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April 9, 2013 Clustered ONTAP 8.2 Product Feature Overview NetApp Confidential.

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1 April 9, 2013 Clustered ONTAP 8.2 Product Feature Overview NetApp Confidential

2 Purpose of Presentation  Product presentation summarizing new features with 8.2 release  NetApp and partner sales presentation  This is not a customer presentation 2 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

3 Clustered Data ONTAP Highlights Key Features  Virtualized Environments –*Quality of Service (QoS) –SMB 3.0 and Hyper-V integration –*VMware integration (VAAI)  Scale-Out NAS –Intra Cluster caching (CIFS/NFS ) –Infinite Volume for CIFS (SMB 1.0) –Performance & scaling  Enterprise Applications –*NDO enhancements –*Storage efficient SnapVault –*Two node switchless & 1- node clusters –Larger SAN scalability –*Comprehensive manageability 3 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use Accelerate adoption of clustered ONTAP Deliver new Innovation *Applicable to all categories

4 Clustered Data ONTAP Overview 4 Quality of Service (QoS) Quality of Service (QoS) Isolate hot workload, set workload IOPs limits Enable multi-tenant/multi-workload consolidation Higher Scaling Higher Scaling 49,152 LUNs in a 8-node SAN cluster 12,000 volumes in 24-node cluster Infinite Volumes support for NFS v4, pNFS, SMB TB aggregates 100K NFS clients Support for BranchCache v2 Enhanced Virtualization Enhanced Virtualization Support for Hyper-V over SMB 3.0 with continuously available shares Expanded VMware VAAI support Ease of Deployment Ease of Deployment Single node cluster, 2 node switchless cluster configuration 7-Mode to Clustered ONTAP migration services Improved OnCommand support Better NDO Better NDO Controller upgrade w/o volume move maintaining access to data CIFS NDO for Microsoft Hyper-V with SMB 3.0 Next Generation SnapVault Next Generation SnapVault Volume based SnapVault enables fast, efficient backups Compression and dedup preserved over the network saving bandwidth NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

5 Clustered Data ONTAP Highlights 5 EnhancementDescription/Benefit Storage-efficient volume SnapVault® Volume-level logical replication for online backup and recovery preserving compression and dedupe savings SnapMirror® and SnapVault transfers with vol move Flexibility to move SnapMirror and SnapVault source and destination volumes during data transfer Quality of service workload management Throughput limits by workload to assure no workload consumes more resource than expected More FlexVol® volumes Up to 1,000 volumes/controller enables greater scalability and more flexible management Larger aggregates 2X+ larger aggregates (up to 400TB) support more high- capacity HDDs and enable more vols/aggregate 8-node SAN clusters and 8,192 LUNs per node Increased cluster scalability when using LUNs Switchless 2-node cluster A single HA pair cluster configured without switches streamlines deployment and management Single-node cluster Enables data transfer between remote single-node clusters and larger data center clusters Controller upgrade without volume move In-place controller upgrade within a HA pair without moving volumes and while maintaining data access NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

6 Clustered Data ONTAP Highlights 6 EnhancementDescription/Benefit SMB 3.0 Latest protocol with Windows® 8 and Windows Server® 2012 Provisioning and copy offloaded (ODX) from clients Hyper-V™ over SMB 3.0 Nondisruptive storage node failover and takeover Faster recovery access after node failure (Witness) Optimized remote VSS backup with SMHV BranchCache v2 Faster remote user and application access to data stored in data centers for manageability reasons FpolicyEnables quota mgmt and file auditing with third-party SW File access audit Enables audit logs that help customers meet compliance requirements and data security needs CIFS features that enable better administration, diagnostics, end-user support, and security Key feature support being added includes: Local users and groups Previous versions/VSS Offline caching Roaming profiles SMB server signing Access-based enumeration (ABE) NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

