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Explication and interpretation

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1 Explication and interpretation
The essence of empiricism

2 Explication Explication is a deductive process where you take a general concept, refine it, determine how to test for it and then carry out the test Interpretation reverses the process Your handout is an idealized model of explication and interpretation Construct Measure Data Concept

3 Your literature review guides your explication
It helps assure that you include all of the major relevant theories and constructs in your study. It provides examples of methods, measurement instruments and their use. Prior studies should include their own explication of important concepts. Were they successfully applied in earlier studies? It helps you to anticipate common problems researchers studying your topic have faced What traps did researchers fall into in the past?

4 Conceptualization The process of defining concepts concretely and narrowly enough to develop valid measures Developing constructs to use in research Concept Construct

5 Operationalization You must come up with ways to measure your concepts and/or test your theories in the physical world Choose a research method Develop measures of your concepts Includes defining the theoretical relationship in measurement terms Construct Measure

6 Data collection Once you have designed your study you must carry out the research in the physical world Things never go exactly as planned, so you have to make choices You must try to limit/eliminate real-world ‘noise’ Chosen research methods, including measures Real-world data collection

7 Data/actual presentation
Concept Conceptualization Construct (Variable) Expl icat ion Operationalization Measure/ manipulation Data collection Data/actual presentation of materials to groups

8 A medieval example of explication

9 Concept Reconceptualization Interpretat ion Construct (Variable) Evaluation Results Analysis Raw data

10 Multiple concepts in a given study
Up to now, we have only looked at a single concept, construct, method, data relationship To test a theory, you have to explicate at least two concepts and the relationship between them As you saw with regard to the models shown in class, there are often quite a large number of concepts explicated in a given study To be practical, they all will most likely need to be measured in similar ways Using different methods for different concepts leads to great difficulties and expanded costs, etc.

11 Theoretical hypothesis
Theory Theoretical relationship Concept 1 (cause) Concept 2 (effect) Proposition Theoretical hypothesis Construct 2 (dependent variable) Construct 1 (independent variable) Research Hypothesis Empirical hypothesis Measure 1 (manipulation) Measure 2 Data collection and analysis Obtained data relationship Data 1 (Actual presentation of materials to groups) Data 2

12 Exposure to chick flicks Empathy Leads to
Ability to understand your partner’s feelings Attending movies targeted to adolescent females Increases Empathy scale Laboratory exposure to A Walk to Remember Higher mean score Obtained G1 mean v. Obtained G2 mean Group 1 exposed Group 2 not exposed Obtained scores on Empathy scale

13 Interpretation Interpretation reverses the process
Evaluate the findings Revisit decisions made in explication with the benefit of hindsight

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