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IBM Software Group ® IBM ® Rational ® Rapid Developer v2003 Alon Bar-Ner Rational Software IBM Software Group.

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1 IBM Software Group ® IBM ® Rational ® Rapid Developer v2003 Alon Bar-Ner Rational Software IBM Software Group

2 IBM Software Group | Rational software Agenda  What is IBM Rational Rapid Developer?  Architected Rapid Application Development (ARAD)  Development Process  Product Demonstration  Technology Support  Representative Customers  Success Story by Eran Peleg (CEO), Metaphor Vision

3 IBM Software Group | Rational software IBM Rational Rapid Developer What is it?

4 IBM Software Group | Rational software Rational Rapid Developer is Architected RAD  Single, integrated application development environment  Combines model-driven development, RAD techniques, and automated code construction  Rapidly delivers well-architected, executable n-tier business applications  While insulating developers from most of the traditional complexities of the underlying technology platforms

5 IBM Software Group | Rational software Architected RAD  Rapid application development environment  Leverages:  Standards: J2EE, UML, XML/SOAP, MDA, etc.  New development technologies and techniques  Industry standard design and construction patterns  Generates most of the required application architecture code in a compliant (industry and/or enterprise) manner  Ensures architectural consistency  Delivers engineered quality  Leverages limited high-end skills

6 IBM Software Group | Rational software Architected RAD (ARAD) “There’s no better way to improve productivity, reduce cost, and ensure scalability and performance of applications, while still putting methods in place that are ‘minimally invasive’. For most enterprises and applications, ARAD should prove to be a near-ideal approach to balancing speed and cost with ‘just enough’ application quality and performance.” Gartner, Research Note, 1.17.03 ARAD Brings Architectural Compliance and Developer Productivity

7 IBM Software Group | Rational software Empower broad class of developers Architected RAD: Rapid Delivery of High-quality Applications Agile, architected, n-tier J2EE applications Model-driven Development RAD Techniques Automated Code Construction Code Component Repository N-tier Construction Patterns Rational Rapid Developer Simplify legacy integration Accelerate application delivery Integrated application development Focus on business value

8 IBM Software Group | Rational software Partition Architect Testing, Deployment Code Component Repository Transaction Constructor Database Constructor HTML, WML Constructor Messaging Constructor Object Constructor N-Tier Construction Patterns Automated Construction Developing with Rational Rapid Developer Team Development & Version Management  Application Framework  Technology Templates Model Repository RAD Developers (90%) Functional Requirements N-Tier (J2EE) Experts (10%) Technology and Patterns Choices, Partitioning  Class  Database  Business Rules  Process User Interface RAD  Web + i18N  Wireless Integration RAD  XML Messaging  Web Services Custom Business Logic RAD  Code Templates UML+ RAD Visual Modeling Visual / RAD Import or Use Assets  Web Services  Components  Frameworks Application Integration  UML Class Models  DBMS Schema  Legacy Systems Information Assets

9 IBM Software Group | Rational software Automated Compilation and Deployment UML Models Rational Rapid Developer Application Application Server J2EE Class Model Database Model Process Model Business Logic Enterprise Systems Legacy ERP CRM Supply Chain Financial Database IMS, VSAM, Relational, Partner Adapters Messaging XML API CORBA, EJB, COM, Mainframe Web Services UDDI, SOAP Legacy Integration Partner Systems Customer Supplier Service Provider Marketplace Messaging XML, EDI Web Services UDDI, SOAP B2B Applications WML Mobile Applications Web Applications HTML Rapid Developer: Enterprise Application Features

10 IBM Software Group | Rational software Logic/Process Visual Transactions RAD Information Import Construction UMLImport TransactionPresentation Transport Rational Rapid Developer: Product Demonstration 6 Technology Selection Construction Patterns DeploymentPartitioning ObjectSpace User Interface RAD 4 WAP HTTP Web Wireless Page WML Site, Style, Web Page, I18N HTML 3 Business Logic Process Model JMS, WebSphere MQ, MSMQ 5 Integration RAD Message Mapping XML Web Services Create,Use SOAP XML Message Acme Co. 1/1/2001 12080 Web Services Acme Co. 1/1/2001 12080 2 Class Model Business Rules Database Model 1 Assets  UML Models  Legacy Systems  DBMS Schema  Web Services  Components

11 IBM Software Group | Rational software Rational Rapid Developer: Productivity Study Sun Reference Pet Store Application Hand-Coded by Sun Experts Visual Design with Rational Rapid Developer Mouse clicks + 60 lines Mouse clicks + 200 lines Mouse clicks + 0 lines 2,000 lines 5,500 lines Client Tier Middle Tier Data Tier Deployment Mouse clicks + 0 lines 400 lines 2,500 lines 10,400 lines Effort Mouse clicks + 260 lines

