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IPv6 Multimedia Services and Analysis of the User Groups Shanghai Jiao Tong University Kaida Jiang 2008.12.19.

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1 IPv6 Multimedia Services and Analysis of the User Groups Shanghai Jiao Tong University Kaida Jiang 2008.12.19

2 SJTU’s IPv6 multimedia website IPv6 address 2001:da8:a4:ff::84

3 Network traffic graphs of a media server 1 Day1 Week 1 Year Maximum appears during Olympic Games in Beijing: Max IPv6 traffic>3Gbps compared with Campus Network at the same time: Max IPv4 traffic>18Gbps

4 High video proportion in CERNET2 IPv6 traffic 2008.11.27 - 11.28 CERNET2 Shanghai - Nanjing 2008.11.27 - 11.28 CERNET2 A media server’s traffic

5 2 main IPv6 Stream Media Platforms Microsoft Windows Media Service Opensource VLC

6 Windows Media Service Structure Media Server Satellite CATV Live Network stream Media Encoder IPv6

7 Large-scale encoder of TV signal Employ many PCs Rely on CPU encoding (software compression) each PC with 2 ~ 3 pieces of video capture card TV Multi-channel A/V demodulator Input: one RF signal (CATV) Output: Multi A/V to several video capture cards Acquisition hardware compression card Directly output network streams

8 Windows Media Encoder

9 Windows Media: mature and stable

10 High performance: Windows Media Server with 2 Quad-core Processors

11 VLC Unicast and Multicast Support IPv4 and IPv6 Receive, forward and double compress network streams HDTV Broadcast , low delay ( seconds ) Open Source , support multiple OS

12 A media server provide tens of TV channel IPv6 unicast (http output) IPv6 multicast convert to IPv4 multicast

13 Web browser (support IE/Firefox/Opera) 1920×1080

14 VLC Player (TV Playlist)

15 IPv6 Multicast

16 High performance: VLC Server Windows and Linux SDTV and HDTV A Server with Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5130 2.0G 4G Memory can support 2.5G+ traffic Dual-quad-core Xeon 1.6G , output 3.1G bps

17 IPv6 Multicast in SJTU’s Campus Network We provide 94 TV signals in Campus Network Cover 5000 users Huawei Switch Access layer S3026 Convergence layer EMD Core Layer NE80E

18 CCTV Olympic High-Definition TV(1920*1080) 2008. 8. 8

19 Analysis of IPv6 website’s Log files Web Log file format date time s-sitename cs-method cs-uri-stem cs-username c-ip cs-version s(User-Agent) cs(Referer) sc-status sc-bytes 2008-07-20 07:02:06 W3SVC1 GET /Default.asp - 2001:da8:224:c054:f454:bc10:e212:459d HTTP/1.1 Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.1;+SV1) - 200 36656 Time 2008.6.24 ~ 2008.11.24 From latest five months Involving 1,156,040 different IPv6 addresses and 31,446,310 records

20 Motivation Understand the usage state of server, and optimize the hardware and software settings. Understand the composition of IPv6 users, and provide more focused service.

21 How to filter non-relevant data 1,935 records are from the search engine and Network Scanning , accounting for 0.006% of all the records. 20,697,103 IPv6 addresses ended with ‘%0’ are double recorded , accounting for 65.8% of all the records. Rest 10,749,207 records are selected as sample for analysis.

22 Analysis of IPv6 users’ source \ Access Independent IPv6 address numberPercent 1.ISATAP tunnel89,9107.78% 2. 6to4 tunnel22,6411.96% 3.IPv6 Proxy 1N/A 4. Native IPv6 1,043,46890.26% 5.Teredo tunnel200.002%

23 IPv6 address allocation ( below is a portion )

24 ( 1 ) ISATAP Tunnel IPv6 address format : Prefix ( 64bit ) :0:5efe:IPv4ADDR e.g. 2001:da8:207:1:0:5efe: ( from Beijing Normal University ) ISATAP Tunnel Found 3,100,652 records in the log, accounting for 28.8% of total access. Found 89,910 different IPv6 addresses , accounting for 7.78%. On average, each IPv6 address contributes 34.5 records.

