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New Formica®Unilin collection 2013-2017. Formica®Unilin update 20 deletions, our slow movers Additions: – 11 unicolours from Formica’s core collection.

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Presentation on theme: "New Formica®Unilin collection 2013-2017. Formica®Unilin update 20 deletions, our slow movers Additions: – 11 unicolours from Formica’s core collection."— Presentation transcript:

1 New Formica®Unilin collection 2013-2017

2 Formica®Unilin update 20 deletions, our slow movers Additions: – 11 unicolours from Formica’s core collection 2014, extra USP – 9 exclusive woods. 8 designed by Unilin, 1 not exclusive – 6 Eyecatchers. 2 woods, 1 textile, 3 unicolours Total range: 103 Yearly update of trendcolours Flexible marketing tools (easy to implement in case of a new update) Launch date: october 2013

3 FU 2012 FU2013 More harmonious colour palette More vibrant, up to date colours More colours from Formica’s 2014 core collection

4 More outspoken decors Up to date with current trends 11 out of 12 of the new additions designed by Unilin

5 New eyecatchers FU 2012 FU2013

6 Deletions F8940Vichy Pear F3855Clear Maple F1143French Sycamore F8933Toledo Beech F8961Jersey Beech F2985Erable Whisky F8939Canadian Walnut F5380Sabah Maccassar F8942Mayumba F6935Cinnamon Cherry F8920Patina Oak F8929Royal Chery F8935Java Walnut F7882Pale Gold F7895Custard F7845Spectrum Red F8752Vino F0231Peaceful Blue F0233Heather F0232Juicy Pink F8754Violetta F4172Caribbean F3007Pale Olive

7 0H852F8976LNWEssential Oak NaturalW03 H853F8977SMTRiverside OakBST 0H868F8978SMTRila OakBST 0H842F8979SMTEiger WalnutBST 0H843F8980SMTSnowdon OakBST 0H844F8981SMTBellavista OakBST 0H845F8982SMTJanga OakW03 0H846F8983SMTGestola OakBST 0H847F8984SMTAllegro Beech LightBST 0H848F8986SMTScafell OakBST 0H849F8987SMTMonviso OakBST 0H867 F8985SMTEgmont OakBSTtrend F984 F8989MATBlue JeansCSTtrend 0H850 F8988MATFumed OakCSTtrend 0U136 F1485MATChrome Yellowcst 0U144 F5344MATSeedCST 0U139 F5345MATViolaCST 0U142 F5347MATMauiCST 0U145 F5349MATFossilCST 0U149 F2966MATOpalCSTtrend 0U143 F6901MATVibrant GreenCST 0U140 F6903MATCassisCST 0U138 F6907MATAmarenaCST 0U148 F7846MATGrottoCSTtrend 0U135 F7940MATSpectrum YellowCST 0U141 F7966MATNew BurgundyCST 0U150 F7969MATNavy BlueCSTtrend 0U137 K1238MATCarnavalCST 0U146 F7902MATIronCST 0U147 F7923MATSurfCST Additions

8 New Slogan. New Image In Perfect Harmony  Walking Together

9 Marketingtools Laminate sample card printed brochure Stand alone display Sample box A5 samples FORMICA stock A4 samples UNILIN Stock

10 Sample cards Same design as last year Desktop use + possibility to hang on the wall More room for innovation Improved communication on the co-branding - HPL laminates & MFC 4 languages Available as from week 41 (limited number to begin, higher quantities to arrive)

11 Colour pallet new Formica®Unilin collection

12 Printed brochure New cover: Improved communication on co-branding Content: Inspiring photography and storytelling Available as from week 43

13 Display Room for >103 samples Inclusive room for brochures Lifetime display: > 4 years Sample sets of 103 decors also availably seperately Available as from week 41

14 Stand alone display FU display Size: 2040x1700x517mm Description: Room for 105 samples Room for brochures

15 Size 175x220x10mm Weight 3,50 kg samples inclusive Sample box Provisionally image

16 Sample box A5 laminate samples of new FU collection Inserts: woods, unicolours and fantasy colours (room for 110 samples) Extra insert with technical information Tool to show larger samples when samples on sample card are too small Only for sales Request of extra A5 samples through the standard sample request form Available as from week 41

17 Marketing tools: cost/piece FU marketing toolsValue/pc FormicaUnilin laminate brochure ALL4,07 € FormicaUnilin printed brochure ENG2,00 € FormicaUnilin printed brochure FR2,00 € FormicaUnilin printed brochure NL2,00 € FormicaUnilin printed brochure DE2,00 € FormicaUnilin Sample Box7,20 € FormicaUnilin Stand alone display230,00 €

18 Sales Tools Presentation new range and trends A3 forex to show the trend Available in the course of October

19 Decors 19mm with 1 side peelcoating U136F1485Chrome Yellow U144F5344Seed U139F5345Viola U142F5347Maui U145F5349Fossil U149F2966Opal U143F6901Vibrant Green U140F6903Cassis U138F6907Amarena U148F7846Grotto U135F7940Spectrum Yellow U141F7966New Burgundy U150F7969Navy Blue U137K1238Carnaval H852F8976Alp Oak H844F8981Bellavista Oak H845F8982Janga Oak H846F8983Gestola Oak H848F8986Scafell Oak H850F8988Fumed Oak

20 Availability running out decors - Running out decors that will no longer be part of our industrial collection (UniDesign): as long as we have stock + ultimate end date: 01/2014 - Running out decors that remain a part of our industrial collection (UniDesign): untill 1 October on an MTS basis, >1 October on a MTO basis

21 Price categories All new decors 2013 are in the highest price cat.

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