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“Teacher Tips” Presented by Jason Varnon PCSD Technology Facilitator.

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1 “Teacher Tips” Presented by Jason Varnon PCSD Technology Facilitator

2  WELCOME TO PONTOTOC COUNTY!  Today will serve as an introduction to the various technologies available for your use as an educator in the Pontotoc County School System.

3 Agenda  Technology Department  Email Web Access  Help Desk Tickets  iNow General Overview  Software/Hardware Overview

4 Overview  The PCSD Technology Department is here to help you.  Melanie Kidd – Technology Coordinator  Jason Varnon – Technology Facilitator  John Garrett – Technician (NP)  Austin Sanderford – Technician (SP )

5 Vocabulary  Email Web Access: This is how you receive your email and it should be checked regularly, as it is the preferred method of communication.  Help Desk Tickets: Very simple online form that allows you to let PCSD Technology know when a need arises.  iNow General Overview: iNow is the general “hub” for all district data, including student assignments and grades.  Software/Hardware Overview: Education in the 21 st century is changing rapidly, and technology is a large portion of these changes. We will cover the various software programs and computer hardware that our district provides for your use.

6 Email Web Access  All district email is now web-based. We use Microsoft Outlook for district email.  The web address is: There is also a link located on the PCSD District Website, which can be found at:  Your initial username will be First Initial of First Name and your Last Name. (Example: Jason Varnon = jvarnon)  Your initial password will be First and Last Initial plus the LAST FOUR digits of your SS # (Example: jv1234)

7 Help Desk Tickets  The help desk ticket system allows you to let the PCSD Technology department know when you need us. Please let us know when you need assistance or when equipment is not working properly. We want to help you as soon as possible, so it is critical that the help desk ticket system is utilized.  Either a computer tech or a facilitator will be on your campus at some point every day!  The help desk ticket website is located on the district site: Select “Programs => Technology => Help Desk”

8 iNow (STI)  iNow is a web-based program through STI that handles all student data. This is where you will enter assignments and grades.  The site may be accessed from the district’s site at It can be found in the lower-right section of the site that is constantly scrolling.  Your initial username is: First Initial of First Name and your Last Name. (Example: Jason Varnon = jvarnon)  Your initial password is: pass123456. You will be prompted to change this once you log in.

9 iNow (STI)  There are several helpful videos and guides that can help you learn more about how iNow works. They are located on the District website at Go to the website, then select “Programs”, followed by “Technology/MSIS”

10 Software/Hardware Overview  PCSD provides you with various software and computer hardware that will hopefully make your job as an educator easier, and allow you to teach in a way that 21 st century education demands.  For example:  New computers with Windows 7 and Office 2013 –  Individualized instruction software & Common Core aligned software (Classworks, Odysseyware, etc.)  iPads  Wireless capabilities in all classrooms

11 Software/Hardware Overview (Cont).  Discovery Education Discovery Education  Renaissance Learning  Dropbox Dropbox  Magnolia Magnolia  Interactive Whiteboards (Mimio & Smartboard)  Training to support you!

12 Conclusion  Familiarize yourself with the websites and documents discussed today.  Relax and start slowly; learn something new every day, but don’t try to learn it all in one day.  Remember that PCSD Technology is here to help you. Let us know when issues arise! Take advantage of the “Help Desk” system.  Finally: Remember that the technology available to you is a tool, but that you are the teacher! Be creative in how you use technology and don’t be afraid to try new things. Sometimes the most effective teaching and learning occurs during the “trial and error” phases!

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