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Presents AGD Sustainable Farm, Healthcare & Skills Development Center Midrand, South Africa January, 2014 Confidential African GREEN Developments (Pty)

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1 presents AGD Sustainable Farm, Healthcare & Skills Development Center Midrand, South Africa January, 2014 Confidential African GREEN Developments (Pty) Ltd.

2 Located on 15 hectares of abandon farmland in Midrand, South Africa, we’ve developed the world’s first, zero-carbon footprint, food production/skills development/healthcare center: –Healthcare treatment center (agreement currently under negotiation) 12 full-time health care personnel & videoconferencing facilities to serve over 100 patients/day Providing a wide array of healthcare services free of charge –Powered by 100% renewable energy On-site Solar PV & Waste-to-Energy power generation Nearly 4.5 MW of power Offset equivalent of 860k tons/yr of CO2, with market value of nearly $130 million Collecting/avoiding use of 1.3 million cubic meters of freshwater/yr AGD Sustainable Farm, Healthcare & Skills Development Center –Commercial-scale organic food & feed production 12.6 hectares of climate-controlled, greenhouse growth area Over 15,000 tons/yr food & animal feed production Over $40 million in revenues/yr Employing180 managers, skilled & unskilled workers –Education/Skills development Offering free of charge, hands-on education/skill development to 150 students per session 16 full-time instructors/staff serving 600 students/yr Fully furnished, on-campus living accommodations Confidential

3 AGD Sustainable Farm Our 15 hectare zero-waste, working farm combines some of today’s most advanced organic food production technologies inside an array of climate- controlled greenhouses using low-cost LED for 24/7 growing. Confidential

4 Algae Ponds (~2.7 hectares) Algae Harvesting & Processing Rainwater Storage Tanks Fish Tanks (~2 hectares) Shrimp Ponds (~0.6 hectares) Hydroponic Fruits & Herbs (~0.8 hectares) Hydroponic Vegetables (~9.3 hectares) Algae/ Aquaponic Nursery Food Processing Water Treatment Fish wastewaterShrimp wastewater Nutrient Water Algae to Fish AGD Sustainable Farm Preliminary Design Confidential

5 AGD Healthcare & Skills Development Center Preliminary Design Biodigester units Gas Turbine- Genset Biogas CO2 to Algae Ponds Visitors Center, Shop, Restaurant, kids playground Healthcare center Parking area Education Center/ Dorm Rooms Nursery for hydroponic plant propagation, shrimp & fish hatchery Laboratory space and area for practical training of students Confidential

6 AGD Sustainable Farm Fresh Vegetables/Fruits/Herbs –Production:9,200 tons/yr Lettuce Spinach Tomatoes Green/Red/Yellow Peppers Zucchini/Baby Marrow/Brussel sprouts Strawberries Raspberries Blueberries Edible Sprouts Herbs –Sales revenues:$33.2 million/yr Seafood –Production:435 tons/yr Nile Tilapia Red Tilapia Shrimp/Prawns –Sales revenues:$ 2.8 million/yr Confidential

7 AGD Sustainable Farm Livestock/Fish Feed –Production:5,800 tons/yr Barley Fodder Algae Feedcakes –Sales revenues:$ 2.2 million/yr Algae-derived Nutritional Supplements & Oils –Production:200 tons/yr Spirulina Chlorella High-Omega3 Low-Omega3 –Sales revenues:$ 2.8 million/yr Confidential

8 AGD Sustainable Farm Additional benefits: –Maximum Productivity Produces 5X the food volume per square meter of the world’s most fertile soil –Minimal Water Footprint Rainwater harvesting (50,000 cubic meter/yr) provides freshwater for all our growing operations –Jobs & Skill Development Offering over 180 good paying full-time employment opportunities (20 managers & 160 workers), plus hands-on training for another 600 per year from our Skills Development Center –Fully Scalable Our system requires no arable land & can be built across Africa –Environment Offsets 1,650 tons/yr of CO2 & 40,000 tons/yr of Methane, with a market value of $130 million Provides over 4 billion calories/year from food & 3.5 billion calories/year from animal feed for assisting food-aid organizations Confidential

9 AGD Education/Skills Development Center Our AGD Institute will be providing classes of 150 students with a free of charge, 3-month, hands- on skills development program Low student-to-instructor ratio (10 students per instructor) Focus will be on bringing students up to speed on everything it takes to run & manage an integrated zero-waste farming system –Aquaponic systems –Algae cultivation & processing –Renewable energy technologies –Adapting commercial-scale farming techniques & technologies to smaller-scale farms –Carbon offset programs –Healthcare training program –Business development training Confidential

