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UU Park Shopping Plaza NOW LEASING ! Guangzhous Unique.

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1 UU Park Shopping Plaza NOW LEASING ! Guangzhous Unique




5 Location, Location, Location The last treasure land and shopping paradise of Guangzhou City The newly developed CBD area of East End Metro Guangzhou Will feature a 6,000 M2 pavilion of famous Taiwanese gourmet restaurants and high-end branded shoe stores


7 Advantage UU Park Worlds largest underground fun shopping compound Multi-functional arcade for dining, shopping, fashion, and leisure Near Guangzhous land marks of Twister Shaft and Twin Towers



10 Located among modern high-riser office buildings, 5-star hotels, apartments and department stores One mega size supermarket and 11 UA movie theaters plus 400 fine stores are already operating. Advantage UU Park



13 Right in the heart of Guangzhous latest CBD Great buying power from nearby white-collared office staffers There are roughly 3,000 parking spaces nearby. A golden spot for YOUR next store:



16 3 subway lines, 4 APM subway stations with one transferring junction right down below. 150,000 sqm of shopping floor and 200,000 sqm of leisurely outdoor area 50 city bus stops.



19 Now Leasing. Act fast! Super low rental lease-offs. Easy to run profitably. Grab the limited available space now! Future similar deals unlikely. Known longest terms of 12+5 years. One single contract fixes it. Never seen elsewhere in China! See next page for contact person.

20 For inquiry please contact: Percy Lan Mobile: +86 186 8833 7576 Email :

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