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Welcome to AS Maths Tish (Letitia Carr)

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1 Welcome to AS Maths Tish (Letitia Carr) Email:

2 How hard did you work? How hard did you find it? How much work did you do outside of lessons (not including work set by the teacher)? When homework was set, when did you do it? What did you do if you didn’t understand something? GCSE What happened if you missed a lesson?

3 AS Level 2 algebra modules C1 (Core) – NON CALCULATOR C2 (Core) - CALCULATOR 1 applied module D1 (Decision) - CALCULATOR 3 exams in May Each exam is worth a third of the AS

4 Equipment that you will need for every lesson Pens Pencils Rubber Ruler (long – 30cm) Paper Calculator (scientific) Folder Mini whiteboard pen Highlighters Mini green book

5 What is expected of you… Attend every lesson If you do miss a lesson, catch up on the work BEFORE the next lesson Always arrive on time to your lessons and don’t forget to thumb in Bring all your equipment to every lesson No food or drink is allowed in class, except water Mobiles may be used for classwork, not for texting or playing games Homework must be handed in on time (every Wednesday) or it will not be marked Do extra work on top of the homework (about 5 hours a week)

6 Homework for this week... Get a C1, C2 and D1 textbook out of the library – do not bring these with you to lessons – this is for your extra practise Buy all the equipment that you need and bring it with you to EVERY lesson Review everything that you have done in lessons and do extra practise using the exercises in the textbooks Your homework hand in day is Wednesday

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