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Welcome to how to help your daughter with Mathematics.

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1 Welcome to how to help your daughter with Mathematics

2 What is in a Maths lesson ? Starter: a problem or activity as the girls enter. Introduction: lesson objectives and key words, levels to be covered. Main activity: textbook, worksheet, group work, presentation, exam questions etc. Plenary: summary of the lesson and/or extension task.

3 Mixed Ability to Setting Mixed ability up to the autumn half-term. Year 7s sit an assessment paper. Levels 3 to 5. Into sets after half term. Possible to move students up or down.

4 National Curriculum Using and Applying Number Algebra Geometry and Measures Handling Data

5 First half of autumn term Mental arithmetic skills Sequences Functions Negative numbers

6 How do we assess? Tests Investigations/ APP Activities (Assessing Pupil Progress) Mini – whiteboards Exam style questions – Levels 2 – 8 – Sub-levels a, b,c

7 What can you do at home? Be positive about mathematics Equipment: calculator, ruler, protractor, etc Look through class work Homework: set twice a week Revision Multiplication Tables Every day maths; timetables, recipes, measuring, etc Games and puzzles

8 Problem Solving To help you help your daughter, you can get her to: Re-read the examples in her exercise book Use her textbook (given after half-term) Look up mathematical words in a mathematical dictionary (continued)

9 Problem Solving Also, you can get her to: Ask parents/ family Ask somebody in her form or Maths group Attend homework club Buy Year 7 Mathswatch CD (levels 3 to 5) Ask her maths teacher

10 Web- sites MyMaths SamLearning SuperMathsWorld MathsIsFun BBCbitesizeKS3 Fronter eMathsMaths (Good practice for levelled questions)

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