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Cisco GENI Rack Introduction and Solution Configuration details

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1 Cisco GENI Rack Introduction and Solution Configuration details
GEC16 - March’13

2 Cisco GENI Rack A collaboration between development partners (RENCI, NetApp, ePlus) to deliver a Data-center class ‘GENI Rack’ based on Cisco networking and server products Compute – UCS B-series servers and Fabric Interconnects Network – Nexus and Catalyst switches, ASA VPN concentrator Storage – Onboard disks and NetApp FAS solution NetApp FAS server(s) provide Data-center class scalable storage option ( Software – GENI software stack provided by RENCI’s ExoGENI project ( Installation and support services – offered by ePlus (

3 Current status Development rack ‘live’ – entering GPO certification testing in the next few weeks 1st customer rack installed – expecting to go ‘live’ following certification "WVNET will be the 1st customer for the UCS-based ExoGENI Rack, bringing a data-center class solution to the GENI community. The project to build the rack has been true collaboration between RENCI, NetApp, ePlus, Cisco and WVNET teams. We're looking forward to bringing the Rack live in the very near future" Judge Dan O’Hanlon, Director, WVNET

4 UCS B-Series Rack Components
Power, cooling, and space efficient, “Wire-once”, policy driven, self-provisioning environment UCS B-series uses the Intel e2590 CPU, offering 240 cores for VM hosting in 16RU* Data-center class solution with flexible expansion options – ability to scale to thousands of cores Configuration # Total Hosts 16 # Management Node 1 CPU 2 Socket 8 Core E GHz Memory 48GB HDD 1x300GB 15K SAS, 1x500GB 7200 SATA NIC 2x10GE - vNIC # Worker Node 15 192GB Management Switch Cat-2960S OpenFlow Switch Nexus 3064 VPN Appliance ASA5512 Nexus 3064 OpenFlow switch Cat 2960 Management switch ASA 5512 VPN Concentrator UCS 6248 Fabric Interconnect x2 UCS 5108 Blade Svr Chassis x2 UCS 5108 Blade Svr NOTE: Solution can be scaled down by using just a single UCS B-series shelf * 16 RU excludes the Nexus Switch element & NetApp storage

5 UCS B-Series Rack Components
Configuration # Total Hosts 16 # Management Node 1 CPU 2 Socket 8 Core E GHz Memory 48GB HDD 1x300GB 15K SAS, 1x500GB 7200 SATA NIC 2x10GE - vNIC # Worker Node 15 192GB Management Switch Cat-2960S OpenFlow Switch Nexus 7004 VPN Appliance ASA5512 Nexus 7004 OpenFlow switch Cat 2960 Management switch ASA 5512 VPN Concentrator UCS 6248 Fabric Interconnect x2 UCS 5108 Blade Svr UCS 5108 Blade Svr Chassis x2 NOTE: Solution can be scaled down by using just a single UCS B-series shelf

6 UCS VIC1240 Virtual Interface Card
Virtualized adapter designed for both single-OS and VM-based deployments NIV support PCIe standard compliant Cut-through architecture High Performance 4x 10Gb Low latency High BW IPC support 128 vNICs Ethernet, FC and IPC 500K IOPS Initiator and Target mode Standards based PCI-SIG SRIOV 10GbE/FCoE Eth QP FC FC Eth User Definable vNICs 1 2 3 127 PCIe x16 6

7 Embedded Unified Management
Tightly Coupled Partner Management Tools Existing Customer Management Tools Unified management domain Management embedded in all system elements Integration with 3rd party tools Not just identity Dynamic provisioning Complete infrastructure repurposing Seamless server mobility Deploy in minutes, not days XML API Traditional APIs Service Profile: WorkerNode Network: VLAN110,112,131 Network QoS: High MAC: 08:00:69:02:01:FC WWN: BIOS: Version 1.03 Boot Order: Internal Disk, LAN 7 7

8 Cisco OF Switch options
Cisco GENI Rack OpenFlow-capable switches are used in ‘hybrid’ mode, offering both traditional ‘learning’ switch and OpenFlow 1.0 capabilities at the same time Nexus 3064 OpenFlow-capable switch provides high-density 10G ports Nexus 7004 OpenFlow-capable switch supports 10G, 40G and 100G ports - 100G port offer high-capacity connection to data-center fabrics

Hardware + Software Physical + Virtual Network + Compute Classic SDN Apps Multi-layer API Controller Virtual Overlay OPEN NETWORK ENVIRONMENT Programmatic APIs Virtual Overlays a Device Device Device Network Controllers and Agents

