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Theories of State Muchamad Ali Safa’at. State without law is blind.... Law without state is paralyzed.

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1 Theories of State Muchamad Ali Safa’at

2 State without law is blind.... Law without state is paralyzed

3 OBJECT STATE, in: 1.General; 2.Abstract; 3.Theoretically.

4 FRAME OF STUDY LEARN ABOUT: Principles; Characteristic; Without place and time limits.

5 METHODS Inductive Deductive Historic Comparison Dialectic Empiric Rational Systematic Normative Functional Sincretic

6 Rechtswissenchaften (Ilmu Pengetahuan Hukum) Staatswissenchaften (Ilmu Kenegaraan Arti Sempit) Staatswissenchaften (Ilmu Kenegaraan Dalam Arti Luas) Beschreibende Staatswissenchaft Theoritische Staatswissenchaft Practische Staatswissenchaft Algemeine Staatslehre (Ilmu Negara Umum) Besondere Staatslehre (Ilmu Negara Khusus) Algemeine Soziale Staatslehre (Tinjauan Sosiologis) Allgemeine Staats Rechtlehre (Tinjauan Yuridis) Individualle Staatslehre (Tinjauan Sosiologis) Spezialle Staatslehre (Tinjauan Yuridis)

7 TERM Theories of State The Sciece of State The Polical Sciences Introduction to the Constitutional Law

8 Between Science of State and Political Science Science of StatePolitical Science TheoreticallyPractically (what happen) Static aspect of stateDynamic aspect of state (operate, changing) Conceptual with certain methodsPracticall and realistic Lawyer/ jurisPolitical scientist

9 RELATION Theories of State  General Aspect of the state Constitutional Law  The state organization, power relation, and the relation between state and citizen, (CERTAIN PLACE AND RECENT TIME). Administrative Law  How state and their aparatus act or operate.

10 SUBSTANCES Introduction (definition, object, methods, etc) The History of the State. The Nature of State The Goals of State The Elements of the State The Forming and Ending of the State Souveregnity Theories Contract Social Theories The Development of State Types State Form, Governance Form, Governance System Division/Separation of Powers State Relation The Constitution

11 Refferences No.WritersTitle 1.Moh. KusnardiIlmu Negara 2.SamidjoIlmu Negara 3.SoehinoIlmu Negara 4.R. KranenburgIlmu Negara Umum 5.Mac. IverModern State 6.F. IsjwaraPengantar Ilmu Politik 7.JJ. Von SchmidPemikiran tentang Negara dan Hukum 8.Wirdjono ProdjodikoroAsas-asas Ilmu Negara dan Politik 9.Scjahran BasahIlmu Negara 10.Ramdlon NaningAneka Asas Ilmu Negara 11.Franz Magnis-susenoEtika Politik 12.Ni’matul HudaIlmu Negara 13.George H. SabineA History of Political Theory

12 ON YOUTUBE The Nature of State WNk WNk j8 j8 wEA wEA qro qro 4M 4M

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