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U. S. BACK OF THE BOOK AIR MAIL Kenneth Pruess Lincoln Stamp Club.

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1 U. S. BACK OF THE BOOK AIR MAIL Kenneth Pruess Lincoln Stamp Club

2 Types of Air Mail Stamps and Their Uses C = Airmail CE = Airmail Special Delivery CL = Semi-Official Issues CM = RF Overprints UC = Stamped Envelopes UXC = Postal Cards

3 C3 Came First Issued May 13, 1918 Paid for May 15 Service Washington-Philadelphia-New York

4 C3a Courtesy of Siegel Auctions The famous inverted Jenny

5 C2 Fee Reduced July 15 For Tri-City Service

6 C1 Came Last Issued Dec. 10 Fee Reduced for Tri-City Service Dec. 16

7 C4-6 Night Mail Service New York – San Francisco began July 1, 1924 Three Zones: New York – Chicago, Chicago – Cheyenne, Cheyenne – San Francisco. Fee was 8 cents per Zone.

8 Omaha, NE to Monrovia, CA 16 Cents for 2 Zones

9 Registered to Germany Stamp was valid for ordinary postage

10 Lindberg C10a Booklet Cover And Pane of 3

11 C11 Beacon Air Aug. 1, 1928 First Day of 5 cent Air Rate

12 First Flight By Lindberg Puerto Rico to South America Airport Dedication and First Flight

13 The Zepps C13-15 Images courtesy of Siegel Auctions

14 South America Flight Image courtesy of Rumsey Auctions 65 cents Each Leg, $2.60 for Round Trip

15 The Baby Zep Courtesy of Rumsey Auctions 42½ cents went to Zeppelin Company

16 Airport Dedications Red Cloud, Nebraska

17 CE = Air Mail Special Delivery CE1 CE2

18 CE2 FIRST DAY Dorothy Knapp Hand-Painted Add-On Cachet Courtesy of Siegel Auctions

19 CL = Semi-Official Airmail CL1 Buffalo Balloon Post June 18, 1877 Nashville – Gallatin Tennessee

20 Buffalo Balloon Post Courtesy of Matthew Bennett Only Known Cover

21 CL = Semi-Official Air Mail Vin Fiz Flyer First Transcontinental Flight 1911 13 copies known Only 1 On Cover Use Known CL2

22 Use on Post Card Courtesy of Siegel Auctions 8 Uses on Post Cards Known

23 CM = RF Overprints Courtesy of Rumsey Auctions Used by French Naval Personnel on Mail to US or Canada

24 Another Type of Handstamp Overprint Image courtesy of Rumsey Auctions

25 Postal Stationery UC = Stamped Envelopes Most can be obtained mint, used, or as First Day covers

26 UC1 UC31

27 Use from Canal Zone Canal Zone UC8

28 AIR LETTER Destination Switzerland Same price anywhere in the world UC32

29 Postal Stationery UXC = Postal Cards Most easily obtained mint or as First Day covers Postally used a real challenge!

30 UXC1 First Day

31 UXC2 Mint

32 Major Cachet Makers add Cachets to Canceled Cards UXC19

33 UXC25 used to Yemen

34 THE END Domestic Air Mail rates abolished October 11, 1975 Separate Foreign rates ended Feb. 3, 1991. But stamps for foreign delivery still have small planes and are listed as Air Mail (which is the only foreign service).

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