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CHOOSING A CAREER Nicola Urquhart Careers Adviser.

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1 CHOOSING A CAREER Nicola Urquhart Careers Adviser

2 Agenda What is a career? What are the options? How can the Careers and Employability Service (CES) help?

3 What is a career? Not necessarily a linear, planned sequence of events Career choice is not an event or occasion Career choice is a process

4 Why is choosing a career so difficult? ALL JOBS which match your goals, needs, values, personality & require your skills, qualities & qualifications in the desired location where there are prospects for the future

5 What are the options? Employment with training Employment with study Academic study Time out/travel

6 Jobs directly related to subject

7 What subject did they study at university?

8 Jobs that are not directly related to your subject Many employers value the skills you have gained more than the subject Communication Teamwork IT Research Analysis Writing Ability to work under pressure

9 How to make a career decision

10 Two alternative starting points Start from yourself and work out Start from your opportunities and work back Or, combine the two!


12 Many factors affect choice Your values and motivations Your personality Hours Benefits Location Pay

13 Key Skills and Strengths Organiser Analytical Conscientious Able to prioritise Attention to detail Team working Leadership /Choosing/strengths.htm /Choosing/strengths.htm

14 Values and motivations To have autonomy and define your own priorities and schedules To work in a role that supports your personal life To have power and influence To have security and predictability To be a catalyst for change To use creativity and self expression To be recognised as an expert To work in accordance with personal, spiritual or ethical ideas To have social status as a result of your job

15 Personality Energetic Resilient Creative Risk taking Relaxed Persistent Co-operative Sensitive Choosing/personalstyles.htm Choosing/personalstyles.htm

16 How can you identify your skills/what you would enjoy in a job? Work experience Study Extra-curricular activities Careers Employability Award Career questionnaires

17 Career Questionnaires _login.htm _login.htm

18 How to research careers Prospects/Careers and Employability Service websites t.htm t.htm

19 Researching Careers Overview of the sector Job descriptions Salary and conditions Entry requirements Training Career development Employers and vacancy sources Related jobs

20 Researching Careers Vacation/part-time work Internships Insight days Work shadowing Networking Kent Alumni Careers Network

21 Researching Careers Check job vacancies to find out about the types of roles being advertised Graduate directories Careers and Employability Fairs

22 So much information! How can you keep track of your research? MyFolio Kent Union Employability Toolkit Your own careers notebook/mindmap

23 advice/general-advice/start-your-career-hunt advice/general-advice/start-your-career-hunt

24 What if I’m still stuck? Make the most of opportunities (planned happenstance) Think about it little and often Make an appointment to speak to a careers adviser

25 Some tips on choosing a career Take time over your choice Get to know yourself, your employability skills, values, personal qualities etc. Talk to others but make your own decision Do the research Keep an open mind - Stereotyped pictures of jobs are rarely accurate Use the Careers and Employability Service

26 Once career choice has been made Find out how that sector recruits Research employers/courses Apply Discuss your ideas if you are uncertain Change your job-hunting/application methods if they are not working

27 How can the CES help? ‘Choosing a Career’ booklet Free careers literature Reference files & books IT facilities Talks and presentations Quick query drop-in sessions Careers guidance interviews

28 Careers and Employability Service Web Site:

29 Careers and Employability Service Web Pages I want to work in …. What can I do with my degree in … Choosing a Career Theories of career choice theories.htm theories.htm Careers Employability Award on Moodle What makes us happy at work satisfaction.htm satisfaction.htm Example CVs & Covering Letters

30 Careers Employability Award  The module takes about 12 hours to complete  But this can be done at your own pace You do this by completing:  9 quizzes  3 short assignments  1 feedback form

31 Speak to an adviser: Quick query, drop in and speak to an adviser 10.30am -12.30pm and 2.00pm-4pm Monday to Friday. E mail @careerhelp and an adviser will respond to your query. You can also book a longer career guidance appointment over the phone or pop in.


33 CHOOSING A CAREER Nicola Urquhart Careers Adviser

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