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ISquad - Session 1 of 2 Getting going with

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1 iSquad - Session 1 of 2 Getting going with

2 Focusing Questions What is social bookmarking? How can I create a account?

3 Instruction

4 Framing The Session Many times teachers don't have the time to search for or find links and tutorials. Using will let the iSquad members help their teachers to prepare for and to demonstrate to the other students online resources.

5 Teaching What is social bookmarking? Social bookmarking allows you to save website addresses on a website. It has two benefits. First, it allows you to share your bookmarks with other people. This is beneficial when collaborating with others. Second, using a social bookmarking site allows you to see your bookmarks from any computer on the Internet. is a social bookmarking website.

6 Teaching Open a browser window and navigate to Click on the register link to start setting up your own account.

7 Teaching Choose a username that is easy to remember. You must put in a valid email address so that you can activate your account. Once activated, your address becomes:

8 Teaching Demonstrate posting a link to the account by clicking on the “post” link at the top. In a new browser window, find a page that you want to save. Highlight the address and copy it. Paste it in the url text box and press save. Give it a brief description, which becomes the title. Further descriptors can be added in the Notes box.

9 Guided Practice Now it is your turn to try Find relevant links and post them on your own or the isquad’s site.

10 Work Time

11 You will now find useful and relevant sites for your iSquad job. Copy the address and post them to your site. Add a description and notes and save it. Check that the link works.

12 Share

13 Come up to the SmartBoard and demonstrate some of your bookmarks. Discuss types of bookmarks that you might need in your role as an iSquad member. Share

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