10 AGD Healthcare Center (agreement currently under negotiation) Offering the local community & neighboring townships 20-25 healthcare treatment rooms Staffed by 12 professionally trained personnel Providing 30,000+ treatments/yr Healthcare skills development program as part of AGD’s Education Center Confidential

11 AGD Healthcare Center All Healthcare services & training provided free of charge through an innovative “Healthcare offset” funding mechanism, provided by Linkedcare & SonoPay. (c) Sonopay LLC & OpenSparkz LP 2013 Confidential - Draft - Not for distribution Doctors make their time available for linkSono LinkSono aggregates all doctors with same practice and creates Practice Calendars where remote consultations or competence transfer can be booked 1 Local Doctors, Nurses or other medical support book consultations according to their need General Practitioner Cardiologist Ophthalmologist... 3G networks and smartphones available in all of Africa (600m phones) Doctors and patients can use LinkSono in Africa to bridge the gap Doctors in Europe or US make time available free- of-charge to assist doctors and patients in Africa OpenSono promote MobileEducation apps for smartphones in Africa

12 AGD Visitors Center Daily Visitors –Providing 100+ adults & children with education enrichment on our operations, partner opportunities & living a sustainable way of life. –Staffed by AGD Skills Development Center students & community volunteers –Because the AGD Sustainable Farm is an ideal forum for illustrating real life science concepts, we have developed educational materials and make our systems available to schools, zoos, museums and other public venues. Some of these concepts include: the nitrogen cycle, the role of bacteria in ecology, water ecology, living systems, life cycles, the science of food production, and hydrodynamics Confidential

13 Powered by 100% renewable energy Utilize our waste products in our Advanced Waste-to-Energy system (4.5 MW) Entire power generation system can be funded by CO2 & Methane remediation offset credits Confidential

14 African Green Developments Strategic and Potential Partners Neotel (agreement pending) –Sunil Joshi, Managing Director & CEO OpenSono/SonoPay/LinkSono –Declan Conway, Founder & Chairman Linkedcare –Hans-Erhard Reiter, Founder & CEO Texas Agrilife Research Center/Mariculture Program, TAMU (agreement pending) –Dr. Addison Lawrence, Senior Faculty Fellow Royal HaskoningsDHV –Erik Tshwele –Simon Lechtman Terra Endeavors –Charles Abramson, Founder & CEO Confidential

15 African Green Developments Senior Management Team Leon-Valerie Eremin –Chairman & CEO Charles Abramson, PhD –President Pieter C Naudé –Director, Finances / Finzone Blanche Mogorosi –Director, Renewable Energy Diomede Nkurunziza –Director, Community Relations Bellina Eremina –Director, Admin and HR Lilian Mello –Chief Legal Council Confidential

16 AGD Sustainable Farm Algae Cultivation For high-value fish/livestock feed, nutrition supplements, oil rich in Omega3 & pigments Confidential

17 AGD Sustainable Farm Shrimp Cultivation –Utilizing ‘Super-Intensive Shrimp Raceway Farming’ method –15-20 times the productivity per square meter of intensive shrimp farming Confidential

18 Aquaponics –Combines Aquaculture with Hydroponics inside a series of climate- controlled, LED lit, multi-span greenhouses –Produces 5X the vegetables/fruits/herbs than conventional farming with 5% of the water –Instead of having to rely on chemical nutrients for a hydroponic system, fish waste is biologically converted into nutrients the plants/fruits/herbs need to grow AGD Sustainable Farm Confidential