10 RENCI ExoGENI Software Stack
ExoGENI is a collection of proven open-source software modules Federation and resource orchestration using ORCA (Open Resource Control Architecture) software funded by NSF and GENI Developed by Duke University and RENCI ExoGENI software successfully deployed in active GENI racks today Same ORCA and GENI AM API’s as used on existing ExoGENI racks

11 ORCA Resource Handler Plugins
ExoGENI SW Stack xCAT NOX + FlowVisor Test Bed Substrate Unified Fabric Computing Unified Network Services OpenStack Essex Neuca Network Extensions Nagios OpenStack Distribution ORCA Resource Handler Plugins GENI API ALT_GPI ORCA GENI I &M API GENI I &M

12 NetApp Storage - Agile Scaling
One OS - NetApp Storage is Built on the Industry leading Storage OS – Data ONTAP. A single OS powers the entire line of NetApp FAS products. Scalable – supports growth of a few Terabytes to multiple Petabytes. Resilient – built-in features like SnapShots, FlexClone, RAID-DP(6), and SnapMirror simplify backup and replication, while ensuring data is protected. Unified Architecture – as requirements change, support for common protocols such as Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS/SMB is built-in. Efficient – features include deduplication, compression, solid-state caching, thin provisioning and cloning. Reducing required disk storage and reducing deployment windows. NetApp FAS Line of Storage (FAS2200/FAS3200/FAS6200) 12

13 NetApp Built for an Agile Data Infrastructure
NetApp® FAS and V-Series Systems Running Data ONTAP® Protocols Broad System Portfolio Performance FAS/V6290 FAS/V6250 FAS/V6220 FC FCoE iSCSI NFS/pNFS CIFS/SMB Flash Cache™ FAS/V3250 FAS/V3220 Flash Pool™ FAS2240 FAS2220 Flash Accel™ Scales from 180TB to 5.7PB by either adding disks or through a simple controller upgrade Single Operating System Universal protocols Integrated data protection (SnapShots, FlexClone) Performance scales with capacity Solid State storage support and acceleration with Flash Cache, Flash Pool and Flash Accel Storage Scales up and out based on requirements 13

14 System installation by ePlus
Founded in 1990, public since 1996 Started as Financial Services Company Data Center and Networking/Collaboration 20+ locations throughout the U.S. Focus on technical best practices sharing & collaboration Recent small acquisitions further building out Managed Services Cisco and NetApp partner with extensive experience Significant Growth in NetApp and Cisco DC Commitment to Continued Expansion National Engineering Capabilities 300+ Cisco-specific certifications nationally 19 CCIEs, holding 26 CCIE certifications collectively Over 25 NetApp SE’s with over 40 certs Offering installation services for Cisco GENI Rack Site-survey through to commissioning and handover + = Regional Offices ★= Sales Offices

15 ePlus Service Advantage – Offerings and Capabilities
Professional Services Plan Assessments: Network, Security, Data Center, Collaboration / Video Project Management: Initiate, Plan, and Design Build Project Management: Implement and Closeout Staging and Configuration Services Support Staff Augmentation Managed Services Procurement/OneSource IT Optimize ePlus Leasing OneSource IT+ Network Optimization Advanced Assessment Services ePlus Managed Services Full Remote Monitoring and Management + Networking + Security + Unified Communications + Server + Storage + Video Standardized Processes / Procedures ITIL Based 24/7 Staffed Managed Services Center   ePlus offers Professional Services, Managed Services, and Support Services in all four Solution focus areas (Data Center; UC; Security; and Infrastructure). Highly qualified and certified engineers ensure that the solutions are properly designed, implemented and optimized Ability to handle projects large and small Planning & design phase Assessments Implementation and deployment services Project management Training, testing and acceptance Managed services allow customers increase reliability without increasing costs Staff augmentation Configuration capabilities (warehouse/inventory)

16 Configuration options
UCS-B series - Large Config UCS-B-series * 2 chassis – 16 servers Fabric Interconnect * FIs UCS-B series – Small Config UCS-B-series * 1 chassis – 8 servers Pick 1 Compute configuration Nexus 7000 series – 100G Config Nexus 7000 series – 10G Config Nexus 3000 series – 10G Config Pick 1 Network configuration NetApp FAS 2200 – small scale NetApp FAS 3200 – medium scale NetApp FAS 6200 – large scale Pick 1 Storage configuration

17 Contacts For equipment quotes, please contact your local Cisco account team Any problems identifying the team, please contact the Cisco GENI Rack alias – For NetApp and ePlus information, please contact NetApp – Bob Burwell ePlus – Andi Herman


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