7 Clustered Data ONTAP Highlights 7 EnhancementDescription/Benefit Mixed RAID Flash Pool™ SSD RAID 4 groups with HDD RAID-DP® groups NetApp Storage Encryption Supported by PVR: 1 or more HA pair within a cluster can be configured with encrypting disks for data-at- rest security IPv6 Support for CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI access and SNMP queries and traps On-cluster FlexCache® for NFS and CIFS Scale-out caching of NFS (v3, 4, 4.1) and CIFS (SMB 1, 2.x) files for increased read bandwidth NetApp® Infinite Volume enhancements Fixed content and enterprise content repositories Infinite Volume Vservers on a shared cluster with standard FlexVol® Vservers NFSv3 and 4.1/pNFS and SMB 1.0 file support Flash Pool integration Unified ACLs NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

8 Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 – Licensing Model Overview 8 ChangesRemains the Same Entitlement Model No changes. FAS Controller/Node specific licensing Licensed to lifespan of the controller, to the initial “sold to” customer only HA-Pairs must be uniformly entitled Clusters remain uniformly entitled Compliance Enforcement Relaxed enforcement within a cluster Uniform Cluster licensing contractually enforced, but not technologically enforced within a cluster Compliance enforcement is managed primarily through license keys EULA Audit provisions License Keys Unified set of SW SKU’s regardless of mode, connected to one key generator One set of keys per feature, regardless of mode, to simplify sales & cluster transitions Each key embeds a controller serial # Keys are no longer portable between controllers Demo/Eval Keys are now date specific with install counts eliminated 7-mode concept of “license key in a key slot” to activate a revenue feature remains, this concept now works across a cluster as well NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

9 Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 – Licensing Model Overview 9 ChangesRemains the Same Order Sales can quote either version 8.1 or 8.2 ASUP & prior cluster sales data available to promote uniform entitlement Complete Bundle renamed to Premium Bundle Current GA release is the default software option ONTAP SW Packaging & Pricing Fulfillment PTO will support 8.1 until inventory close out Burdensome “Inc-tot” cluster licensing gone! CTO Systems arrive with license keys installed PTO to inventory latest GA ONTAP version License Keys available on SupportSite per Controller or Cluster Serial Number Support Cluster reconfigs & expansion does not require new license keys if node(s) have matching entitlements SupportSite shows all Controllers in a cluster & associated keys Better process for key creation or replacement to facilitate faster transitions 90 day licensing grace period to provision real- time head-swaps & take entitlement transfers off of Service’s critical path Cluster Create requires a Cluster Base license key Break/fix Head Swaps require entitlement transfer License Keys available on SupportSite NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

10 Detailed Features 10 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

11 QoS Policy Groups  Defines isolation boundaries between sets of workloads  Contains one or more storage objects –Vserver, Volumes, LUNs or File  Policies are behaviors applied collectively to a policy group  Policies supported in ONTAP 8.2 are throughput limits  Throughput is defined in terms of –IOPS –MB/s 11 QoS Policy Group Volume vol3 Volume vol5 Name: qos_policy Limit: IOPS < 2000 per policy group NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

12 QoS Value Proposition  Enables consolidation of mixed workloads in a shared storage infrastructure –Prevents runaway workloads from impacting other workloads in the cluster  Enables service providers to deploy multiple tenants on a shared storage infrastructure –Drive down infrastructure costs per tenant, while meeting their SLOs –Prevent tenants from impacting each other –Enable “Get no more than what you purchased” 12 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

13 NDO Updates Lifecycle Operations DataMotion for Volumes Enhancements Maintenance Operations Rolling Upgrade Enhancements Cluster Switch Upgrade (TNSC) Aggregate Relocate for Controller Upgrade & Replacement Infrastructure Resiliency Failover & Giveback Performance Enhancements CIFS NDO for Hyper-V Environments

14 Space Efficient Data Protection with Mobility 14  Volume based SnapMirror and SnapVault  Replication with nondisruptive volume moves  Cluster-aware, multi-tenant DR, D2D Backup and NDMP dump to Tape  Storage and wire efficient DR and SnapVault with deduplication and thin replication  Application Integration with SnapProtect and SnapManagers SnapVault SnapMirror Multiple Recovery Points via SnapShots NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

