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Presentation of projects EMCM CZ April 2011, Prague.

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1 Presentation of projects EMCM CZ April 2011, Prague

2 SHOPPING CENTRES :  FUTURUM Hradec Králové  FUTURUM Ostrava  HANÁ Olomouc  VARYÁDA Karlovy Vary  IGY České Budějovice  Shopping centre Karviná  BONDY Mladá Boleslav  GRAND Pardubice  FUTURUM Kolín  CITY PARK Jihlava – Property Management only  NISA Liberec  PLAZA Liberec - Property Management only  OAZA Kladno  Slovanský dům Praha  Galerie FÉNIX Praha  Interspar Znojmo - Property Management only RETAIL PARK S :  Retail Park Ostrava  Retail Park Haná Olomouc - Property Management only  Retail Park Liberec  Retail Park Most - Property Management only OTHER PROJECTS :  Proje c t Hilleho Brno  Proje c t Zbrojnická Plzeň List of projects EMCM CZ

3 FUTURUM Hradec Králové PROJECT DESCRIPTION With almost thirty thousand square metres in total, the FUTURUM is one of the prime leisure and shopping locations in Hradec Králové. Its 67 stores and boutiques along with a Tesco hypermarket will satisfy even the most discerning of shoppers, while 7 restaurants, cafés and a Cinestar multiplex cater for the entertainment and leisure needs of the entire family. The extensive car park offers more than 1200 places (500 of which are sheltered) for easy and comfortable access. BASIC INFORMATION Opened since:11/2000 Retail area:22.000 m2 Number of stores:67 Hypermarket:TESCO Cinema:CineStar Key tenants:Baťa, C&A, Datart, Intersport Restaurants:7 Number of park spaces:1.237 Owner:Euro Mall Hradec Králové Real Estate, s.r.o., (Bainbridge Czech Republic Hradec Králové Hyper s.r.o.) Average footfall:108.192/ week, 15.414/ day (year 2010) Catchment area:500.000 region of Hradec Králové Public transport:Trolley-bus: 1, 2; Bus: 18, 25, 27, 28 Www:

4 FUTURUM Ostrava PROJECT DESCRIPTION Not only huge, but also hugely popular - that is the FUTURUM in Ostrava. It is hardly surprising with a 10,000 square metre Tesco Hypermarket, Cinestar Multiplex, 89 stores, 9 restaurants and cafés. The most popular mall in the Ostrava region – this is no understatement, it is a mere fact. Owing to its popularity, convenient location and its wide selection of attractive stores and services along with large 1,800-space car park, the FUTURUM is a prime example of a mall managed by EMCM. All the restaurants, cafes and a Cinestar Multiplex provide the leisure and pleasure offered by the FUTURUM. BASIC INFORMATION Opened since:5/2000 Retail area:32.000 m2 incl. hypermarket Number of stores:89 Hypermarket:TESCO Cinema:CineStar Key tenants:Cinestar, C&A, Datart, Intersport, McDonalds, Lindex, New Yorker Restaurants:9 Number of park spaces:1.800 spaces /incl. 1.000 covered Owner:PRADERA – AM PLC Average footfall:1 42 236 / week, 20 264 / day (year 20 10 ) Catchment area:315.000 inhabitants in Ostrava Public transport:Bus - 20,39,40, Troleybus - 107-9, Tram - 4,8,9,11,12,14