19 AGD Sustainable Farm, Healthcare & Skills Development Center Confidential SYSTEM SIZE (sq meters) 150,000 ALGAE Spirulina production (sq meters) 1,250 Chlorella production (sq meters) 1,250 Duckweed/Wild algae production (sq meters) 1,250 High lipid/Rapid growth algae production (sq meters) 22,797 Subtotal 26,547 AQUACULTURE Nile Tilapia (sq meters) 10,310 Red Tilapia (sq meters) 10,310 Shrimp/Prawns (sq meters) 4,000 Subtotal 24,620 HYDROPONIC Lettuce (sq meters) 14,850 Spinach (sq meters) 14,850 Tomatoes (sq meters) 11,138 Califlower/Broccoli/Brussel Sprouts (sq meters) 11,138 Green/Red/Yellow Peppers (sq meters) 14,850 Zucchini/Baby Marrow/Eggplant (sq meters) 11,138 Strawberries (sq meters) 2,784 Raspberries (sq meters) 2,784 Blueberries (sq meters) 2,784 Barley fodder (sq meters) 1,169 Sprouts (sq meters) 344 Herbs (sq meters) 11,138 Subtotal 98,965 RENEWABLE ENERGY Biodigester plant (sq meters) 3,352 Gas Turbine/Power Generation (sq meters) 50 Subtotal 3,402 Food Processing Facility (sq meters) 200 Other facilities (sq meters) 20,886

20 AGD Sustainable Farm, Healthcare & Skills Development Center Confidential ManagersWorkersCombined Commercial Farm 18 134 152 Skill Development Centers Healthcare center 1 1112 Visitors center 1 -1 Education center (1 st stage) 189 Education center (2 nd stage)77 Subtotal 3 2629 Total 21 160 181

21 AGD Sustainable Farm, Healthcare & Skills Development Center Confidential Functional Divisions 1Algae 2Aquaponics 3Nursery 4Food Processing/Packaging 5Education center Academic program Dorms/Common Space 6Healthcare center 7Visitors center 8Logistics/Supply Chain 9Energy Generation/Distribution Waste-to-Energy Solar 10Business Development 11IT 12Facilities Maintenance 13Security 14Human Resources 15Legal 16Community Relations

22 AGD Sustainable Farm Confidential ANNUAL PRODUCTION (in kgs)SELLING PRICES (per kg)SALES REVENUES HYDROPONICS Lettuce 2,171,800$2.50$5,429,600 Spinach 1,104,800$3.00$3,314,300 Tomatoes 665,900$2.50$1,664,900 Cauliflower/Broccoli/Brussels sprouts 665,900$4.00$2,663,800 Green/Red/Yellow Peppers 770,400$4.50$3,466,800 Zucchini/Baby Marrow/Eggplant 665,900$3.50$2,330,800 Strawberries 197,400$2.50$493,600 Raspberries 125,200$6.75$845,400 Blueberries 125,200$5.40$676,300 Sprouts 1,655,800$3.00$4,967,500 Herbs 1,095,300$6.75$7,393,400 Sub-total 9,243,600$33,246,400 AQUACULTURE Nile Tilapia 158,500$4.50$713,300 Red Tilapia 182,200$4.50$820,000 Shrimp/Prawns 94,500$13.50$1,275,800 Sub-total 435,200$2,809,100 ALGAE Spirulina nutrition supplements 12,500$35.00$439,100 Chlorella nutrition supplements 10,300$40.00$410,600 Algae Oil (high in Omega3/EPA) 21,800$27.50$600,600 Algae Oil (low/no Omega3/EPA) 156,900$8.50$1,333,500 Sub-total 201,500$2,783,800 Animal Feed Fish/Livestock feed 247,900$2.00$495,800 Barley Fodder 5,579,400$0.30$1,673,800 Sub-total 5,827,300$2,169,600 TOTAL 15,707,600$41,008,900

23 AGD Sustainable Farm, Healthcare & Skills Development Center Sustainable Farm Operations –Total Revenues$41.0 million/yr –Cost of Goods Sold$22.2 million/yr –Gross Profit$18.8 million/yr –Net Profit$11.5 million/yr Confidential

24 AGD Sustainable Farm, Healthcare & Skills Development Center Confidential Debt Funds needed Funds Needed By Amount Interest rate Monthly Payments Begin Amount Outstanding when Monthly Payments Begin Monthly Payment Amount Funds Fully Repaid PHASE 011/11/2013$1,250,0009%11/9/2015$1,506,733$43,74111/5/2018 PHASE 15/5/2014$5,600,0007%4/25/2016$6,254,354$181,9994/22/2019 PHASE 23/2/2015$600,0005%2/27/2017$643,947$18,0282/24/2020 PHASE 31/4/2016$05%1/1/2018$0 12/28/2020 PHASE 410/24/2016$05%11/19/2018$0 10/18/2021 Total Debt Needed$7,450,000$200,027 Transfer funds across phases Phase0Phase1Phase2Phase3 Phase1 $2,600,000 Phase2 $6,000,000 $4,400,000 Phase3 $6,100,000 $10,600,000 - Phase4 $5,800,000 $8,400,000 $1,000,000 $550,000 After initial investment, our activities are primarily internally funded (over $40 million)

