Monitoring PlansBaselines and Monitoring Plans Sustainable Development IndicatorsSustainable Development Indicators Financial Mechanisms for CDMFinancial Mechanisms for CDM Capacity Building Needs.

24 CD4CDM-Philippines Institutional Strengthening of DNA

25 Maraming Salamat! Roberto C. Yap, Ph.D. Environmental Economist Climate Change Center Manila Observatory Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Heights, Quezon City Philippines Tel +63 2 426-6144 Fax +63 2 426-6070

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