5 HANÁ Olomouc PROJECT DESCRIPTION Opened in 2002, HANÁ Olomouc offers a large variety of goods and services in its 60 stores along with 6 restaurants and cafés. Its main Tenant is the Tesco hypermarket (5,000 square metres) which is opened nonstop. Shopping, eating and relaxation all come together in HANÁ – whether you are after the latest fashions, sports goods, huge grocery shopping for the family or looking for a lunch or good cup of coffee, this mall has it all. Its vast offer will satisfy all shoppers’ wishes and needs, who can easily use the conveniently located car park with 700 spaces. Opened since:09/2002 Retail area:15.000 m2 Number of stores:60 Hypermarket:TESCO (nonstop) Cinema:No Key tenants:Baťa, Takko, Orsay, Puntanela, Sportisimo, Kenvelo Restaurants:6 Number of park spaces:700 Owner:PRADERA – AM PLC Average footfall:68.612/ week,8. 954 / day (year 2010) Catchment area:300.000 inhabitants / catchment area OL Public transport:Tram - 1,4,6; bus - 35,21 BASIC INFORMATION

6 VARYÁDA Karlovy Vary PROJECT DESCRIPTION One of the shopping attractions in Karlovy Vary, VARYÁDA offers a hypermarket, 67 stores and 5 restaurants, cafés. It has been under EMCM management since April 2005. With a large Interspar hypermarket (more than 7,000 square meters) and the mall, VARYÁDA is one of the prime shopping and leisure destinations in Karlovy Vary. Convenient access is possible thanks to the large car park with 1,200 spaces. Opened since:03/2005 Retail area:1 7. 996 m2 Number of stores:67 Hypermarket:INTERSPAR Cinema:No Key tenants:OKAY, Hervis, New Yorker, M&S, Lindex, H&M, Pompo, Deichmann Restaurants:5 Number of park spaces:1200 Owner:Invesco Real Estate, s.r.o. Average footfall:5 5 276 / week; 7 874 / day (year 2010) Catchment area:308 577 (region Karlovy Vary) 53.000 (city of K.Vary) Public transport:Bus: 2, 10 BASIC INFORMATION

7 IGY České Budějovice PROJECT DESCRIPTION The most prestigious shopping centre in České Budějovice, IGY, opened its doors in 2004. It currently hosts almost 70 stores along with an Albert hypermarket and a number of restaurants. IGY České Budějovice is a new plush mall and leisure centre offering a unique combination of shopping, socializing and sport activity centre VIVA Fitness. A multi-storey complex offers shops and a supermarket on the ground and first floors, with sport, relaxation and leisure premises, as well as office space, located on the floors above. IGY offers a selection of top brands which were not picked at random, but with the intention of catering for every customer’s taste. Located near the city centre, it is easily accessible and offers more than 450 parking spaces. Opened since:11/2004 Retail area:29 000 m2 Number of stores:68 Hypermarket:Albert (Supermarket) Cinema:No Key tenants:New Yorker, H&M, DM, Kenvelo, Takko,Sportisimo, Lindex, Tally Weijl, VIVA Fitness Restaurants:8 Number of park spaces:455 Owner:IGY České Budějovice s.r.o. Average footfall:87. 900 / week, 12. 557 / day (year 20 10 ) Catchment area:200 000 inhabitants / catchment area ČB Public transport:MHD 2,4,5,6,9,11,12,15,17,59,104 BASIC INFORMATION

8 Obchodní centrum Karviná PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Karviná shopping center offers 13,000 square metres of shopping. One of the most up-to-date shopping centres in the region, OC Karviná offers a variety of goods and services in its 30 stores and Albert hypermarket. It offers a number of popular fashion, cosmetics, sports or electronics retailers such as C&A, New Yorker, ROSSMANN, Orsay, Hervis Sport, CCC boty, Datart and Pompo Toys. Restaurants and children corner are also available. Moreover, a multitude of other services such as a dry cleaning shop, bank and post office facilities, and a T-Mobile store complement the service portfolio. Opened since:11/2003 Retail area:13 308 m2 Number of stores:30 Hypermarket:Albert Cinema:No Key tenants:C&A, Hervis Sport, New Yorker, Rossmann, Orsay, Datart, A3 Sport, CCC Restaurants:1 Number of park spaces:304 Owner:Centrum Karvina s.r.o.(ING Real Estate ) Average footfall:3 8. 880 / week,5. 355 /day (year 20 1 0) Catchment area:194.700 inhabitants over 15years of age / catchment area Karviná Public transport:Public transport starts and finishes at the bus station, which is located next to OC Karviná. BASIC INFORMATION