12 IBM Software Group | Rational software Digital Appliance Many Devices WAP / WML  Nokia, Ericsson  Motorola, Phillips  Panasonic, Sony  Alacatel, Siemens  … Rapid Developer: Runtime Technologies Support DBMS - OLTP Windows, Unix, Linux, M'frame Relational  DB2 UDB v6.0, 7.2, 8  DB2 zSeries (S/390) v6-8  DB2 iSeries V4R5, V5R1  MS SQL Server 7.x, 2000  MS Access  Oracle 7.3, 8/8i, 9i  Sybase 11 Integration Windows, Unix, Linux, M'frame Web Services Database Adapters  Mainframe: IMS, VSAM  Legacy via iWay Adapters  All supported relational API  Mainframe CICS, MVS  EJB, CORBA, COM  HostBridge, MicroFocus SSL, LDAP, Digital Certificates, Role-Based Access Control Security All Operating Systems  Microsoft IE 4.0+  Netscape Navigator 3.0+  Other Compatible HTML Web BrowserMessaging Windows, Unix, Linux, M'frame Platforms XML EDI and other formats via translators  WebSphere MQ (MQSeries)  Java Messaging Service (JMS)  MSMQ  TIBCO  TCP/IP Windows, Unix, Linux, Mainframe Apache, IBM HTTP Server, iPlanet and Others Enterprise JavaBeans EJB, JSP, J2EE  IBM WebSphere 3.5, 4.0, 5  BEA WebLogic 5.x, 6.x, 7.0  Oracle 9iAS R1, R2  Apache Tomcat 4.0 Application Server

13 IBM Software Group | Rational software Representative Clients: Deployed Applications IBM WebSphere AS 4.0, ADABAS, Oracle 9iDB, WebSphere MQ, NT Web-based claims management system for workers compensation IBM Global Services, State agency staff Govt State Agency (USA) IBM WebSphere, ADABAS, OracleDB, Linux Web-based job posting / application system Information Builders (IBI), State agency staff Govt State Agency (USA) Microsoft WinDNA, MS SQL Server Microsoft DNA/COM, Oracle8iDB, Windows NT IBM WebSphere AS, DB2, WebSphere MQ, Linux Microsoft DNA/COM, MS SQL Server, Windows NT Technology HIPAA-compliant cardiac assessment and state reporting, CDC NEDSS guidelines Technology Solution Partners (TSP) New York Presbyterian Hospital Network B2B portal for matching buyers and sellers of Asian goods Technology Solution Partners (TSP) AsianVendors Various: - Contract lab management. - Ad agency management In-house staffFortune 50 Healthcare Products Company On-line order system between IBM PSG and Fortune 100 communications company Alpha-Gamma Technologies IBM Personal Systems Group Application Project Team Customer

14 IBM Software Group | Rational software Representative Clients: In Development Microsoft DNA/COM, MS SQL Server HIPAA-compliant hospital-acquired antibiotic resistance (HAAR) surveillance, CDC NEDSS Technology Solution Partners (TSP) Montefiore Hospital Network Development: WebLogic 7.0 Production: IBM WebSphere 4.0, IBM DB2 v7.0, Web Services, Business Objects Various - TBD Microsoft DNA/COM, Oracle8iDB, Windows NT, LDAP Development: Oracle 9iAS, MS Access, MQ Series, Win2000 Production: WebSphere AS 4.0, Oracle 8iDB; MQ Series, Solaris Development: Oracle 9iAS, Oracle 8iDB, NT/2000 Production: IBM WebSphere 4.0, Oracle8iDB, UNIX Technology Policy sales and service (auto) for customer service and independent agents In-house staffFortune 50 Financial Services Company Trauma registry used by state hospitals and trauma centers to comply with state public health mandates Dunn SolutionsGovt State Agency (USA) Comprehensive property and casualty insurance framework In-house staffBearingPoint (formerly KPMG) Various: - Product bar coding repository - Sterilization contractors In-house staffFortune 50 Healthcare Products Company Shipping exchange for matching shipments, brokers and carriers In-house staffIndependent Software Vendor Application Project Team Customer

15 IBM Software Group | Rational software Case Study: Systems Provider and Fortune 50 Client Challenge  Time-to-market – two weeks  Could not be accomplished with integration brokers after six months  Daily changes to requirements B2B Application Customer System Employee Interface (Order Catcher) Order Processing Application Catalog Application Rational Rapid Developer Application  Product Catalog  Order Entry Processing  Order Change Processing  Order Status and Inquiry  Order History IBM WebSphere, DB2, MQ Series, Linux Database DB2 XML CatalogIn DataIn SnatIn Order In, Resp Order Status, Resp Order Cancel, Resp Order Cancel Status, Resp Order Change, Resp Order Change Status, Resp Invoice Buyer System translator XML-EDI XML Vision Create on-line order system between global systems provider and Fortune 50 client Results Completed in 10 days Kept up to date with daily changes to business requirements Solution  IBM Rational Rapid Developer  IBM WebSphere Application Server  IBM WebSphere MQ  IBM DB2


17 IBM Software Group | Rational software אנא מלאו את טופס המשוב קוד ההרצאה:A3

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