25 ISATAP Tunnel active Top20 No. Prefix ( 64bit ) :0:5efe IPv4 address Provider 12001:da8:1005:1111:0:5efe8,952 Nanjing Agricultural University(1) 22001:250:2003:200:0:5efe7,052Sichuan University(1) 32001:da8:21c:6ff:0:5efe5,915Renmin University Of China 42001:250:2003:20:0:5efe4,515Sichuan University(2) 52001:da8:8000:d010:0:5efe3,891Shanghai Jiao Tong University(1) 62001:da8:207:1:0:5efe3,657Beijing Normal University 72001:da8:e000:90:0:5efe2,993Zhejiang University 82001:da8:4003:3:0:5efe2,798Xi'AN University of Architecture and Technology(1) 92001:da8:8000:3:0:5efe2,771Shanghai Jiao Tong University(2) 102001:250:207:4:0:5efe2,751Beijing University of Chemical Technology 112001:da8:200:900e:0:5efe2,518 Tsinghua University 122001:da8:1005:1112:0:5efe2,506Nanjing Agricultural University(2) 132001:da8:4003:1:0:5efe2,146Xi'AN University of Architecture and Technology(2) 142001:da8:205:ffff:0:5efe1,865 Beijing Jiaotong University 152001:250:4402:20:0:5efe1,727Hunan University(1) 162001:da8:1005:1117:0:5efe1,701Nanjing Agricultural University(3) 17 2001:250:2009:400c:0:5efe 1,639Xihua University(1) 182001:da8:6005:1:0:5efe1,628Southwest Jiaotong University 192001:da8:6004:1004:0:5efe1,569Sichuan Agricultural University (1) 202001:250:4000:8fff:0:5efe1,436Huazhong University of Science and Technology

26 ISATAP Tunnel active Top20-40 No. Prefix ( 64bit ) :0:5efe IPv4 addressProvider 212001:250:212:8001:0:5efe1,383Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 222001:250:4001:10:0:5efe1,355Wuhan University 232001:da8:1006:2001:0:5efe1,351Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 242001:da8:c003:3:0:5efe1,210 Northwest Normal University 252001:da8:1005:1113:0:5efe1,136Nanjing Agricultural University(4) 262001:da8:7007:ffff:0:5efe1,103 China University of Petroleum 272001:250:1005:2:0:5efe1,033Chang'an University 282001:250:209:4188:0:5efe971China Agricultural University(1) 292001:250:4402:101:0:5efe950Hunan University(2) 302001:da8:1005:1110:0:5efe846Nanjing Agricultural University(5) 312001:250:209:288:0:5efe808China Agricultural University(2) 322001:da8:1010:1:0:5efe799Jiangnan University 332001:250:3002:7000:0:5efe701Sun Yat-sen University 342001:da8:c800:b:0:5efe698 Chongqing University(1) 352001:250:5008:2000:0:5efe632Jiangsu Polytechnic University 362001:da8:6004:1003:0:5efe592Sichuan Agricultural University (2) 372001:250:2009:4002:0:5efe590Xihua University(2) 382001:da8:211:2:0:5efe547 Beijing Forestry University 392001:da8:1005:1118:0:5efe508Nanjing Agricultural University(6) 402001:da8:c800:b1:0:5efe490Chongqing University(2)

27 Deviation analysis DHCP IPv4 address will change even for the same user More… more than one ISATAP tunnel server in a university 71 % users converge to top 20 tunnel servers 96 % users converge to top 50 tunnel servers

28 ISATAP Tunnel Server Shanghai Jiao Tong University Tsinghua University Zhejiang University China Agricultural University South China Agricultural University Huazhong University of Science and Technology Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Xi'AN University of Architecture and Technology …… National Tunnel Server Number: >100

29 ( 2 ) 6to4 Tunnel IPv6 address format : 2002:IPv4ADDR::/48 e.g. 2002:dbe4:6fe6::dbe4:6fe6 from (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) 6to4 Tunnel Found 240,161 records in the log, accounting for 2.23% of total access. Found 22,641 IPv6 addresses , accounting for 1.96%. On average, each IPv6 address contributes 10.6 records. Found 20,898 different IPv4 addresses.

30 6to4 Tunnel active Top20 No.OrganizationIPv4 address 1ShanDong University6,260 2China Telecom1,930 3Sichuan University1,887 4China Unicom1,644 5Chinese Academy of Sciences1,445 6Chongqing University1,170 7Lanzhou University1,022 8Hunan University646 9Wuhan University503 10Shanghai University489 11Xidian University443 12Shanghai Jiao Tong University340 13 Southwest Jiaotong University323 14Zhengzhou University323 15CERNET VPN220 16China University of Petroleum185 17China Railway Communication166 18Fuzhou University130 19Xi'an Jiaotong University126 20Tongji University98

31 ( 3 ) IPv6 Proxy IPv6 Address: 2001:638:902:1::11 Found 381,429 records in the log, accounting for 3.55% of total access. Number of different User-Agents: 2654 Domain name IPv6 http and ftp proxy provided by German Leipzig University, which is the most popular proxy in IPv6 network.

32 ( 4 ) Native IPv6 Found 7,026,820 records in the log , accounting for 65.37% of total access. Found 1,043,468 IPv6 addresses , accounting for 90.26%. On average, each IPv6 address contributes 6.7 records. Map IPv6 addresses to corresponding users, then produce statistics.