15 Scalable SAN Enhancements 15 FeaturesDescription / Benefit Scaling up to 8 nodes; 50,000 LUNs per cluster; 8,000 LUNs per node Users can continue to scale their SAN configurations with scale-up as well as scale-out with support for up to 8 nodes and 50,000 LUNs in a SAN or Unified Storage (SAN & NAS) infrastructure. VMware vStorage API Integrating the VMware VAAI (vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration), clustered ONTAP enables enhanced Virtual Machine Management, including such operations as storage driven Virtual Machine Cloning, Instant Provisioning, and Enhanced Performance Windows Server 2012 Copy Offload Using Copy Offload reduces CPU, Memory and Network utilization for WS2012 hosts by offloading the copy operation to the storage controller. IPv6 iSCSI With the continued drive to IPv6 capable networks, NetApp offers support for iSCSI services in IPv6 environments with clustered ONTAP 8.2 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

16 Single Node and Two Node Switchless Clusters  Lowers cost  Reduces complexity  Creates a base for growth 16 NetApp Confidential - Limited Use WAN Remote Office Cluster Data Center Cluster

17  Infrastructure for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V –Hyper-V access to networked storage via SMB 3.0 for deployment simplicity and scale, without compromising on performance and resiliency. Application-level consistent backup and storage migration for a complete solution.  ODX –Offloaded Data Transfer (aka Copy Offload) offloads copy operations from the client to the storage server offering zero utilization of client processor or network bandwidth for rapid provisioning scenarios.  Witness Protocol –Enables faster, non-disruptive failovers with a standby LIF ready to go  CA Shares –Enables non-disruptive access to Continuously Available shares when used in Hyper-V over SMB environments, utilizing Persistent Handles SMB 3.0 Features 17 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

18 New CIFS Feature Support  Access Based Enumeration  Microsoft Previous Versions  Local Users and Groups  Roaming Profile, Folder Redirection  Offline Folder (Client Side Caching)  SMB Signing (Server Side)  FPolicy  File Access Auditing  Fsecurity  IPv6 18 NetApp Confidential - Limited Use 18

19 Clustered Data ONTAP ® Infinite Volume NetApp Infinite Volume Redirector files f1 f2 f1 Namespace constituent Create, lookup operations Create, lookup, read, write operations Root volume NFSv3, v4, pNFS, SMB1.0 ApplicationsTape Backup System Manager 3.0 Data constituents FlexVol NetApp Confidential – Limited Use 19

20 Benefits of FlexCache  Lower costs with improved system utilization –Enables load-balancing –No need to provision for peak load  Reduce time-to-market –Scale-out performance for read or metadata-intensive workloads –Enable increase in # of compute servers that need read access to the same data  Automated serving of current data –Support for read delegations for files in FlexCache removes need for schedule based replication (Load share mirrors)  Space efficient –Only data accessed is cached 20 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

21 FlexCache - Performance Scaling A B Node 1Node 2 Cache Volumes Node 3Node 4 C D E F G H Clients Problem  Node 1 is overloaded due to reads of files in volume A from many clients 21 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use Vserver A’ Solution  Create cache vols on nodes 1, 2, 3 & 4  Distribute client reads to volume A files to origin/cache volumes across all nodes  Protocols supported: NFSv3/v4, SMB 1.0/2.0/3.0  Examples: –Movie rendering –Financial simulations –Chip design –Seismic interpretation –Web servers

22 OnCommand Portfolio At A Glance Control Automate Analyze * Not available at Data ONTAP 8.2 RC

23 Professional Services

24 Transitioning to Clustered ONTAP Rsync: Host-based file-level For largely static, unstructured content 24 NFS / Unix CIFS/ Windows Databases Business Apps Block-oriented SAN data Robocopy / RichCopy Secure Copy (ScriptLogic) Storage vMotion Host-based block-level migration tools (e.g., Veritas Volume Manager, other LVMs*) Application based migrations (Exchange, ORCL etc.) Storage vMotion Many 3 rd party SAN migration tools (including NetApp’s DTA) 3 rd party migration toolsAvailable Now NetApp PS assisted migration service Preserve storage efficiency and snapshots NetApp PS assisted migration service Preserve storage efficiency and snapshots * Coming Soon 7-Mode Transition Tool NetApp PS migration service 3 rd party tools 7-Mode Transition Tool NetApp PS migration service 3 rd party tools DTA 3 rd party tools DTA 3 rd party tools Holistic operational planning (best practices, transition planner, discovery & analysis tools etc.) *Logical Volume Managers shipped with different OS NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

