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Medical Video Recorders

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1 Medical Video Recorders
The quick and easy way to record video and images...

2 Global Presence Main Office MediCapture Asia Distribution Centers
Philadelphia, PA R&D, Finance Sales and Marketing MediCapture Asia Taipei, Taiwan R&D and Manufacturing Distribution Centers St. Petersburg, FL Carlsbad, CA Munich, Germany Corporate Headquarters, USA MediCapture Asia, Taiwan

3 Worldwide Sales Over 10,000+ MediCap™ units in use worldwide
Sales in over 40 countries in Europe and Americas Medica 2008, Germany Awarded Philly Top 20 fastest growing companies Expanding Sales into Asia and the Middle East Hospitalar 2007, Brazil

4 R & D Resources MediCapture Asia, 2008 New Design Center
New Manufacturing Plant Final Assembly, Taipei R & D, Taipei Alex Yurusov, GM, Taipei

5 Diverse Products Commitment to Quality The MediCapture Principle Easy
Practical Affordable Medical Video Recorders Board-level Designs Diagnostic Software

6 Three MediCap™ Models to Choose From
MediCap USB170 The USB170 records still images in JPG, TIFF, PNG and DICOM formats. Powerful , yet easy to use feature set includes patient info collection and networking. The USB200 adds video recording in DVD quality at the touch of a button. Also captures still images during recording and provides the same patient info and network features as the USB170. The USB300 is MediCapture’s new flagship HD recorder. It includes all the features of the USB200, plus recording in high-definition. The USB300 is the industry's easiest, most affordable high-definition recorder. Available Q2, '09. MediCap USB200 MediCap USB300

7 MediCap USB170 Records still images
Friendly graphical interface Multi-language menus Easy, powerful options Multi-shot Date/time stamp Selectable image resolution Wide range of image formats including JPG, DICOM, PNG, & TIF Uses any USB flash drive or USB hard drive Patient Info (with optional keyboard) Firmware upgrade can add new features! Priced less than 2,000€

8 MediCap USB200 Records video & images
Friendly graphical interface Multi-language menus Easy, powerful options: Records video in DVD quality Instantaneous recording Records still images in JPG, DICOM, PNG, and TIF Take stills during video recording Uses any USB flash drive or USB hard drive Patient Info (with optional keyboard) Firmware upgrade can add new features! Priced less than 3,000€

9 MediCap USB300 Records HD video & images
Easiest, most affordable Medical HD Video Recorder Multi-language menus Easy, powerful options: Records in HD and SD in a wide range of resolutions Multiple HD and SD inputs Patient Info (w/ optional keyboard) Networking via built-in Ethernet Highly compatible video and image formats Records to USB flash, external hard drive, or internal hard drive Priced less than 5,000€ Coming soon!

10 MediCap Features and Benefits
Instantly records video and photos from any video source On-screen review of images Built-in LCD monitor Recordings stored on convenient USB flash drives or hard drive Very easy to set up and operate, no training needed Easily share and archive your videos and photos. Drag and drop to your computer or use the network option. Far better than DVDs which require cumbersome "finalizing" and "ripping". With MediCap, your videos and photos are instantly available and highly compatible.

11 MediCap: The Best Recorder for You
MediCap USB170 MediCap USB200 MediCap USB300 Specialty Veterinarian Gastroenterology Pain Management Diagnostic / OBGYN All Surgical ENT Cardiology Surgical Microscopy All HD Surgical All HD Microscopy All cameras with HD or SD output Features Captures photos Multi-shot JPG, DICOM, PNG & TIF Patient Information via optional USB keyboard Networking option via optional network adapter Records video & photos in SD DVD-quality video Photos in JPG, DICOM, PNG & TIF Patient Information via optional USB keyboard Networking option via optional network adapter Records video & photos in HD & SD 720p / 1080i / 1080p H.264 – MPEG4 Multiple HD and SD video inputs Networking via built-in Ethernet Same Patient Info as USB200 Same easy interface as USB200 Benefits Small & lightweight Quick to setup and start Flexible media - use any USB flash or hard drive Most Affordable Instant video save Easy installation and recording Record to any USB flash or drive Take photos while recording video Very Affordable Extremely compatible Fast and EASY to operate Wide range of video resolutions Multiple connectivity options HD at an affordable price

12 Product Comparison

13 Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why should I buy a MediCap Medical Video Recorder instead of a medical DVD recorder? A. Time and money. For capturing video, the MediCap is by far the best choice. It’s much more affordable, much easier to use, and does a much better job at capturing your video needs. Turn the machine on and start recording within 6 seconds. After each recording, you can start a new recording within seconds. When you are finished, wait just 1-2 seconds and remove the flash drive. You are done!

14 Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How much training is required? A. Almost none! The MediCap is extremely easy to use. Most users start capturing images minutes after opening the shipping carton and without referring to any docs. Q. How much customer support is required? A. Little-to-none! Since the MediCap is ultra-reliable and easy to use, very few customers have questions.

15 Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I use any brand of flash drive with the MediCap? A. Yes! MediCapture brand drives are available, but you can use any brand you like. Q. Can I use an external USB hard drive? A. Yes! A hard drive costing under 100€ stores weeks of video. The MediCap USB300 also includes an internal hard drive. Q. How is the MediCap better than a DVD recorder? A. The MediCap is a better fit than a DVD recorder for most doctors, in the same way a digital camera is a better fit than a video recorder for most consumers (ease-of-use, low cost, better at taking videos and still photos).

16 Sales Tools and Resources
Brochures in several languages, product photos, etc. are available at: Call MediCapture at (888) or (503) We’re happy to help you with your MediCap promotional programs!

17 Web Email Toll Free Phone Outside U.S.

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