33 Native IP active organization Top20 No. Prefix ( 64bit ) : OrganizationActive IPv6 12001:DA8:7000ShanDong University142,848 22001:CC0:2020Chinese Academy of Sciences117,245 32001:DA8:224China University of Political Science and Law95,106 42001:DA8:D805HeFei University of Technology72,793 52001:DA8:216Beijing University of Technology66,180 62001:DA8:1002Southeast University48,717 72001:DA8:7007China University of Petroleum46,624 82001:DA8:208University of Science and Technology Beijing44,929 92001:DA8:7001ShanDong University28,179 102001:DA8:E000Zhejiang University19,135 112001:DA8:1005Nanjing Agricultural University17,284 122001:DA8:1004HoHai University16,923 132001:DA8:201Peking University15,685 142001:DA8:211Beijing Forestry University13,035 152001:DA8:8006Shanghai University12,232 162001:DA8:200 Tsinghua University 11,949 172001:250:2800Yunnan University11,773 182001:DA8:C000Lanzhou University11,677 192001:DA8:219The Central University of Nationalities10,050 202001:DA8:C800Chongqing University9,872

34 Native IP active organization Top20-40 No. Prefix ( 64bit ) : OrganizationActive IPv6 212001:250:401Nankai University9,852 222001:DA8:2004South China Agricultural University9,531 232001:DA8:5000Zhengzhou University9,384 242001:250:217Communication University of China8,442 252001:DA8:D800University of Science and Technology of China8,326 262001:DA8:b803 Northeast Agricultural University8,247 272001:250:2009Xihua University8,244 282001:DA8:215Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications7,791 292001:DA8:A002Tianjin Medical University7,116 302001:250:2000University of Electronic Science and Technology of China6,967 312001:250:1804South China University of Technology6,854 322001:250:1005 Chang'an University6,794 332001:250:5401Anhui University6,624 342001:250:1006 Xidian University5,853 352001:DA8:9000Northeastern University5,619 362001:DA8:204Beijing Institute of Technology5,587 372001:DA8:B000Jilin University5,197 382001:250:4004WuHan University of Technology5,144 392001:256:100 3Tnet 4,945 402001:DA8:b8Tongji University4,458

35 Deviation analysis For security , Native IPv6 address in Windows Operation System will change as time goes by , thus log will record different IPv6 address for the same user visit the same website in different time. Refer to top organization in preceding ppt, the actual users number may be less than IPv6 address number, we just want to show it’s relative big user population and high visit frequency.

36 ( 5 ) Teredo Tunnel IPv6 address format : 2001:0000::/32 Found 145 records in the log, accounting for 0.001% of total access. Found 20 different IPv6 addresses, accounting for 0.002%. On average, each IPv6 address contributes 7.25 records. Found 4 Teredo servers.

37 Analysis of OperationSystem \OSFrequency 1.Vista3 2.1 3.Windows XP 13 4.Linux3

38 User-Agent string in web log files Mozilla/5.0+(Windows;+U;+Windows+NT+6.0;+zh-CN;+rv:1.9)+Gecko/2008052906+Firefox/3.0 Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.1;+SV1;+.NET+CLR+1.1.4322;+TheWorld) Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+7.0;+Windows+NT+5.1;+Maxthon;+.NET+CLR+2.0.50727) Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.2;+SV1;+QQDownload+1.7;+.NET+CLR+1.1.4322;+IE7Pro) Mozilla/5.0+(X11;+U;+Linux+i686;+zh-CN;+rv:1.9)+Gecko/2008052912+Firefox/3.0 Opera/9.50+(X11;+Linux+i686;+U;+zh-cn) Mozilla/5.0+(Windows;+U;+Windows+NT+6.0;+en- US)+AppleWebKit/525.13+(KHTML,+like+Gecko)+Chrome/ Mozilla/5.0+(Macintosh;+U;+Intel+Mac+OS+X;+zh- cn)+AppleWebKit/523.15.1+(KHTML,+like+Gecko)+Version/3.0.4+Safari/523.15

39 Analysis of user’s Web Browser BrowserIndependent IPv6 address number Percent IE 6.0625,364 54.1% IE 7.0501,543 43.4% Firefox 3.028,475 2.46% Firefox 2.022,855 1.98% IE 8.010,812 0.94% Opera9,085 0.79% Chrome7,235 0.63% Firefox 1.0/1.51,026 0.09% Safari853 0.07%

40 Analysis of user’s Operation System OSIndependent IPv6 address numberPercent Windows XP 1,033,402 88.8% 126,459 10.9% Linux 1,757 0.15% 1,370 0.12% Windows 2000 344 0.03% Macintosh 139 0.01%

41 Summary IPv6 prevalence is still low, but growing by the day. Universities and scientific research institutions are dominant users of IPv6. ISATAP Tunnel and NativeIP are the most common access. IPv6 Proxy made a hit. Windows and IE are dominant OS and Browser.

42 Thanks!

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