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GCSE Mathematics. “Must do something different”

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1 GCSE Mathematics


3 “Must do something different”


5 Centre ID is … manshead Unique student username Unique student password


7 After EVERY assessment, students are either…. OR Disappointed Happy with their results

8 Happy with your results However …. 1.Don’t be complacent 2.Two papers (need to do well on both) 3.Different skills are tested on calculator paper and non calculator paper 4.HUGE Competition outside of the classroom – for jobs/apprenticeships, etc 5.Be as aspirational as possible

9 DO NOT WORRY Disappointed with your results Take action NOW…. 1.Use Target sheet (from your teacher) 2.Use Mathswatch online regularly from now on. 3.Some classes are ‘raising their game’ (studying the higher course) 4.Try something different NOW, don’t keep doing the same thing.

10 (whether every half a term or after each module of work.) In the Maths Department, we use TARGET SHEETS after EVERY assessment

11 Maths skills to improve (in red)

12 Target sheet Use Mathswatch online Improved understanding of key skills Improved performance

13 “I CAN’T DO IT YET” CHANGE… NS Productions 2008 “ I CAN’T DO IT ”


15 Independent Work What is done at home (using a combination of Mathswatch Online and Maths Past Papers) makes the BIGGEST IMPACT (outside of the classroom)

16 Mathswatch Clips (set by teacher) Watch clips and practice skills Set Mathswatch clips If fail mini testMini test done in class (following week) Re-test skills

17 FAQ Study Plus Library C5 Computer suite (Tuesday lunchtimes)

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