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SU-8 Testing SU8 process Soft Bake (SB) for thin SU8.

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1 SU-8 Testing SU8 process Soft Bake (SB) for thin SU8


3 “Control” Recipe 500rpm; 2000rpm Soft Bake 93°C Exposure 275 W PEB 93°C Develop 4min in SU8 developer SU8 developer rinse IPA rinse/ Nitrogen Dry

4 1 st Run of Tests 4 samples; 8 devices/sample 4 Wells, 4 Blanks/sample S1: “Control”:All shorted. Avg Well(W)- 8.6Ω Avg Blank(B)- 10Ω, misaligned. S2: 8min (Evap/PEB)Avg W-2.7±0.8Ω B-11MΩ Avg Blank Cap: 15pF 0/3 Short S3: 13min(Evap/PEB)Avg W-4.9Ω B-5.6±7.7MΩ Avg Blank Cap: 17pF 1/2 Short S4: 15min(Evap/PEB)Avg W-3.8±1Ω B-11MΩ » Avg Blank Cap: 17pF 0/2 Short Cracking seen in S2, S3, S4

5 2 nd set of test samples Summary 4 samples 2 “Controls” 2.5 min 60°C; 1min 93°C 5 min 60°C; 1min 93°C

6 2 nd Test Results “Control 1” S5 DeviceCapacitance(p F) Resistance(Ω)Type 129.4B 20.5W x10^6B 424W 524B 67W 7 421B 817W Summary: W: 4/4 Shorted B: 3/4 Shorted Well Average R: 12.1 ± 10Ω Excluding 3 Blank Average R: 158± 230Ω Blank Capacitance: 9.38pF

7 “Control 2” S6 DeviceCapacitance(p F) Resistance(Ω)Type 1 Damaged9.74.6x10^6W x10^6B 3 Damaged x10^5W x10^7B 5142W x10^7B 746W B Summary: W: 2/4 Shorted B: 0/4 Shorted Avg Blank Capacitance: 9.57± 0.5pF Avg Well Resistance: 94± 68Ω

8 2.5min SB S7 DeviceCapacitance(p F) Resistance(Ω)Type 113.4W 2428B 310.8W 4294B 53.7W 65.7B 74.1W 811.6B Summary: All Shorted Avg Blank Resistance: 184.8± 211Ω Avg Well Resistance: 8± 4.9Ω

9 5min SB S8 DeviceCapacitance(p F) Resistance(Ω)Type 14.8W 216B 31.9W 444B 54.3W 6 Error0B 7* W x10^6B Summary: W: 3/4 Shorted B: 3/4 Shorted Avg Blank Resistance: 0.19± 0.33MΩ Avg Well Resistance: 3.7± 1.6Ω 7*: Remeasured and same effect ignored in the average.

10 “Control 2” 20x

11 “Control 2” 100x

12 “Control1” 100x

13 2.5min SB 100x

14 5min SB 100x

15 3 rd SU8 tests 2 samples, 8 Devices S9: 8min 60°C, PEB 95°C S10: 10min Exp, PEB 95°C

16 S9 Back Contact Broken no Resistances Measured Capacitances W: 2/4 Shorted B: 1/4 Shorted Avg Capacitance Well: 19.3 ± 0.6pF DeviceCapacitance(p F) Resistance(Ω)Type 1W 2 B 312W 419B 5W 619B 7 W 820B

17 S10 DeviceCapacitance(p F) Resistance(Ω)Type 14.5W 218B 36.7W 4121B 53.9W 6127B 75W 8 118B Summary: W: 4/4 Shorted B: 4/4 Shorted Avg Blank Capacitance: ± pF Avg Well Resistance: 5.0± 1.2Ω Avg Blank Resistance: 96± 52Ω

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