25 AGD Sustainable Farm Cash Flow per m2/yr Animal FeedSpirulinaChlorella Algae oil (high in Omega3/EPA) Algae oil (low/no Omega3/EPA) $3.01$30.58$31.84$7.76$10.30 Cash Flow per m2/yr Nile TilapiaRed TilapiaShrimp/PrawnsLettuceSpinach $19.33$22.23$48.27$61.35$39.11 Cash Flow per m2/yr Green/Red/Yellow PeppersBarley FodderSproutsHerbsTotal $22.40$283.48$4,606.90$127.91$46.88 Confidential

26 AGD Sustainable Farm, Healthcare & Skills Development Center Confidential Discount rate Facility’s Net Present Value 10%$125,055,648 15%$74,798,672 20%$48,109,608

27 AGD Sustainable Farm Confidential Direct CostsUnitAll-in CostsUnitSelling PriceUnit HYDROPONICS Lettuce$1.44per kg$2.35per kg$2.50per kg Spinach$1.70per kg$2.80per kg$3.00per kg Tomatoes$1.44per kg$2.32per kg$2.50per kg Cauliflower/Broccoli/Brussels sprouts$2.68per kg$4.00per kg$4.00per kg Green/Red/Yellow Peppers$3.10per kg$4.60per kg$4.50per kg Zucchini/Baby Marrow/Eggplant$2.37per kg$3.52per kg$3.50per kg Strawberries$1.44per kg$2.33per kg$2.50per kg Raspberries$4.41per kg$6.68per kg$6.75per kg Blueberries$3.57per kg$5.37per kg$5.40per kg Barley Fodder$0.17per kg$0.29per kg$0.30per kg Sprouts$0.62per kg$1.19per kg$3.00per kg Herbs$3.61per kg$6.14per kg$6.75per kg AQUACULTURE Nile Tilapia$1.75per kg$3.63per kg$4.50per kg Red Tilapia$1.75per kg$3.63per kg$4.50per kg Shrimp/Prawns$6.37per kg$14.96per kg$13.50per kg ALGAE Fish/Livestock feed$1.01per kg$2.06per kg$2.00per kg Spirulina nutrition supplements$20.37per kg$40.83per kg$35.00per kg Chlorella nutrition supplements$22.60per kg$46.76per kg$40.00per kg Algae Oil (high in Omega3/EPA)$18.01per kg$31.32per kg$27.50per kg Algae Oil (low/no Omega3/EPA)$1.75per kg$3.63per kg$8.50per kg COMMERCIAL SALES

28 AGD Sustainable Farm Confidential Completion Date12/9/2013 9/29/20147/27/20155/30/20163/20/2017 Phase0Phase0EASAPPhase1Phase2Phase3Phase4Total CO2 offsets tons/yr0400 18,300 162,200 323,700 363,400 868,000 $15.00per ton 10yrs$0$50,000$2,740,000$24,330,000$48,550,000$54,510,000$130,180,000 Water offsets m3's of freshwater/yr 89,200 297,500 186,700 307,800 367,300 373,400 1,621,900 $5.00 per m3 of freshwater 10yrs$4,460,000$14,870,000$9,340,000$15,390,000$18,370,000$18,670,000$81,100,000 Calorie offsets Food calorie units/yr 50,400 278,600 444,600 598,800 635,700 2,008,100 Feed calorie units/yr 172,600 1,726,000 258,900 434,400 598,400 622,500 3,812,800 10yrs $5.00 per 1,000 Food kcals$2,520,000 $13,930,00 0$22,230,000$29,940,000$31,780,000$100,400,000 $1.00 per 1,000 Feed kcals$1,730,000$17,260,000$2,590,000$4,340,000$5,980,000$6,220,000$38,120,000 Arable Land offsets Arable Land offset 1,038 3,460 2,019 3,425 4,107 4,176 18,226 $10.00 per ha of arable land$100,000$350,000$200,000$340,000$410,000$420,000$1,820,000 10Yrs Total Offset Value$8,810,000$32,530,000 $28,800,00 0$66,630,000$103,250,000$111,600,000$351,620,000 PROJECT’S TOTAL OFFSET FUNDING POTENTIAL

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