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Chapter 3.

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1 Chapter 3

2 Moving to a New Community
Lesson 1: Moving to a New Community

3 Why People Move People move for: A better job An opportunity
A better life for their family Seek freedom Religious Government Safer community Laws established

4 Lesson 2: Learning New Customs

5 Moving to a New Country Immigrant Custom
A person who moves into a country and lives there Custom A way of doing things

6 Ethnic Neighborhoods Ethnic group Exposed to new culture
People who have the same culture Speak same language Stores have food that they eat Customs are of their home culture Exposed to new culture

7 New Communities Formed
System of laws set Make people feel safer

8 Where Did They Come From?
Lesson 3: Where Did They Come From?

9 They Came Long Ago Ancestors Statue of Liberty
Relatives who lived long ago Some came from Europe in the early 1900s. Statue of Liberty In the harbor of New York City Symbol of freedom to immigrants


11 A Nation of Immigrants Reasons Freedom Better opportunities
Food was scarce Find jobs Work on farms No choice

12 A Nation of Immigrants Where they entered they United States
Ellis Island Angel Island (San Francisco Bay) Boston, MA Galveston, TX New Orleans, LA


14 An Immigrant Writer Famous immigrant writers Mary Antin
Write books and poems to share story Mary Antin Moved to US from Russia Settled in Boston with family Wrote The Promised Land

15 An Immigrant Artist Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze
Moved to America from Germany Lived in Philadelphia Studied panting Famous painting from 1851: Washington Crossing the Delaware In Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC


17 Lesson 4: A New Life in America

18 A New Life Immigrants had to: Learn new language Find homes Find jobs
Learn skills to do work

19 Citizen An official member of a community
Help make decisions that affect the community by voting

20 Education Past and Present
Foreign schools different Start at younger age Taught different things Learned native language Learned about their country’s history

21 Education Past and Present
In the United States: Learned about way of life and government Learned math and science Learned English

22 Sharing Cultures 1900s- Ethnic neighborhoods grew Cultures mix NYC
Boston San Francisco Cultures mix Games Songs Foods

23 Migration Moving from one part of a country to live in another part

24 Moving North Great Migration 1900
African Americans moving North for a better life Moved to NYC, Chicago, and Pittsburg Looked for jobs in factories

25 African American Culture
Brought culture with them Produced great works Musicians Writers Artists


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