9 BONDY Mladá Boleslav PROJECT DESCRIPTION Located conveniently in the centre of Mladá Boleslav (near the main bus and train station), BONDY offers almost 90 stores as well as a CineStar multiplex, a number of restaurants and cafes. A perfect mix of shopping and entertainment – this is what describes BONDY in Mladá Boleslav best. The centre´s offer keep its visitors occupied and entertained for many hours. Excellent accessibility for people with physical disabilities, as well as its convenient location near to the bus and train stations in the city centre together with more than 500 parking spaces, make accessing this mall truly convenient. Whether you are after shopping, eating or leisure, BONDY has it all. Opened since:11/2007 Retail area: 20 891 m2 Number of stores:88 Hypermarket:Billa (supermarket) Cinema:Cinestar Key tenants:C&A, Orsay, Intersport, DM drogerie, A3 Sport, CCC, Orsay Restaurants:5 Number of park spaces:535 Owner:Bondy Centrum, s.r.o. Average footfall: 95 8 41 persons / week, 1 3 692 persons / day (year 2010) Catchment area:250.000 inhabitants Public transport:All intercity connections and public transport (the shopping centre is located next to the bus station) BASIC INFORMATION

10 GRAND Pardubice PROJECT DESCRIPTION Located in the historical centre of Pardubice, the Grand offers not only a Billa supermarket along with almost 60 other stores, but also restaurants, cafés and a Cinestar multiplex. While relatively small in retail floor space, the Grand Pardubice mall still manages to offer an impressive variety of goods and services on almost 15.000 sqm area. This is an example of how an attractive mall can be located even in the centre of a historic city, taking advantage of easy access and becoming a true part of the city’s life. The Grand’s only limitation is that it provides only 19 parking spaces, but this is compensated for by good public transport which makes the shopping mall easily accessible. Opened since:10/1999 Retail area:1 4. 2 00 m2 Number of stores:57 Hypermarket:Billa (supermarket) 1 345 m 2 Cinema:Cinestar Key tenants:Terranova, VITAL, GAME CZECH, Potrefená Husa, KIK, DM Drogerie Restaurants:2 Number of park spaces:19 Owner:WINNIPEGIA SHELF s.r.o. Average footfall:5 5 000 / week,7 800 / day (year 2010) Catchment area:520.000 inhabitants / region of Pardubice 91.000 / city of Pardubice Public transport:90% of all public transport stand in front of the SC BASIC INFORMATION

11 FUTURUM Kolín PROJECT DESCRIPTION The most up to date mall in the region, the FUTURUM in Kolín offers shopping in 50 stores as well as a Billa supermarket. This modern mall-style gallery offers several restaurants. With more than 10,000 square metres of shops and stores, the FUTURUM Kolín offers a wide variety of goods, services and food facilities. Most of the stores focus on fashion or sporting goods, household items, housing and services. A number of popular stores such as New Yorker, Orsay, Kenvelo, Gate or Bijou Brigitte accessories, as well as variaty of shoe stores are available. Sporting goods are offered by Intersport, A3 Sport and HI-Tec, and other stores include Pompo Toys, DM, and a Dobrovský bookstore. Opened since:10/2008 Retail area:11.000 m2 Number of stores:50 Hypermarket:Billa (supermarket) Cinema:Ne Key tenants:Datart, Kenvelo, Orsay, Takko Fashion, New Yorker, Intersport, CCC, Pompo Restaurants:4 Number of park spaces:320 Owner:OC Futurum Kolín, a.s. Average footfall: N/A Catchment area:110.000 Public transport:Bus: 2, 3,6,7 BASIC INFORMATION

