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Qualitative Research Methods

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1 Qualitative Research Methods
Grounded Theory

2 Grounded Theory History
Introduced in 1967 by Glaser and Strauss in the book The Discovery of Grounded Theory - Challenged: 1. divisions between theory and research 2. the notion that qualitative research was a precursor to more “rigorous” quantitative research

3 Grounded Theory History - Challenged:
3. beliefs that qualitative research methods are impressionistic and unsystematic 4. the separation of data collection and analysis 5. assumptions that qualitative research could produce only descriptive cast studies rather than theory development

4 Grounded Theory History
Strauss believed that the quality of a theory can be evaluated by the process by which that theory was constructed, which is in contrast to the scientific perspective that states the quality of a theory is determined by its ability to explain new data.

5 Grounded Theory Defining
Grounded Theory: refers to theory that is developed inductively from a corpus of data (Steve Borgatti:

6 Grounded Theory Defining
Grounded Theory: the systematic generation of theory from systematic research; a set of rigorous research procedures leading to the emergence of conceptual categories

7 Grounded Theory Characteristics
1. Purpose is to develop to theory about phenomenon of interest - should be grounded or rooted in observation 2. Allows researcher to seek out and conceptualize latent social patterns and structures through constant comparisons

8 Grounded Theory Characteristics 3. Iterative (repetitive) process
4. Rich description is important, but not primary focus 5. Purposive sampling

9 Grounded Theory Glaserian Hallmarks
1. Researchers must find the core variable (the main concern and its recurrent solutions) as the first stage of the study, and limit the scope of their study to that

10 Grounded Theory Glaserian Hallmarks
2. Researcher must suspend existing beliefs/preconceptions, remain open, and trust in the emergence of concepts from the data

11 Grounded Theory Glaserian Hallmarks
Use constant comparison method to provide abstract conceptualizations and avoid descriptive interpretations - is the heart of GT - helps facilitate the discovery of patterns in the data

12 Grounded Theory Stages/Steps Topic selection and preparation
- minimize preconceptions - Do not do a literature review at this point! Data collection - a variety of methods can be used

13 Grounded Theory Stages/Steps Analysis
constant comparative method: involves comparing one segment of data with another to determine similarities and differences a. overall objective is to identify patterns in the data

14 Grounded Theory Stages/Steps Analysis
b. While you do comparisons you will be taking notes and coding coding: identifying categories and properties - can be done formally or informally

15 Grounded Theory Stages/Steps Analysis
c. Ask 3 general questions of the data: 1. What is the data a study of? 2. What category does this incident indicate? 3. What is actually happening in the data?

16 Grounded Theory Stages/Steps 4. Memoing
memos: theorizing write-up of ideas about codes and their relationships - notes to yourself * Data collection, analysis, and memoing are ongoing and overlap

17 Grounded Theory Stages/Steps Data collection Note taking Coding
Memoing Sorting Writing

18 Grounded Theory Stages/Steps Notes Codes Memos

19 Grounded Theory Stages/Steps 5. Sorting and Theoretical Outline:
refers to conceptual sorting of memos into an outline of the emergent theory, showing relationships and concepts 6. Write up/report

20 Grounded Theory The Literature
1. Avoid reading literature regarding the specifics of your study at first, rather read broadly 2. Access relevant literature as it becomes relevant 3. Can be used as data

21 Grounded Theory Adequacy of Theory 2 Criteria:
1. The theory must fit the situation 2. The theory must work

22 Grounded Theory YouTube Videos

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