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JCB Decorating.

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1 JCB Decorating

2 JCB Introduction

3 Who Are JCB? JCB are the largest privately-owned manufacturer of construction equipment in the world. They have been constructing agricultural and construction equipment such as the world famous Back Hoe diggers since 1945. JCB have a world renown reputation for quality and world class products. JCB currently operates 22 plants on four continents, eleven in the UK, six in India and others in Brazil, the USA, China and Germany and employs more than 11,000 people worldwide. Selling 300 products in over 150 countries, with 2000 dealer depots supporting our products JCB have a Multi £billion turnover and are still growing

4 JCB UK Facts Clear UK & Ireland Construction market leader (over 30% market share) JCB World HQ, Story of JCB Experience Centre and multiple factories based in the UK 90% Consumer Brand Awareness in the UK (Tns); JCB in the dictionary Wide ranging and successful consumer products programme within kids, DIY and trade sectors 27 Queens Awards, a record for a UK company JCB machines regularly feature on TV programmes from Top Gear to DIY SOS Regular JCB Dancing Diggers and GT displays in UK JCB machines support a number of high profile sports events incl Silverstone F1 GP and Cheltenham Festival.

5 JCB Merchandise JCB’s businesses have always been driven by innovation, using only the most advanced technology, meticulous design, precision engineering and rigorous testing. JCB have a world renown reputation for quality and world class products.

6 JCB Merchandise JCB work closely with all manufacturers of their licensed tools to ensure they are built to give the same world beating standards of performance. They ensure the products have same innovation to get the job done better, the same quality to never let you down, the same engineering heritage and expertise that you can trust 100%.

7 Who? What? Where? Why? Analysing The Market
Research was carried out to establish the demands of the decorating market. This gave us the ability to understand what to create and who would be our target customer. A breakdown of our target customers requirements is outlined on the next slide Who? What? Where? Why?

8 Consumer Analysis ?

9 Consumer Portrait Been there, done it,
look at that paint splattered t-shirt SOUND BITE FROM MARKET RESEARCH: ‘If I’m walloping a load of paint on the wall I want a big handle’ Colin knows JCB, he’s known them a while, an established name, one he trusts Not much Colin doesn’t know about painting Ladder at the ready, right tools, proper job Colin’s after quick results with no-nonsense products (your Ronseal version of paint brushes!) He’s an experienced DIYer at home used to using power tools or decorating products

10 JCB and DIY JCB synonymous with powerful tools and machinery
Well targeted to the male DIYer who wants to get the job done!

11 Brushes Sturdy chunky brushes that really perform!
Filament selection enables great paint pick up and faster lay off Handle is chunky in size and shape taking its styling from JCB hand tools JCB Brushes provide up to 50% greater coverage than a standard brush* Individual brush sizes available are 1 ½”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”for internal painting with emulsion paint. A two pack is available containing a 1.5” & 2.5” brush Additionally a 4” brush is available for painting external rough surfaces with masonry paint and woodcare treatments * See results data on final slide

12 Roller A sturdy chunky roller that will really perform!
50% greater coverage than a conventional roller Fast application with 2.25” diameter sleeve 8mm hardened steel wire for strength and durability Advanced micropoly fabric absorbs more paint than a standard woven polyester sleeve and applies it evenly to walls and ceilings Extendable roller to enable reach of high walls and ceilings. Extends from 53cm to 71cm

13 Packaging & Merchandising
Individual brushes have eye-catching re-sealable cardboard packaging that can be opened by consumers so that they can see and touch the product and used post-purchase as a brush store. All packaging features a QR code which links to a product demonstration film. Consumers can see the increased paint coverage and time saving benefits with their own eyes. In-store, product will be presented in an eye-catching and highly branded FSDU. FSDU designs are flexible and can feature brushes and/or rollers.

14 Demonstration Film A QR code on packaging and FSDU will take consumers to film that demonstrates the product in action…

15 JCB Trumps The Competition
14.5 Paint Pick Up 32.5 Paint Pick Up 7.2 Applied 20.7 Applied 240 Area Covered 530 Area Covered

16 JCB Brush Testing Results
The test scientifically measures the amount of paint that the brush can hold when dipped down to a set level. This will display how much paint is available to be Sample weight JCB Standard No Loss Evo before dip 230.9 112.3 106.5 after dip 263.4 126.8 127.1 20 sec drip time 260.8 124.5 125 drip off 2.6 2.3 2.1 applied 20.7 7.2 10.9 paint picked up 32.5 14.5 20.6 After Exhaustive painting 240.1 117.3 114.1 paint left on brush 9.2 5 7.6 Area Covered 106 48 61 Area Covered (cm2) 530 240 305 area covered (m2) 0.53 0.24 0.305

17 JCB Decorating Website
For further information, visit:

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