12 NISA Liberec PROJECT DESCRIPTION The largest mall in Northern Bohemia with 160 stores – that is, in short, NISA in Liberec. Opened in October 2008, it offers the widest range of retailers as well as providing free public transport. Almost 50,000 square metres in size, a large Albert Hypermarket (7,600 square metres) and a Cinestar Multiplex are just some of the highlights that NISA offers. Extremely accessible either by complimentary (free) public transport or from its huge car park with 1,800 places (1,200 of which are sheltered), it offers the widest selection of stores in Northern Bohemia. The Cinestar multiplex, as well as 9 restaurants and cafés offering free Wi-Fi connection cater for the leisure and entertainment needs of the entire family. Opened since:10/1999, reopening after reconstruction 10/2008 Retail area:50.000 m2 Number of stores:160 Hypermarket:Albert Cinema:Cinestar Key tenants:C & A, Marks and Spencer, New Yorker, Hervis, Intersport, Datart, Next, Lindex, Baťa, Humanic, Reno obuv, Takko, Orsay, Kenvelo, Reserved, Rossmann Restaurants:5 restaurants, 4 cafes Number of park spaces:1.800 Owner:Nisa OC s.r.o. (ING Real Estate ) Average footfall:7 9. 650 / week,1 1. 347 /day (year 20 1 0) Catchment area:120.000 inhabitants, Liberec and surroundings Public transport:Shuttle bus NISA No. 500, free of charge BASIC INFORMATION

13 OAZA Kladno PROJECT DESCRIPTION The OAZA Kladno shopping centre offers a Billa supermarket, 8 large stores and 60 smaller retailers providing a wide range of goods, services and entertainment, and 4 restaurants, cafés. With almost 18,000 square metres area, OAZA Kladno is a true “Oasis” where you can shop, eat or just relax. Next to the Billa supermarket, there are other operators offering a wide range of goods and services, are available. For eating and socializing, there are 4 restaurants and cafés available, while kids can have fun in the children corner. A large carpark with 640 places is available for the center´s customers. Opened since:11/2008 Retail area:16.500 m2 Number of stores:68 Hypermarket:Billa (supermarket) Cinema:No Key tenants:Sportisimo, Rossmann, Mountfield, CCC Boty, GATE,Lidovka, OKAY elektro, Paul Nábytek, POMPO, YVES Rocher, PET CENTRE, Dr.Max Restaurants:4 Number of park spaces:600 Owner:CPDP Shopping Mall Kladno a.s. Average footfall:40 000 / week; 5 714 /day (2010) Catchment area:70.000 Public transport:Bus 3, 6, 13 BASIC INFORMATION

14 Slovanský dům Praha PROJECT DESCRIPTION Slovansky dum is a unique shopping gallery with an exceptional atmosphere, offering a combination of retail, administration and residential area. Simply an oasis in the heart of Prague. Slovansky dum belongs to important historic monuments of Prague and therefore is absolutely unique among other shopping centers. Thanks to its characteristic architecture and the spirit of history Slovansky dum is a peerless shopping galery with an exceptional atmosphere. Shopping gallery Slovansky dum offers a multifarious scale of opportunities. You can find here the operators with the best world-known fashion brands.The biggest pride of the shopping galery Slovansky dum is its garden in French style which is absolutely unique in the city center and serves for relax to office tenants as well as to all visitors of the shopping mall. Simply said an oasis in the heart of Prague. Opened since:2000 Retail area:22.500 m2 Number of stores:30 Hypermarket:No Cinema:Palace Cinemas Key tenants:Kogo Restaurant, NIKE Restaurants:4 Number of park spaces:Only for tenants Owner:Pražské komunikační a společenské centrum, v.o.s. Average footfall:21 200 persons per week (2010) Catchment area:1 250 000 Public transport:Very good connection by Metro/ Tram/ Bus (project is located in historical centre of Prague city, at the street Na Příkopě). BASIC INFORMATION

