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Cassava Starch Complex

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1 Cassava Starch Complex
Public Presentation Presented by Smart International Consulting. May 2013.

2 Cassava starch production plant

3 Biogas plant generated from cassava waste water

4 Cassava plantation 10,000 hectares

5 Agenda 1. Site location 2. Production capacity 3. Executive summary 4
Agenda 1. Site location 2. Production capacity 3. Executive summary 4. Production flow 5. Cassava starch plant design 6. Cassava plantation 7. Cassava starch market 8. Electricity market 9. Management and organization

6 1. Site location Kravanh District, Pursat Province, Cambodia. At 120 KM from the Sea Port in Koh Kong Province. Land size: 10,000 hectares Soil suitable for cassava and sugarcane. Site location

7 2. Production capacity Cassava Plantation
900 MT of cassava starch food grade per day. 10 Megawatt of electricity generated from biogas produced from cassava starch waste water. Cassava Plantation 10,000 hectares with mechanized farming and irrigation system. The plantation is divide into 10 farms with the size of 1,000 hectares each head by a Farm Manager. The average yield per hectare is estimate to 45 MT of fresh cassava root. The plantation include also a nursery for rapid cassava stalk propagation and a research unit to improve the cultivation technic. 10 Megawatt of electricity it’s an estimation, we have to calculate the exact quantity of electricity generated from cassava waste water into biogas.

8 3. Executive Summary The cassava starch complex investment project in Cambodia is motivated by: The high demand on the international market for cassava food grade and cassava starch for bio-ethanol production. The high demand for electricity in Cambodia. The expertise of Smart International Consulting on the cassava supply chain. The project enjoys strong support of the local government because of the impact on local employment, the strategic fit with the agricultural sector development policy. The project will benefit from 5 years Income Tax Exoneration. The investment capital amount to 50 million USD.

9 The 10-year cumulate net profit is estimate to 140 million USD.
10-year net profit The 10-year cumulate net profit is estimate to 140 million USD.

10 4. Production Flow Processing Fresh cassava root Cassava Starch
Generated cassava waste water Generated into biogas Generated into electricity Cassava Starch Waste water

11 5. Cassava Starch Plant design
The cassava starch plant is divide into the following sections: Washing and Peeling section. Crushing, Concentrating and Refining section. Dehydration, Dry and Packaging Section. Residues recycling System Waste water recycling system into Biogas The cassava starch plant will use German technology and will be ISO certified. The production capacity is 900 MT of cassava starch food grade per day. The annual production is 105,000 MT of cassava starch food grade.

12 6. Cassava Plantation The cassava plantation cover 9,850 hectares.
We will use the cassava variety Rayong 9 from Thailand. This variety offered the following benefits: Starch content of fresh cassava root at 24.4 % The average yield of fresh cassava root is 45 MT per hectare. Can be growth on any type of soil with Ph H2O between 4.5 and 7. The cassava plantation will be fully mechanized for the planting and harvesting operations. An irrigation system will also be developed in the plantation in order to provide water all year long.

13 7. Cassava Starch Market 8. Electricity Market
Smart International Consulting had been in the agro-commodity trading since We sell rice and cassava starch to buyers in France, China and Africa. Currently, we export 5,000 MT of cassava starch per month to China. The demand for cassava starch food grade is very high on the world market therefore we are confident that our team will be able to sell all our production to buyers around the world. 8. Electricity Market In the last 10 years, the annual GDP of Cambodia is between 6.5 and 7.5 % per year. Due to the economic growth, the demand for electricity is on the raise and the Government encourages private firms to produce electricity to be sell to the State Electricity Company.

14 9. Management and Organization
The project start-up will be ensured by a team of highly skilled Cambodian & Expat engineers and technicians under a 1 to 2 years operation and training contract with the equipment producer. The project management is led by our Expert Mr. Philip Mayhew. Smart International Consulting will provide expertise in international trading and cassava supply chain. Smart International Consulting will also take in charge the application for the Foreign Direct Investment License with the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC). This license will granted free import tax and free corporate tax for a period up to 9 years.

15 Thank You

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