25 Lifecycle Services Portfolio for Clustered Data ONTAP Success Purpose Accelerate success by helping customers plan, build, operate, and optimize an efficient, highly available, and seamlessly scalable agile data infrastructure. Description Services that help customers evolve from their current state to their goal state:  Strategy –Enterprise Transformation Workshop  Planning –NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP Readiness Assessment  Building –RDS+ Storage Implementation –Clustered Data ONTAP Migration Service  Operating –Residency Services –SupportEdge Premium Customer Benefits  Get all the benefits earlier in your systems’ lifespan  Optimize efficiencies to reduce deployment and operational costs  Reduce time to market  Provide better service quality to your customers –Improve performance –Eliminate unplanned downtime –Reduce risk of unplanned disruptions 25 Target Customer  Data ONTAP 7-Mode customers  New FAS customers Target Customer Needs  Align IT capabilities with business strategy  Plan for a new architectural approach to storage so that it can be implemented gracefully  Help deploying systems and getting them production ready quickly  Expand IT expertise and bandwidth NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

26 Summary  Clustered ONTAP 8.2 delivers new innovations –QoS, Storage efficient vaulting, improved NDO, enhanced Windows support and ease of deployment options  That accelerate the adoption of clustered ONTAP in virtualized environments, scale-out NAS and Enterprise applications. NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

27 Resources 27 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

28 Collateral and Training  Key 8.2 Field Portal Binders –Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Technical FAQClustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Technical FAQ –Technical Overview of clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Technical Overview of clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 –Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Technical Presentations Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Technical Presentations –Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Technical Reports Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Technical Reports  Training –SELL News on Data ONTAP 8.2 LicensingSELL News on Data ONTAP 8.2 Licensing –Solution Insight Webcast "Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2: What's New"Solution Insight Webcast "Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2: What's New" 28 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

29 Learning Materials Available Now 8.2 Licensing 29

30 NetApp University Courses 30 ResourceDescriptionAvailable To: What's New in Data ONTAP 8.2 Licensing In this course you will learn about what is new in Data ONTAP 8.2 licensing and some of the business process changes to support this. Internal, Partners and Customers Data ONTAP License Key Replacement Scenarios This course explains specific use cases or scenarios where license key replacements may be required for Data ONTAP 8.2. Internal, Partners and Customers Technical Overview of Licensing in Data ONTAP 8.2 This course explains how node locked licenses work in Data ONTAP 8.2, some CLI commands for licensing and common troubleshooting scenarios. Internal, Partners and Customers Ask an Expert: Data ONTAP Licensing Kickoff recording available here. Ongoing sessions for Q&A. Weekly through the end of Tuesday at Internal and Partners Creating a Cluster Configuration in QuoteEdge Addendum for creating a cluster configuration for Data ONTAP 8.2 in QuoteEdge Internal and Partners NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

31 ONTAP 8.2 Licensing Field Portal Articles 31 ResourceDescriptionAvailable To: What's Changing in ONTAP Software Licensing for Data ONTAP 8.2 High-level awareness message for Licensing changes Internal and Partners “Ask an Expert: Data ONTAP Licensing” interactive sessions for Data ONTAP 8.2 Licensing Changes Session logistics and kickoff recording Internal and Partners Data ONTAP 8.2 Licensing Learning Opportunities Links to available training material Internal and Partners NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

32 ONTAP 8.2 Licensing Knowledge Base Articles 32 ResourceAvailable To: What are the licensing and packaging requirements for Data ONTAP 8.2 Internal, Partners and Customers FAQ - Data ONTAP 8.2 Licensing Overview and References Internal, Partners and Customers OEM: What are non-uniform Cluster Software Requests?Internal Why would a FAS/V Controller be delivered with temporary license keys installed? Internal FAQ - When should Data ONTAP license keys be replacedInternal, Partners and Customers FAQ - Data ONTAP LicensingInternal, Partners and Customers Questions can also be sent to: xdl-licensingexpertxdl-licensingexpert NetApp Confidential – Limited Use


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