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1 Business Performance Management works for everyone Norman Manley Vice President.

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1 1 Business Performance Management works for everyone Norman Manley Vice President

2 2 “We enter 2005 with more than 1,700 of the best and brightest professionals in the industry; a solid balance sheet, a strong cash position, and no debt; and a stronger value proposition across our core product and service offerings than at any other point in our 30-year history.” Gerald D. Cohen President and CEO of Information Builders  Who we are A software company providing distinct solutions for enterprise business intelligence and enterprise integration.  Founded 1975 30 years in business intelligence 14 years in enterprise integration  Every major industry Including financial services, retail, education, insurance, manufacturing, energy and utilities, government, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and telecommunications Information Builders Experienced

3 3 Improving Business Performance Where are we in 2005? Economic and competitive pressures have been creating severe challenges for business unit managers. These mostly revolve around issues of "velocity" - how do they obtain and evaluate information rapidly, and how do they use that information to respond rapidly and appropriately? ©2004 IDC

4 4 The Agile Enterprise Goals and Objectives  Corporate Objectives  Real-time Enterprise  Performance Management (BPM, BAM)  Best Practices, Quality Programs (Six Sigma, etc.)  Compliance  Industry standards  Formal legislation  Corporate governance (Companies Bill)  Information Standardization & Consolidation  Information as a strategic asset  Information consistency  Cost of ownership of BI infrastructure

5 5 Business Performance Management IT and the Business working together

6 6 Integrate Applications Customer Interaction CRM Automate Processes Core Business Systems Enable Transactions Generate New Business Initiatives Empower Decisions Improve Processes Transform Data To Actionable Information BPM in the Agile Enterprise The “Feed-back “ Loop

7 7 BPM in the Agile Enterprise A typical Balanced Scorecard

8 8 Business Performance Management Making it work for Everyone Analysts & Power Users Developers Customers Partners Business Users 5 % 10 % 85 % COMPLEXITY

9 9 Business Performance Management Operational Business Intelligence DATA METADATA SERVER FUNCTION DELIVERY USABILITY Thin Client AccessDescriptionSecurity Business Rules FormatInteraction Alert Deferred Execution ArchiveSchedule FUNCTIONADMINISTRATION Integration Server Architecture Server Architecture Delivery PROCESSING

10 10 Enterprise Supply: Real-time business event integration Demand: operational BI, analytics, and reporting Real-time Integration B2B Data Apps ODS Real-time events ETL DW Data Mart Data Mart Data Mart Data Mart ETL Real-time reports And alerts Operational BI and reports Enterprise Analytics and BI LOB or division Analytics and BI ETL Manager and Adapters EAI Broker and Adapters Web FOCUS Business Performance Management The Architecture

11 11 Business Performance Management Embedding Intelligence into the Process UCCNET Retailer Suppliers PublishAnalysisCapture Mainframe Program Adapter ERP Adapter Oracle Adapter MQ Adapter MQ NT SQL Adapter Alerts, Portals, Dashboards ReportsOrder Entry Near Real-time Real- time iWay Real-time WebFOCUS EDI UCCNET XML WebFOCUS ETL Services Near Real-time

12 12 Business Performance Management Requires Extreme Scalability Scalable = Low Cost $Non-scalable = High Cost £££££££

13 13

14 14 The solution you need is: Business Performance Management Conclusions Usable by everyone from CEO downwards Available to everyone who needs it, customers, suppliers and staff A combination of Integration and Information Delivery This is not a management toy: It’s a survival kit The key to improving Business Performance is a web-based combination of Business Intelligence and Integration. Other people have this today even if you are still looking for it!

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