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C2 Integration Division Marine Corps Combat Development Command

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2 C2 Integration Division Marine Corps Combat Development Command
Marine Air Ground Task Force Command and Control (MAGTF C2) and Joint Interoperability My name is…and I will discuss the Marine Corps’ plan for command and control known as Marine Air Ground Task Force Command and Control (MAGTF C2) USMC and JC2 CPM Linkage Joint Interoperability “..enabling Commander-centric operations – anytime, anywhere, at every echelon…” Marty Westphal C2 Integration Division Marine Corps Combat Development Command MAGTF C2

3 Leadership Command Philosophy Command by Direction Command by Plan
Centralize uncertainty Command by Plan Prioritize uncertainty Command by Influence Distribute uncertainty Command is all about leadership! Equip the man…not man equipment! Therefore we must be technologically agile and flexible enough to meet the demands of decision-makers! Network must be Adaptable to the Commander MAGTF C2

4 Enabling Technologies: 1864 - Now
Networked by: telegraph satellites Decentralized operations facilitated by clear intent Empower subordinates Proliferate decision-makers Emphasis on technology (telegraph) as operational warfighting enabler: not “telegraph centric warfare.” Technology Transparency Minimize required resources Personnel, equipment, training Common data Communities of interest Portal access Data Transparency: Data fusion “Routine” decision making MAGTF C2

5 Marine Air-Ground Task Force Command & Control (MAGTF C2)
Maneuver Warfare Commander’s intent Decentralized operations Warfare with hardware Surfaces and gaps Shared awareness Tempo Marine Air-Ground Task Force Command & Control (MAGTF C2) Expanded Collaborative Planning Real-time, dispersed Enhanced Decision-making Right info, right time, right person, right format Modeling and Simulation Test and modify plan in real-time Self-organizing, Self-healing Network “Automated” routine decision-making MAGTF C2

6 MAGTF C2 Capability Portfolio Management (CPM)
Initiated for Program Objective Memorandum ‘08 Approach Holistic, end-to-end Cradle-to grave Institutionally “organize for combat” Coordinate and synchronize Marine: Capability Integration and Development Planning, Programming, Budgeting, & Execution Acquisition MAGTF C2 CPM: our answer to DOTMLPF across the C2 domain. LtGen Amos is our C2 CPM. Remarkably similar to JFCOM’s JC2 CPM approach! Delivering complete DOTMLPF capability to the warfighters MAGTF C2

7 MAGTF C2 CPM Implementation
Covers C2 and Communications Capabilities & Systems Validated and resourced by the USMC PPBE process Approved by Warfighting Investment Program Evaluation Board (PEB) Requires monitoring and integration with other systems and capabilities Programs of Record (PORs) validated and/or resourced across other PEBs Ensure joint integration, alignment and convergence Approximately 50+ PORs currently funded in the FYDP Defined in MAGTF C2 CONOPS Coordinate fielding and retirement across the Enterprise Capability sets (CAPSETs) with required “end to end” components Identified from the various Families of Systems (FoS) Reports to our Marine Requirements Oversight Council (MROC), and ultimately CMC! Provide “…an end to end, fully integrated, cross functional, set of C2 capabilities that include forward deployed as well as reach back functions.” MAGTF C2

8 MATGTF C2 CPM Integrating Process
MCSC System Engineering Integration Systems & Technical Architectures Analysis of Alternatives HQMC, CIO Policy & Strategy Enterprise Architecture DC, CDI Concepts, Capabilities, Resourcing, DOTMLPF, Operational Architectures Advocates & Sponsors Operating Forces Participate in resourcing Input to MRL Prioritization Detailed requirement capability definition A strategy to harmonize all aspects of command and control concepts, requirements, training, and doctrine. An integrating process to provide governance and resource prioritization for the C2, communications and networking communities to ensure that we meet the objectives of the strategy across the enterprise A system of systems that will provide common, modular, and scalable material solutions from the lowest tactical level across the MAGTF at all echelons and across the enterprise MAGTF C2

9 MAGTF C2 Transition Strategy
MAGTF COC Spiral 1 JC2/NECC Start with “Common, Modular, Scaleable” Concept development and Capabilities based: capabilities are derived from approved Warfighting concepts and are used in the development of MAGTF C2. The focus is on the warfighter and their information needs in support of decision making across all five MAGTF elements. MAGTF C2 connects USMC unique and specific warfighting capabilities and requirements to Naval and Joint initiatives and charts a path to Marine net-centric capability in the future. The “pincers” address the associated DOT_LPF implications of MAGTF C2 related program development, fielding, and execution. CAC2S - Common Aviation Command & Control System DCGS – Distributed Common Ground System GCSS-MC – Global Combat Support System–Marine Corps NECC - Net Enabled C2 Capability JBMC2 - Joint Battle Management Command & Control MAGTF C2

10 Common, Modular, and Scaleable
Common: MAGTF command echelons use the same equipment. Unique requirements, such as sensors and intel feeds, enter via standard gateway. Modular: System is designed to enable component utilization that logically supports a variety of con-figurations for various echelons of C2 across MAGTF. Scaleable: Software & hardware facilitate Battalion/ Squadron, Regimental/ Group, Division/Wing, & MEF-level command functions for COC by adding or subtracting common and modular components. Addresses compatibility, ease of operation, maintenance, training, etc. from the lowest tactical echelons to a Marine component headquarters. MAGTF C2

11 MAGTF COC Defined Combat Operations Center (COC): generic term used to describe the body of specific capabilities for MAGTF C2 applications and OPFACs described in the Operational Requirements Document (ORD). MAGTF COC CDD includes 5 capability sets (CAPSETs): CAPSET I: MEF-level COC CAPSET II: MSC-level / CAPSET III: Regimental, MAG, MWSG, MEU, CLR-level CAPSET IV: Battalion, MWSS, CLB-level CAPSET V: Small-unit C2 platforms to CLR – Combat Logistics Regiment CLB – Combat Logistics Battalion OPFACs – Operational Facilities MAGTF C2

12 Joint Interoperability
MAGTF C2 was “born Joint” USMC understands requirement for Joint/Coalition interoperability today and integration tomorrow JC2 Capability Portfolio Management Synchronize three DOD processes to deliver complete capability to the Joint Warfighter while addressing Service unique requirements Provide guidance & standards to Services to ensure unity of effort in developing capabilities Provide oversight of JC2 initiatives Establish overarching JC2 effort Prioritize subordinate efforts Address Inter-Agency and Coalition Commitment to Joint/Inter-Agency/Coalition solutions! JC2 Vision, Intent, Guidance, Campaign Plan? Prioritize efforts such as C2 data strategy implementation, service oriented architecture (SOAs) associated with C2 “Services” etc. Streamline governance and “executive” level decision forums to greatest extent possible. USMC will assist in providing ways to win! MAGTF C2

13 MAGTF C2 Notional Operational View
MAGTF C2 and FORCEnet comprise Naval FORCEnet. We integrate weapons, sensors and C2 within our construct. Longitudinal/latitudinal lines represent the GIG. MCEITS shows reach back and enterprise capabilities. Links to Constellation and LandWarNet also depicted. MAGTF C2 13

14 Questions/Discussion
Everybody wrestles with it… Everybody gets dirty… And we like it!!!! C2 PIG Serious business and responsibility…but remember to have fun while executing- it increases performance! C2 ID Motto MAGTF C2

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