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專題研究 語音訊號處理專題 助教:余典翰 指導教授:李琳山 2013/07/30.

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Presentation on theme: "專題研究 語音訊號處理專題 助教:余典翰 指導教授:李琳山 2013/07/30."— Presentation transcript:

1 專題研究 語音訊號處理專題 助教:余典翰 指導教授:李琳山 2013/07/30

2 Outline Acoustics (聲學) Phonetics (語音學) Useful Tools

3 Part 1 Acoustics

4 Acoustics (1/4) Oscillogram (波形圖) Spectrogram (頻譜圖)

5 Acoustics (2/4) Frequency Amplitude Phase hertz (Hz) decibel (dB)
degree (∘) period amplitude 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑞𝑢𝑒𝑛𝑐𝑦= 1 𝑝𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑜𝑑 phase

6 Acoustics (3/4) F0 (fundamental frequency 基頻)
property of vocal fold (聲帶)vibration pitch (音高) fundamental period

7 Acoustics (4/4) F1, F2, F3… (formant frequencies 共振頻率)
properties of vocal tract (聲道) phone (音素) F3 F2 F1

8 Part 2 Phonetics

9 Phonetics (1/4) Transcription
語音符號 Articulatory phonetics (speech production) 語音發聲 Acoustics phonetics 語音聲學 Auditory phonetics (speech perception) 語音聽覺

10 Phonetics (2/4) Vowels Monophthong (單母音) Diphthong (雙母音)

11 Phonetics (3/4) Consonants Voiced (濁音) Unvoiced (清音) ╳
Plosive/Stop (爆破音/塞音) Fricative (擦音) Affricate (塞擦音) Nasal (鼻音)

12 Phonetics (4/4) IPA consonants for English

13 Part 3 Useful Tools

14 Useful Tools Praat Wavesurfer

15 Praat (1/6)

16 Praat (2/6) Read from file (.wav)

17 Praat (3/6) Record mono sound (need microphone)

18 Praat (4/6) Record Stop Save to list

19 Praat (5/6) View & Edit

20 Praat (6/6)

21 Wavesurfer (1/4) File/Open

22 Wavesurfer (2/4) Choose “Speech analysis”
Do NOT check “default” (next time will crash)

23 Wavesurfer (3/4)

24 Wavesurfer (4/4) Right click and create other panes you need
Ex: power plot

25 Summer Assignment Use praat or wavesurfer to analyze a .wav file
Can you identify any phone by spectrogram? What kind of vowels or consonants are there? Can you recognize pitch and formants? Try out more functions of these tools!

26 Thank You Questions?

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