15 Galerie FÉNIX Praha PROJECT DESCRIPTION Shopping gallery Fenix offers more than 80 stores, shops, cafés and restaurants. The two floors of shops continues on the third floor with an extensive spa and fitness center. Modern project with spacious gallery offers convenient shopping not only for locals but also for guests of adjacent Congress Center. Gallery Fenix is located literally at the hub of Vysočany district allowing easy access with public transportation even from more distant parts of Prague. Galerie Fenix was opened in March 2008 and the shopping area exceeds 12 000 sqm. The heart of the shopping mall consists of a supermarket with an area of more than 1600 square meters. The two floors of shops continues on the third floor with food court and an extensive spa and fitness center with an area of over 1200 square meters. There are also more then 600 parking places available in the underground garage. Opened since:3/2008 Retail area:12.500 m2 Number of stores:80 Hypermarket:BILLA, 1.664 m2 (Supermarket) Cinema:No Key tenants: HOTEL Marks&Spencer, Takko, Euronics, Sportisimo, Pompo, dm drogerie, I´AM FIT – wellness & fitness Clarion Congress Hotel Prague **** (559 rooms) Service for 2500 guests Restaurants:8 Number of park spaces:630 Owner:Best Properties South a.s. Average footfall: 98 000 persons per week (2010) Catchment area:43 800 Praha 9; 156 000 catchment area Public transport:Metro B – Vysočanská; Bus: 134, 136, 151, 177, 183, 195 Tram: 8, 19 BASIC INFORMATION

16 Retail Park Ostrava PROJECT DESCRIPTION Opened in September 2007, the Retail Park Ostrava offers 13 stores and 324 parking spaces in a location adjacent to the FUTURUM mall and the TJ Mittal Ostrava sporting club. With the calmer open air environment, the Retail Park Ostrava offers an alternative to those who do not long for lively shopping malls. With 6,000 square metres of retail space it has a good strategic location near the hugely popular FUTURUM mall. Opened since:9/2007 Retail area:6.000 m2 Number of stores:13 Hypermarket:No Cinema:No Key tenants:Electroworld, JENA nábytek, dm drogerie, Humanic, Komfort nábytek, Sportisimo Restaurants:No Number of park spaces:324 Owner:PRADERA – AM PLC Average footfall: Catchment area:315.000 inhabitants in Ostrava Public transport:Bus – 39, Trolleybus - 108-9, Tram - 4,8,9,11,12 BASIC INFORMATION

17 Retail Park Liberec/Nákupní park Severka PROJECT DESCRIPTION A suburban-style shopping park offering 13 individual stores and 340 parking spaces is located in the northern part of the city of Liberec. Opened in September 2008, the Retail Park Liberec is located in the industrial zone „Sever“ on the northern edge of Liberec, neighbouring the Globus hypermarket. Opened since:9/2008 Retail area:12.000 m2 Number of stores:13 Hypermarket:No Cinema:No Key tenants:Sportisimo, OKAY, Koberce BRENO, JYSK, KOMFORT Restaurants:No Number of park spaces:340 Owner:RP Liberec, a.s. Average footfall: Catchment area:164.000 inhabitants Public transport:Bus 27 Fügnerova-Růžodol-Průmyslová zóna Sever BASIC INFORMATION

18 EMCM CZ letting team EURO MALL CENTRE MANAGEMENT S.R.O. Budova Danube House, Karolinská 650/1 186 00 Praha 8 tel.: +420 224 232 526 fax: +420 224 236 225 Email: Contacts Blanka Sovová Position: Letting Manager Mobile: +420 224 809 441 Email: Petra Popová Position: Senior Letting Consultant Mobile: +420 224 809 451 Email: Marcela Mihoková Position: Letting Junior Referent Mobile: +420 224 809 451 Email: Klára Pštrosová Position: Letting Assistant Mobile: +420 224 809 441 Email:

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